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Fashion Designs – Polka and Stripe Love!

Hello fashion lovers! 😀

These are my latest fashion designs being voted on at Chicstar.com in Competition 1 – submitting original designs. If you like them or want to see what other people are saying click the pics and maybe vote 🙂 You can also view my past designs by clicking my name on any of the ChicStar pages.

Remember there are many awesome designs submitted to Chicstar, and we’d (designers) love your feedback. Also, if you see anything you’d like to buy here’s a great 30% discount code for you, type WINNER into the coupon box on your order at checkout and viola!

Thank you!

Jacket with White faux shirtfront, bow tie and 3/4 turn-up sleeves. The main body is either polka or pnstripe. The buttons on the front are functional and White for the Polka versions (drawn in Black for illustration purposes only) and Black for the pinstripe version. The buttons on the sleeves are decorative. The jackets are hip length and peplum style/cut.

An all-in-one dress that looks like a skirt, jacket and blouse but this saves the trouble and expense! The dress has a White faux shirtfront with White bow tie, peplum pinstripe faux jacket layer with White turn-up 3/4 sleeves and matching pinstripe skirt section. The dress has functional buttons down the front which are Black and decorative ones on the turn-up sleeves. There should be a small slit at the back for ease of walking.

Same as above but with polka dot/spot top and plain bottom.

Polka swing dress with faux shirtfront, bow tie and functional buttons down to the waist (the buttons are White but just drawn Black for illustration purposes). The sleeves are 3/4 length with turn-ups and decorative White buttons. The sash belt is White and detachable for perfect fit.

This dress comes in either Black/White stripe or Black/Grey pinstripe fabric and is in swing style. It has a faux shirtfront with bow tie and 3/4 sleeves with turn-ups. The buttons on the front are functional and the buttons on the sleeves are decorative – all buttons are Black. There are sewn on belt sashes on the back of the waist that can be tied for the perfect fit. The belt sash pieces are made of the same fabric as the dress and are only sewn on to the back, the belt cannot be seen on the front of the dress.