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Fashion DIY – A Favourite Coat Alteration!

Hello readers :-),

I’m overjoyed to read more and more from fellow bloggers about fashion (and indeed household) DIY projects and clothes recycling. This is basically when we buy something and need/want to alter it or upgrade an old item instead of throwing it away or donating it. I’m no seamstress but I have always made basic alterations to my clothes to make them fit better or look more to my liking. Alterations can include hemming, pinning/taking in or out and adding decorative features like lace or studs, and even those simple fixes can change the whole look or feel of an outfit. It’s a great way to update your wardrobe!

The particular piece I’m posting about was a coat I bought a few years ago and changed the colour to a darker shade. It was a beautifully shaped and elegant coat but the light Khaki/beige was too light for me to wear as an everyday coat but I loved it so much and wanted to wear it often without getting it dirty so easily so I had to do something.  Hence it started off like this:


and ended up like this… AFTER:

I still have and love this coat and the only DIY I’ve done since is change the buttons but I’ve found I’ve had to re-sew buttons for pretty much every  jacket and coat I’ve bought in the last 3-4 years regardless of where I bought them from. Anyone else noticed the trend of loose buttons? :-S It’s ok though in one sense because that spurs me on to change them altogether to more decorative ones.

BTW this coat is still available in limited sizes from the store I bought it from http://www.chicstar.com/storefront/listproducts.aspx?Cutaway-Flare-Long-Trench-Coat&id=6388 it’s on sale for $39.95 and also available in Black as pictured below. If you’d like to buy it or anything else you can also get 25% off your order with the coupon DAZZLE

Happy DIY-ing to you all! 😀