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Miss This Dress!

Black Jacquard Red Satin Vintage Inspired Dress

Ok no matter how frugal we are, we’re allowed moments of being pretty and missing a dress here and there!

I had to get rid of this dress a while back and something just made me think of it – ah it was so nice! It was a swing style dress and as a petite person it was very long on me but I didn’t feel the need to try and alter it as I think it looked fine. So there to all ye doubters and disbelievers of petite folk not being able to wear maxi or tea length dresses/skirts! I’ve always worn maxi and below the knee lengths and they always look fine, if necessary just alter things to your proportions and it’s a-ok.

This dress was made of jacquard and I love jacquard (and embroidered fabrics) – it could have done with lining but it wasn’t a big loss. The satin trim made it very feminine. *Sigh* Oh the velvet capelet coat I’m wearing there is gone too. Damn.

Anyway, I posted about it before HERE (November 9, 2012) but I just found some pics I had of it and (edited out the background of the indoor ones) in a moment of nostalgia here they are:

jacquard satin gown dress velvet capelet cape lolita coat

jacquard satin red black gown dress velvet capelet cape coat goth gothic victorian

jacquard satin red black gown dress velvet capelet cape coat goth lolita

jacquard satin red black gown dress velvet capelet cape coat goth

It was a couture prototype from HERE.

This is the shop photo:


Goth? Lolita? – Fashion Photo Contest Entry

Grettings! 🙂

This is my latest fashion/customer photo entry for Chicstar Competition 3 – posting a pic of yourself or someone you know wearing an item of Chicstar clothing. If you like it please click on the pic, which will take you to the ChicStar pages and vote Yes. Also why not take a look at the other entries and vote, perhaps even get involved yourself, it’s a great  way of getting discounted clothing, fun and nice to see the clothing on different people. The model in my pics is my mum!

Tip – you get $10 for entry into the contest and an extra $100 if you win. If you see anything you like get a 30% discount with coupon code WINNER.

The theme involves the eyes of the Goddess Kali and my mother floating in the void/source of everything on a ‘cloud’ with the halo of divinity/purity/knowledge. The dress is very smart and feminine and I think could be called Goth and leaning towards Lolita.  It was a special limited edition prototype dress and I managed to be an early bird and bought it quickly, it’s the same one from my post: Which Dress Should I Wear? Tea Party to Soiree  It isn’t available at Chicstar anymore but they have plenty more retro and vintage inspired dresses.

The two photos I chose from to make the final version are below: