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9 Years and Still Trying, Lol! Designing for Fun… Well, Morelike Obsession?

I first started this blog as a creative outlet for fashion design as a hobby/competition and then branched out but I’ve kept up the designing and improved. The design process has gotten more and more convoluted but hey it keeps my skills limber though not my fingers!

The last time I wrote about it was exactly one year ago HERE (no I’m not posting this as an anniversary coincidence 😉 and no I still haven’t won anything, not even gotten through to the first stage/round of acceptance/processing!)

Nowadays drawing patterns and prints from scratch doesn’t really happen and those of us left mainly focus on alterations of base templates from each other.


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A Design another Member did for me/tribute back in the day which I still treasure. (The model’s supposed to be me but darker.)


Men Not Afraid to Wear Skirts…

… And dresses as normal. Also wide, flared, draped trousers. Skirts tend to be just a long piece of fabric that is pleated or folded/draped in various ways and sometimes the pleats are stitched and yes they stay in place. Skirt styles are commonly are called: lungi, dhoti or mundu. Dresses: dumpra, jubba or khalat. Or even what Westerns would consider like leggings, at the bottom at least since the top is a wide drawstring style (churidar).

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Photo Credit: indiamike.com


New Fashion Swing Dress Designs

These are my new designs for the fashion design competition at Chicstar.com. They have always favoured dresses and particularly of late rockabilly and swing/full skirted/sweep dresses so I made one general shape and added variations in colour and print. It’s a smart yet fun dress. Anyone can look at the competition entries on their website and members can submit designs, vote and wishlist them. Additionally, verified members (paypal address needed) can comment and bid on both design auctions and prototype auctions.

There are two types of design on Chicstar, original designs and alterations of designs that they have already made. Design auctions only take place on alterations.

Design auctions are where verified members conditionally bid on designs. When the auction is over Chicstar chooses which designs they will Accept to make into prototypes. Only the winning bidders on those Accepted auctions have to pay.

Prototype auctions are all ‘real’ auctions that take place when prototypes (of both Accepted original and altered designs) are available.

rockabilly swing 50s dress

rockabilly swing 50s dress

rockabilly swing 50s dress

rockabilly swing 50s dress

rockabilly swing 50s dress

rockabilly swing 50s dress

rockabilly swing 50s dress

Thanks for looking and I hope you like them!


Miss This Dress!

Black Jacquard Red Satin Vintage Inspired Dress

Ok no matter how frugal we are, we’re allowed moments of being pretty and missing a dress here and there!

I had to get rid of this dress a while back and something just made me think of it – ah it was so nice! It was a swing style dress and as a petite person it was very long on me but I didn’t feel the need to try and alter it as I think it looked fine. So there to all ye doubters and disbelievers of petite folk not being able to wear maxi or tea length dresses/skirts! I’ve always worn maxi and below the knee lengths and they always look fine, if necessary just alter things to your proportions and it’s a-ok.

This dress was made of jacquard and I love jacquard (and embroidered fabrics) – it could have done with lining but it wasn’t a big loss. The satin trim made it very feminine. *Sigh* Oh the velvet capelet coat I’m wearing there is gone too. Damn.

Anyway, I posted about it before HERE (November 9, 2012) but I just found some pics I had of it and (edited out the background of the indoor ones) in a moment of nostalgia here they are:

jacquard satin gown dress velvet capelet cape lolita coat

jacquard satin red black gown dress velvet capelet cape coat goth gothic victorian

jacquard satin red black gown dress velvet capelet cape coat goth lolita

jacquard satin red black gown dress velvet capelet cape coat goth

It was a couture prototype from HERE.

This is the shop photo:



Outfits of the Day and Night

I’ve had a busy day and am a bit knacked so I’m posting these quickly otherwise who knows when/if I’ll get round to it.


Red Gold Leopard Animal Print OOTD


Denim Jean Dress Jacket

For the day outfit I went for classic Red and leopard print but since animal prints are usually associated with sex appeal I decided to go for a cuter ‘prim’ look, almost like a vintage college student. The skirt is from chicstar for $29.95 and the tops were second hand.

For the evening something a little hotter, I haven’t worn a denim dress in ages so I paired it with my favourite denim jacket and voila. The dress is from chicstar for $19.95 and the jacket from eBay.

Hope you liked them!



Lace-Up Luscious-ness


Here’s a pic of my awesome mum in the ‘Lace-Up Angel Corset Mini Dress‘ from Chicstar.com. The dress is stretchy, comfortable and could be classed as ‘goth’ in design but my mum loves customizing things or extremely stylizing her image so it became extra goth with 20’s makeup i.e. iconic dark eyes and rich coloured lips on luminous skin, and ancient inspired jewellery – overall being  ancient in a contemporary way. Goddess!

Her pic is also featured in this week’s customer photo competition HERE

Goddess ISIS Lalita Kali Mahakali Apocalypse Black Dress

Here’s the shop photo:


It’s only available in limited sizes now and sells at $39.95.


Black and Red Roses Vintage Inspired Dress

Hello all,

It’s been a long time since I entered the main design contest on Chicstar.com (more info HERE) and recently they gave a simple design spec for what they would like in new entries. It so happens that I have some old designs that I hadn’t got round to submitting and I thought I’d try my luck by entering one I did last Sept/Oct.

The current desired design spec is:


My new entry is:

Bolero Vintage Inspired  Flared Insert Dress Roses 50s

This is a 50’s style knee length dress that appears like a dress and bolero but is really one piece. It has a high collar, 3/4 inch sleeves with turn-up style cuffs, a sweetheart bust shape and Black inserts (to match the top/bolero) in the skirt section. The should only be a slight amount of stretch to the fabric, if any.

It is a variation of a design that did quite well and got good feedback. I made it longer to be more practical and changed the print from the ones available HERE

The original dresses were these:

Jacquard Red Black Blue Rockabilly 50s Dress

Rockabilly 50's Leopard Pinstripe Polka Dot Spot Vintage Retro Dress

As blogged HERE

Fingers crossed that I do better this time and have my first success!