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French Connection?

Today is ‘Go For Broke’ day in the USA and whilst I’ve been wondering about my life it seemed as good a day as any to write this.

I hear voices and those voices have multiple personalities in a very virtual reality way. This started 24/7 after some voices/characters came ‘out’ of a dream and spoke to me claiming to be “4th dimensional entities” and proceeded to go ‘into’ my head and installed a ‘surveillance system’ “to prove we love you/care about you” and the word ‘QUEEN’ flashed in the top of my mind. One said “I feel like a quasi-necrophile”.

I started hearing voices and seeing things much earlier though; the voices:
1) Feb/April 2009 – Paris as written about HERE.
2) 2013 – A dream or vision of an old French friend I had in primary school but all grown up and arguing with others about bringing me to France.
3) March/April 2014 – We ended up living on the Solent right opposite France. A voice telling me it would help me financially and then I won £600 just enough to pay that months rent/utilities.
4) Feb 2015 – Three White looking fleurs-de-lis sigils (French for ‘lily’ meaning I/Eye/Iris/Lily/Lotus and common in French heraldry) were left where we were living whilst we were out. They’re iridescent and shimmer in Pink, Green, Blue and Purple. As written about HERE. We’ve often found things moved or missing but not usually added once we found a guru sigil on the inside door step and two big, wool blankets in the bin before we moved in; one Red with a tiger, the other Green with what I thought was a tulip and a random group of people outside calling me ‘Tiger Lily’ afterwards. As written about HERE. Another place we stayed someone left a chess Black Queen figure, a playing card and two jasper stones.
5) April 2015 – a voice telling me not to be so picky and speed up editing a review I was writing.
6) March 2016 – dreams, voices, visions 24/7 from people/beings that call themselves ‘fourth dimensional entities’.

Since then I have had all sorts of government, international institutions, scientific, investment, energy, news networks look at my blog, some of which included in the list below. I would like to know how to go about removing/dealing with the voices/visions from these ‘entities’. They consistently ask me who/what I am. That’s the million dollar (a gold necklace anyone) question. I’m just me, plain old me, human and proud of it.

Foreign And Commonwealth Office
United Nations HQ – New York
World Health Organization – Geneva
Department Of The Interior, Office Of The Secretary – Denver, Colorado
House of Commons – UK
State of Washington
State of New Jersey
US Dept of Defense Network
National Health Service (NHS) – UK
Irish Government
Northern Ireland Civil Service
Center for American Progress – Washington D.C
City of Pasadena – California
Centre De Traduction Des Organes De L Union Europe (Translation Centre of the bodies of Europe Union) – Luxembourg
Defense – Georgia US
Transport For London
Department of Agriculture and Food – Western Australia
Oklahoma Office of Management and Enterprise Service
Lafayette Consolidated Government – US
New York City Health & Hospitals Corporation
POST Luxembourg
The City & County Of Swansea – UK
State Of North Dakota Ltd
Information Society S.a – Greece
Ministerium Der Finanzen (Ministry of Finance) Sachsen-anhalt – Germany
East Sussex County Council – UK
Ministry of the Interior Czech Republic
Navy Network Information Center – US
The Department of Technology of the state of California
Department Of Human Services – Australia
Central Institute For Arid Horticulture – India
Community Health Systems Professional Services – US
Department of Veteran Affairs – US
Staffordshire County Council – UK

Tenet Scientific Production Enterprise Llc – Ukraine
The Boeing Company – California
Lockheed Martin Corporation – Denver, Colorado AND Fairfield, Connecticut AND Texas
National Aeronautics And Space Administration – NASA – US
Max-planck-institut Fuer Kernphysik – Max Planck Institute for Nuclear Physics Germany
Lembaga Penerbangan Dan Antariksa Nasional (Lapan)- Indonesian Government National Institute of Aeronautics and Space
Mobile Aerospace Engineering – US
National Optical Astronomy Observatories – US
Institute of Mathematics and Informatics – Lithuania
Karisruhe Institute of Technology – Germany
Wuttisak Pharmacy Co ltd – Thailand
Aerovironment – California
Computer Sciences Corporation – Australia
Institutul Național de Cercetare Dezvoltare în Informatică (National Institute for Research and Development in Informatics) – Romania
Bae Systems Applied Intelligence US Corp
FMC Corporation (Central Engingeering Laboratories) Government Affairs – US
Leidos – Technology for Defense, Intel, Homeland, Civil & Health – US
Afghantelecom Government Communication Network – Apo Armed Forces Europe, US
Research Machines – UK
Hewlett-Packard Company
CNRS Centre De Calcul De L’in2p3 – The National Center for Scientific Research – France
Cisco Systems Ironport Division – US
Global Foundries – India

Manitoba Hydro International – Canada
Hurricane Electric – Netherlands
Philadelphia Gas Works
Ngy Energy – US
Power Grid Corporation Of India Limited
DEFRA (Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs) – UK
RWE NPower – UK
Queensland Government Business – Australia

Disney Worldwide Services – London AND Los Angeles AND Asia Pacific
Springer Science and Business Media BV – Netherlands
Nielsen Media Research
Russian Central Telegraph – Moscow
ITV Plc – London
Facebook HQ – California
Al-jazeera – Doha-based state-funded broadcaster owned by the Al Jazeera Media Network, which is partly funded by the House of Thani, the ruling family of Qatar.
Sc Lithuanian Radio And Tv Center
Youtube LLC
British Broadcasting Corporation
Voice of America

Oxford University
Harvard University
King’s College London
Yale University
Cambridge University
Imperial College London
Chanakya National Law University Patna – India
Leipzig University – Germany
University of Warwick
Orange County Dept of Education – California
London Grid For Learning
Norwegian University of Science and Technology
University College London
London School of Economics
Canadian Dept of Education
Edinburgh University
Princeton University
Brown University
Universitaet Der Bundeswehr Muenchen – Military/Applied Sciences University
National Institute of Fashion Technology – India
Boston University – US
Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Universität Hannover
Monash University – Australia
Indian Institute Of Technology – Roorkee
Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology
New York University
California State University
Santa Clara County Office of Education – California
Howard University – Washington D.C
University Of New Mexico Health Sciences Center
Cornell University – US
Ask4 Limited – UK
Renater – France
University of York
Centre College – Kentucky US
Concordia College – US
Danmarks Tekniske Universitet – Technical University of Denmark
Vanderbilt University – Tennessee US
Florida Agricultural And Mechanical University
Georgetown University – Washington D.C
Queen’s University Belfast
The City University Of New York
Weill Cornell Medical College – US
Australian Academic And Research Network
Croatian Academic And Research Network
Independent Schools Network – Australia
California Education And Research Federation Network
The Singapore University Of Technology And Design
Nevada System Of Higher Education
Central Methodist University – US
California State University, Office Of The Chancellor
California Education And Research Federation Network
University of Colorado
Taiwan Academic Network
Gyeongsang National University – Republic of Korea
The Agency of vocational training and Employment – Belgium
Jisc – UK
New York City Public Schools
Washington School Information Processing Cooperation
New South Wales Dept of Education – Australia
North Carolina Research and Education Network
Rm Education Plc – UK
Education Networks Of America
Public Library Information Network – US
West Virginia Department of Education – US
Network for Learning – New Zealand
Ohio Public Library Information Network

Pricewaterhouse Coopers LLB
Department of Finance – Western Australia
Barclays Capital London
HSBC – Hong Kong
Credit Suisse Group – London
Capital One Financial Corporation – Virginia US
Macquarie Bank Limited
Fidelity Investments
The Berkeley Group Holdings plc – UK
Mercer US – EU division
Allstate Insurance Company – US
Deutsche Bank – Singapore
Willis Group Services Ltd – UK
Workday Limited
LifeBridge Health – US
Cantor Fitzgerald & Co – UK

Steve Madden (National US fashion chain)
Jacques Moret – New York
Polo Ralph Lauren – Worldwide
Forzani Group Limited – Canada
Bestseller A/S – Denmark

Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA)
The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints – Utah, US
International Livestock Research Institute – Kenya
Fitzpatrick, Cella, Harper And Scinto – US
Accor Hotels (corporation)
Macdonalds Hotels – UK
Kaiser Foundation Health Plan – Washington, Columbia US


In regards to public media the desired ending is always the same, no matter how much truth is in the vehicle e.g. film, song, series, characters etc, no matter how much they’re coded/symbolic. In regards to Momo – the point was to make the Mother figure into the Daughter figure to control her. And for those of you desperate for the ‘French connection’ in my life one of the names is in there.

In the book ‘Lolita’ – Dolores ‘Lo’ ‘Lola’ ‘Dolly’ at 12-years-old (when my ‘grooming’ was ‘activated’ with induced sleep paralysis) is sexually abused and turned into Lolita ‘the perfect lover’ [corrupted form of ancient Indian Ultimate Mother Goddess Creator of All ‘Lalit[h]a’] through the grooming, trauma/confusion/predatory behaviour and then ‘goes off the rails’ (out of the arches/off the train) only to be ‘rescued’ by her abuser/orchestrator/handler/contaminator. She is poignantly his ‘landlady’s’ daughter, and for his plot to work he must become the Father and her demoted in status to his daughter. Dolores/Dolly reminds him of an older/earlier ‘love’ Anna-Bel[l].


Read A Book Day

Whilst I’m not currently reading a book comprehensively i.e. one at a time consistently, I have finally just finished reading the draft script for the final and unproduced episode of Dungeons & Dragons (80’s popular cartoon, ‘D&D’).

LtR: Presto the magician, Diana the acrobat, Hank the ranger, Sheila (behind) the thief, her younger brother Bobby (in front) the barbarian and his best friend Uni the infant unicorn, Eric the cavalier.

LtR: Presto the magician, Diana the acrobat, Hank the ranger, Sheila (behind) the thief, her younger brother Bobby (in front) the barbarian and his best friend Uni the infant unicorn, Eric the cavalier.

The script is available here: http://web.archive.org/web/20110720142026/http://www.michaelreaves.com/pdf/requiem_sec.pdf

Reading it confirmed suspicions I had at the time; mainly:
1) I don’t remember any notable mention of dungeons, nothing to warrant the title of the cartoon, unlike the dragons of which there were aplenty and of course their nemesis the multi-headed Red dragon (with different coloured heads) Tiamat (alot of interesting names & info in this cartoon). So I thought the realm itself may be a dungeon (like the phrase ‘prison planet’ for Earth).

2) I never liked the way Dungeon Master (DM) used to bait the kids with the prospect of going home (almost every episode) when he seemingly knew it wouldn’t happen and had overarching plans for them. This was confirmed to me before reading the above script when he said Venger (Vr) was his pupil and that group of soldier corpses in Vr’s maze had also been his pupils. Whilst DM’s position wasn’t clear at the time, especially with the episode where he made Eric an honorary version of himself and how difficult it is to convey prophecy in a way that those you’re trying to warn is understandable and believable, it did seem to me that he used the possibility of going home like dangling a carrot before them to string them along. All whilst knowing that they were the type of people who wanted to help others and who would endure their own situation longer and/or worsening to do so anyway.

That was emphasized to me in later episodes where he said they’d now taken their first step to going home and that they were now worthy. So what about all those times before when he made them honestly think they had a chance, no matter how slim or when his riddles were more likely figured out in hindsight?

3) Vr was DM’s son. I’m not going to say that is a spoiler because I remember him calling Vr that in one episode.

From the script it’s strange comparing his reactions to what happens to Vr in the finale to what happened to Vr’s sister and presumably his daughter Karena in the latter part of the cartoon. He doesn’t seem anywhere near as moved by her release nor it seems had a big tribute/alter for her.

Dungeons and Dragons DungeonMaster Venger

Interestingly enough Micheal Reaves said this about rumours that were circulating about D&D:

Until I received several pieces of email recently, the combined gist of which is that there are rumors abounding on the Net and the Web about a last episode of the show, either scripted and never produced, or produced and never aired, in which we learn that the kids actually died on the rollercoaster that supposedly took them into the Realm, and that they are, in fact, imprisoned in Hell and being tormented with a complex fantasy (as if just being in Hell wouldn’t be torment enough) by the Devil masquerading as Dungeon Master, and do I have any words to share with the masses about this issue?

Yes: Bushwah, poppycock and balderdash.


Interesting. Whilst I never thought they’d died on the roller coaster or that they’d gone to ‘Hell’ or that DM was the ‘Devil’ – after reading the script I think that the last two points are a matter of semantics. The dialogue itself, specifically from Hank and confirmed in the last scenes show that the realm is a prison and so comparing it to Hell or a dungeon world or dimension isn’t far off. In addition to what I’ve described above, the final game/bet DM plays with Vr with the kids as pawns very much insinuates that DM is a kind of trickster/taunter/manipulator/orchestrator/false light or what have you. I guess if you’re saying the realm and DM are the biblical Hell and Devil (though then you’d have to get into the various personalities described under the umbrella term ‘Devil’) it’s easy to say no they’re not; but the symbology is there. If the episode had been made and aired under the tenuous title ‘Redeemer’ instead of ‘Requiem’ it could have fueled the critics more.

He went on to say:

There is no such episode, as even a moment’s rational thought would reveal. D&D was a very dark, edgy show for its time — sort of the Gargoyles of the Eighties — and credit must go to Judy Price, then president of Childrens’ Programming for CBS, for taking a chance on it and not playing it safe and slapping another Care Bears clone on the air instead. We took the show about as far as you could go on kids’ TV at the time; as an example, the script for The Dragons’ Graveyard (a second season episode I wrote), in which the kids contemplate killing Venger in order to find a way home, caused a battle royale with Broadcast Standards and Practices. The chances of an episode with a plot like the one described above even making it past an initial three-line pitch were — and still are — about as likely as Superman snorting Kryptonite.

I actually thought the 80’s had alot of dark and edgy or serious cartoons along with the sweeter, cuter ones of which many still had sensitively handled serious issues. For example I and other kids I knew were into The Mysterious Cities of Gold, She-Ra, He-Man, Thundercats, Captain Planet, Ghostbusters, David the Gnome, Teenage Mutant ‘Hero’ Turtles, X-Men, Spiderman, Beetlejuice, Transformers to name some. Then ongoing greats from before the 80’s like TinTin.

Plus I remember times when the kids in D&D wondered if Vr had been killed, or it seemed that way (certainly by the way he would be disintegrated or exploded) as opposed to defeated but still alive , either by their or the actions of others. Heck he and many other characters from the same and other cartoons were getting pummelled and destroyed in numerous and varied ways.

Anyway to this day D&D remains popular, watchable & intriguing and there are the games, magazines, books etc as well as memories that help keep the fandom going.