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Current and Retrospective ‘Dinners of the Days’

Dinner (or Meal) Of The Day (instead of OOTD Outfit of The Day or WIWT What I Wore Today:P )

Mum is so awesome:

Vegetable (including tofu) vermicelli (rice noodles, not the glassy ones)

Vegetable (including tofu) vermicelli (rice noodles, not the glassy ones)

Rice tofu curry Quorn

Rice and tofu curry, and Quorn curry (the smaller dark Reddish one)

I am so lucky 😀


Sun Rice – Sweet and Spicy Fried Pepper Rice

Sun Rice – Sweet and Spicy Rice, a 2-n-1 meal


I happened upon this concoction some moons or suns ago when mother dearest made some rice pudding, on that occasion it unfortunately came out a bit dry/stuck as there had been too much rice and not enough milk in the pot. However with a bit of TLC and innovation it was made into something new, quirky and tasty! Mum named it Sun Rice.

I’ve made it a couple of times since and decided on the recipe I like, as follows:

200g White rice (basmati or short grain is fine)
400g of thick coconut milk
4oz Brown sugar (molasses, demerara or muscovado usually but Golden sugar will do too)
2 Red (non-chilli, bell style) peppers
1 tbs cayenne pepper
1 tbs paprika
2 tbs safflower oil

However to make it again this evening I had to improvise as we don’t have some of the ingredients. So today I used:

Brown short grain rice
Coconut milk
1 Red, 1 Yellow Pepper
1 small onion (for the heck of it lol)
Cocoa Butter Oil

Usually Grapeseed oil would be my second choice and coconut oil my third for this meal but cocoa butter is a good accompaniment for sweet/subtly sweet dishes too. Brown rice doesn’t get as soft or take in the sweetness as well as White imo unless a lot of sugar is used and cooked on very high heat or for a long time. Topping the dish off with rice bran could help, strange concept I know adding more of what’s already there but Brown rice ‘casing’ is quite hard and the inner bran could be what prevents it from soaking in the surrounding flavours as much?


This is pure cocoa butter – looks some rocks I just picked eh? Lol if only! I typically use this for homemade cosmetics e.g. body butter and scrubs or simply as an oil but it is edible too!

Anyway on to the cooking!

1) The first step is to make rice pudding so put the rice, coconut milk and sugar into a small pot on medium heat with the lid on for approx 15min, or just up until it starts to bubble.

2) Slice the peppers longways.

Optional – hard oils can either be heated (and/or spiced) separately and then added to the rest but depending on room temperature, how much time and attention you have, it can be easier to cook them along with the rest if they have a low enough melting point.


3) Place the rice and peppers in a wok and on high heat quickly stir fry everything for approx 5 min with the cayenne pepper, paprika and oil. In this short stir fry the oil will coat the rice and peppers in a kind of glaze and it tastes delicious.

All done!


Bon appetit! 😀


Buckwheat, Rice & Lentil Volcano

Hello all!

Last week I was making some rice and daal (lentils) as usual and ended up with a strange Brown lump/ball in the pot. I opened it up and White rice and Orange daal looked out at me… not unlike a Scotch egg. It was the product of a buckwheat soup I had made the night before and trying make use of it as cooking ‘water’ for rice and daal the next day. However, in consecutive attempts to re-make it I ended up with more of a ‘volcano’.



*80g Buckwheat
*2 tbs Organic sunflower oil
*The ‘thick bit’ leftover from homemade soya milk and including the okara (bean pulp)
*1/2 tbs Garam Masala
*1/2 tbs Cayenne pepper
*100g White rice
*50g Orange lentils


I have raw buckwheat which is slightly bitter, I usually lightly fry ‘toast’ it for immediate eating and just use it uncooked in recipes that will involve cooking numerous ingredients in a pot or slow cooking. As it happened I ended up doing both with this recipe.

The Garam Masala spice I’ve used here does not contain cinnamon or cardamon hence it’s better for non sweet or subtly sweet dishes. It consists of coriander, cumin, ginger, cassia, Black pepper and cloves.

I’ve used White rice here instead of the usual Brown because it’s better for the colour affect.


A) Lightly fry the buckwheat in a small pan with 1 tbs oil.


Raw buckwheat


Fried ‘toasted’ buckwheat

B) Fill a small/medium 1.5lt pot half way with the ‘thick bit’ and okara from soya milk. Cook on medium heat and stir in the Garam Masala, Cayenne pepper and 1 tbs oil. Put the lid on and leave until it’s just about to boil.


Soya milk soup

C) When the ‘soup’ is ready put the cooked buckwheat into it as well the rice and daal. Stir gently, put a lid on the pot and leave on low heat for 20-25min.


In goes the buckwheat


In goes the rice and lentils/daal

D) When it’s done you should find all of the excess water was used to cook the rice and daal and that what you have left is a soft ‘volcano’. The shape varies each time it’s made…


The volcano with crater – about to erupt.


Erupted – now a smoky mountain.


Even though it might not look very appetizing with the Brown, spongy outer layer this is actually a nice, creamy rice dish. If you’ve ever had Red rice (and to a lesser extent Jasmine rice) this is what it texture is like. Red rice is chewy and nutty, whether you cook it for a short or long time on high or low heat it never gets really soft/over cooked and has a ‘heartiness’ about it. In this dish it is the buckwheat that gives it that texture as buckwheat is crunchy though combined with the creamy soya and soft rice/daal it ceases to be crunchy here but adds an extra element to the bite. I’ve used 80g which I think it just enough, any less and you won’t taste it and any more and it’ll be too chewy. The Garam and Cayenne spice it enough to give it a nice taste and being a creamy dish means that it doesn’t need much oil.

I guess this is more for the ‘weird’ factor than something I would usually make but it is actually tasty and filling; plus when I break the top the heat vapour comes through making it look like a smoky mountain 😀


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