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9 Years and Still Trying, Lol! Designing for Fun… Well, Morelike Obsession?

I first started this blog as a creative outlet for fashion design as a hobby/competition and then branched out but I’ve kept up the designing and improved. The design process has gotten more and more convoluted but hey it keeps my skills limber though not my fingers!

The last time I wrote about it was exactly one year ago HERE (no I’m not posting this as an anniversary coincidence 😉 and no I still haven’t won anything, not even gotten through to the first stage/round of acceptance/processing!)

Nowadays drawing patterns and prints from scratch doesn’t really happen and those of us left mainly focus on alterations of base templates from each other.


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A Design another Member did for me/tribute back in the day which I still treasure. (The model’s supposed to be me but darker.)


Men Not Afraid to Wear Skirts…

… And dresses as normal. Also wide, flared, draped trousers. Skirts tend to be just a long piece of fabric that is pleated or folded/draped in various ways and sometimes the pleats are stitched and yes they stay in place. Skirt styles are commonly are called: lungi, dhoti or mundu. Dresses: dumpra, jubba or khalat. Or even what Westerns would consider like leggings, at the bottom at least since the top is a wide drawstring style (churidar).

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Photo Credit: indiamike.com


People of the Water

Rather than the official and generally accepted theory of aquatic forms to land forms that is part of ‘evolution’ model, I’d personally see some of us (creatures from Earth) as children of the soil (ashes to ashes) and more of us as from the water (less ‘physical’/visible to those from the soil, more malleable-form changing/moving with other qualities & influence of water).

I remembered this sketch today; it’s a drawing I did for a skirt I started making for mum a while back. I didn’t finish it as the mermaid was composed of sequins and as sewing them on the fabric was time consuming and delicate other things got in the way and I didn’t finish it. Sadly I don’t have the fabric or sequins anymore but it was coming along nicely at the time. Ah well it’s the thought that counts (ha I could of finished it with more effort). Everything takes such a long time.


In ‘real life’ I’d surmise that merfolk look more like those portrayed in Harry Potter, different to the current norm but still beautiful.


Outfits of the Day and Night

I’ve had a busy day and am a bit knacked so I’m posting these quickly otherwise who knows when/if I’ll get round to it.


Red Gold Leopard Animal Print OOTD


Denim Jean Dress Jacket

For the day outfit I went for classic Red and leopard print but since animal prints are usually associated with sex appeal I decided to go for a cuter ‘prim’ look, almost like a vintage college student. The skirt is from chicstar for $29.95 and the tops were second hand.

For the evening something a little hotter, I haven’t worn a denim dress in ages so I paired it with my favourite denim jacket and voila. The dress is from chicstar for $19.95 and the jacket from eBay.

Hope you liked them!



Weekend OOTD Post

This is one of the outfits I wore over the weekend, most of the pics came out blurry and crappy but here’s some passable ones.

Chicstar Proto Goth Black Red Skirt

Black Red Goth Gothic

Red Black Gothic Outfit Corset Skirt Bolero Velvet Chiffon

Red Black Gothic Outfit Corset Skirt Bolero Velvet Chiffon

Red Black Gothic Outfit Corset Skirt Bolero Velvet Chiffon

I am wearing the ‘Fishtail Long Skirt’, which was a one off prototype from Chicstar.com in Black with Red trim and lace up HERE with a velvet faux corset from Camden market and a chiffon bolero from a small boutique I found years ago. The skirt was very long but completely stretchy so very comfortable yet retained its shape.


Ballet and Holmes? I Like Quirky Combinations :)

Hiya all! 😀

Here are the last two pics that I’ve taken recently whilst wearing Chicstar clothing. The first pic features elegant wide leg pants, and a faux corset top from Next clearance.

The second pic features a unique pinstripe and ruffle skirt with lace-up ties on the side matched with a pinstripe peplum blouse I got from a cute little discount boutique I found.

Hope you like them!

The statue is one of my favourites in London; she looks a little lonely and strangely situated but I love her 🙂 The items I’m wearing include a floral embroidered Silver/Black corset style top with chiffon sleeves from Next.co.uk. I was a new customer so got a discount and the top was already on clearance sale so double the savings! The trousers are from Chicstar.com and are in the beautiful wide leg flowing style made in stretchy fabric. Unfortunately they are now discontinued.

At a very quaint specialty museum – small but very detailed 🙂 The Sherlock Holmes Museum can be found at 221b Baker Street (of course! 😀 ) London, UK. They have the best gift shop I’ve ever been into at an attraction, the gifts are very thoughtful, decorative and fun. I bought a an excellent detective board game (up to 4 players)!

The skirt I’m wearing is a fabulous couture design from Chicstar.com, it costs $59.95 and $65.95 in plus size. It also comes in Black fabric with Red stripes.

Here is the shop photo:

Stripe Pinstripe Gypsy Swag Lace Skirt

Black & Gold – Fashion Contest Photos

Salut! 🙂

Here are my latest fashion/customer photo entries for Chicstar Competition 3 – posting a pic of yourself or someone you know wearing an item of Chicstar clothing. If you like them please click on the pics, which will take you to their ChicStar pages and vote Yes. Also why not take a look at the other entries and vote, perhaps even get involved yourself, it’s a great  way of getting discounted clothing, fun and nice to see the clothing on different people.

Tip – you get $10 for entry into the contest and an extra $100 if you win. For buyers, type WINNER into the coupon box at checkout for a 30% discount!

Photo Entry:

This is the other photo I chose from:

 The Chicstar item I’m wearing is the Black top and it’s discontinued but they have plenty of other cute tops. The skirt is vintage and is quilted so it’s warm!