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3 From 1 Back and To 1 From 3

In my last post I mentioned doing some designing, the design was my blog makeover. Traditionally I overhaul the blog in July but I suddenly felt like doing it now and since it takes a lot of time and effort to get to a point I’m happy with it was best to do it there and then with the inspiration.

I had originally intended to go with a Black and White background with bright Red and White banner – something bold and edgy, but I couldn’t get it right try as I might. Then Mum woke up, we worked on it together and ended up with something totally different, something actually much bolder in its simplicity than the mosaic I was working on before. As usual I was fussy over ‘balance’ of colours, positioning etc finding it difficult but managed to make Mum’s ideas come to life in balance with my own.

Then later I found out that Sunday 15th June 2014 is Trinity Day…

So I was going to post this on Sunday but I’m running ahead of schedule. Trinity Day is usually thought of as the father/son(sun/light)/holy ghost(spirit) which is based on older triads e.g. the incestuous and insidious Shiv/Brahma/Vishnu (Vishnu more commonly known as Ram or Krishna) and their consort triad Laksmi/Pavarti/Saraswati. Those and other patriarchal triads such as Al-Lat/Al-Uzza/Manat, Qudshu/Astarte/Anat, Isis, Hecate, Brigid, Morrigan, the Spinners/Werdes later to become the Fates/Norns/Wyrds (based on the matriarchal MahaVidyas/Fibonacci Goddesses – servants of the Mother) were based on the more primal matriarchal Maid/Mother/Crone which is based on the original Daughter/Mother/Dark Mother aka Bala/Lalita/Kali or 3 from 1 Dea later called Sophia.

Since my blog design is based on a trinity from 1 aka all me but in three forms and the banner shows left to right the Mother, Dark Mother and Daughter it’s perfect. Ah synchronicity even to the colours of the banner text which kept my original thought for the colour scheme which I was later reminded had links to the Daughter/Mother/Dark Mother.

I really liked the raspberry ripple 3rd version, it was ‘sharp, young, hip’ but I feel at home with this one, I don’t even need time to ‘get used to it’.

For the sake of record here’s a screenshot of the last incarnation:

Substance AND Style 3

And here’s the previous makeover post I wrote on July 13th 2013, I don’t think I’ll need to do another.


Today I just felt the urge to do a blog theme makeover and so I did it and then realized it’s been almost a year since I did the last one! Can you say synchronicity?

I thought I’d go for a sharper, young and hip look – something stylish for a fashion and beauty blog though still artistic.

For new readers and those that still like the last look here’s a screenshot:


And here’s the last ‘blogiversary’ post I made which has some good points for those thinking about updating:

So it’s been almost a year since I started this blog and I’d been thinking for a while “the blog needs a new look, how can I update it, what should I do?” It went on like that for a while, a veritable mental block of um-ing and ah-ing, and a little trial and error. As my long term subscribers will know I’ve given the blog a face lift and made it more functional but I wanted a total makeover.

Then finally, during a Mercury retrograde prompt computer meltdown, I finally had enough andย  decided “just do it!”

I could have gone through the whole process of Q&A in a quick checklist fashion, which would have gone something like this:

1) What do I want the blog/theme to look like?

2) What do I want it to express?

3) What would my readers like?

4) Do I need to change the WP theme?

5) How much detail do I want?

6) How long with the look last and will it stay relevant?

Blah blah blah etc etc

All very important questions and considerations, but I’d been thinking about those in bits and bobs over the aforementioned dawdling period and so pulled up my bootstraps, got my act together and just started drawing.

I knew what elements I wanted to keep and what I was generally going for, I just didn’t know how I was going to achieve it, but once I started, it naturally came together in one go. Usually I have a few options/variations of any design but strangely enough I like this the way it is and I think that in itself is auspicious, or so I hope. That’s how it was with the first theme too, it was a quick process yet adequately expressed where I was at that point as a first time blogger. It was individual, arty, abstract with lot’s a bight, harmonious colour in a vibrant display of enthusiasm – my blog was new and it felt new.

Anyway – this new look is a development on the old. A simpler, more polished ย look yet still arty/fun, but cleaner. More focused. That doesn’t mean I know lots about blogging, but like the proverbial tortoise I’m steadily moving along and give thanks to my mother for being a constant inspiration and helper (and constant ‘most likely to give me a heart attack or breakdown at a young age’… ahem) ๐Ÿ™‚

Here’s how it looked before, though certain features such as the title and tag line were recently changed/added:

I probably haven’t finished the new look, as with anything it will need tweaking but I think that it’s basically good to go. Therefore welcome to my re-fashioned blog, I hope you like it.




Frankincense Incense โ€“ Essence of Calm and Woodland Charm

Quick status update: I’m currently up and about yay! I’m no more looking or moving about like Quasimodo/the elephant man, there is still swelling but not excruciating. On day 21 of liquid fasting and still not hungry, I thought about sweet/high oil foods a couple of times but that was when I was feeling irritable. I had had a nagging cough too but from this review you’ll see why its gone and as this is now the morning after I can confirm it’s still gone. ๐Ÿ™‚


Mum accidentally saw these in the 99p Stores today (similar to Pound Shop and Poundland but better seasonal items in my opinion). Poignantly I started this review coughing non-stop and now I’m not plus I feel a bit better in general… Plus having done a little research I’ve found that the functional properties of burning frankincense are indeed to create peace and calm.

These come with what look like a cutsie/pretty handmade incense holders with ready made holes. This one has 7 holes in a little octagon shape and though small it’s sturdy enough and made of wood. If you ever bought/saw anything from the former sister company to Lush – a cosmetics brand B Never Too Busy To Be Beautiful (B Never for short) I’d day that the decoration style for the burner is similar to how their packaging used to look i.e. beading, glitter, little mirrors etc very bohemian/gypsy or the one word fits all ‘ethnic’. My holder is decorated in Red beads and glitter, little diagonal mirrors and Gold beading around the holder spaces (see photos for details).

The sticks themselves are Purple, even the bases that you hold have been painted purple to match which is an interesting touch that I haven’t noticed anywhere else. The sticks come in various widths so whilst some fit perfectly others are spiky thin whilst some are quite thick and either need to pushed in to the holes with a bit of force or placed in between thick ones so as not to fall. If worried about the thin ones you can easily stick a tiny piece of modeling clay, blu tack or something similar just to bolster it. I always place incense on a plate anyway just in case.

Frankincense Incense Sticks Holder Royalty

===Abit about frankincense===

Frankincense is a resin that comes from various trees and shrubs mostly native to Africa and Arabia. It’s an ancient plant source material dating back at least 3000-4000 years, it is known for it’s ritual and mystical purposes typically or famously in religious ceremonies and protect against the evil eye. More commonly it has a wide variety of uses including cosmetics e.g. tooth cleansers, body scents, kohl eyeliner and nowadays notably in face creams. It’s also a mosquito and sand fly repellent and has been used for mecidinal purposes. Many use it of course or yoga, meditation and prayer. Primarily it comes as an essential oil and in resin form.

It’s properties are:

Anti-septic, disinfectant, astringent, carminative, cicatrisant, cytophylactic, digestive, diuretic, emenagogue, expectorant, sedative, tonic, vulnerary.

I generally know it to be toning, firming, cleansing/clearing and regenerating (funny fact – it was a ingredient in ancient Egyptian embalming) but having done some reading there are a long list of features summarized above but to expound a bit includes helping with coughing, phlegm and congestion, being a sedative, general pain relief, digestive/urination aid, menstrual pain aid and apparently increases one’s ability to absorb nutrients. Wow, though I’m not surprised.

ย ===Burning Time/Length===

Typically of incense as the powder burns away it turns ashen both in colour and texture – what it does next varies from brand to brand. I found with these ones the ash neatly dries and falls off the stick revealing the wood underneath. I quite like that because it has a ‘charming’ look but I have found other brands where the ash holds on and slows the burning which can be helpful though can also make the smell uneven and can stop the burning. Whether you decide to use a plate, larger holder, salver or something to catch the ashes is upto you but if decide not to and to clean up later make sure you place them on a surface that is not likely to burn or stain like a kitchen countertop.

They are approx 10in/25.5cm in length.

As per the first photo I put a ‘fat’ one and a ‘skinny’ one in the holder and started them at the same time and they both burned down together:

18.28pm – 19.20pm = 52minutes.

I put the rest in at different times but they took roughly 45min-1hour.

Is that a good thing? In comparison to many cheap brands that’s pretty long, there are some which go on and on but it can also be a few minutes so these are decent length and of course the smell lingers for quite some time unless you open any windows/ventilation.

I’d say two are enough to fill a medium-large size room and more if you want the smell to waft into other rooms by leaving the doors open.

===The smell and effects===

There are so very many varieties of incense though some people always think of it as one smell but if the quality is right and if only a few ingredients or a few key ingredients are used the scents are distinctive.

The smell on this is actually quite subtle, not the Frankincense I’m used to which is quite heady and sweet and I have to breathe in deeply to recognize the scent (though mum is finding it sweet and fresh) but that is actually quite clever… The whole point of this particular variety I now believe is to calm and soothe and to begin with I was breathing shallow and had my shoulders hunched and could just smell ‘smoke’ but then I purposely took a long, deep breath, relaxed my shoulders and then I smelled it – a hint of Frankincense. It is quite an exotic yet woody/burning smell which may be why it smelled of smoke to begin with but as I kept breathing deeply and slowly I did appreciate it more and calmed. I hadn’t even felt stressed, anxious, nervous etc beforehand but obviously my breathing and posture said otherwise and that is typical of copious amounts of people nowadays who don’t breathe properly anymore by default of their living/working conditions. That said I’d say it is an acquired smell, perhaps one for people who like campfires but not a floral, charming or sensually exotic smell. It also has a bit of an edge, akin to a campfire but not as strong so it does make the eyes water a bit. Ok it doesn’t help that I’m standing right next to them but as I’ve walked into the other rooms that campfire smell and effect/touch is still there – so not one for those who are sensitive or whose eyes/noses will simply run – or if you’re not wearing waterproof makeup!

Interestingly enough I have a cough and was coughing alot, it’s a dry involuntary cough so it’s basically like coughing for the sake of it as a reflex with little choice and I couldn’t talk much because of that. Hence I put these on to clear out the place of old smells and such and so far I’ve ‘mini-coughed’ a couple of times and that’s it; basically once I started breathing deeply and inhaling I stopped and I’m able to speak fluently.

Frankincense Incense Sticks Health

Instructions on the packet


Insert incense stick into the holder attached.

Ignite the tip of the incense stick.

When glowing, gently blow it out.


Always place incense stick in the holder provided.

Keep out of reach of children and pets and flammable material.

Do not leave the incense stick unattended and make sure it is places on a fire proof surface. Do not ingest (don’t eat it, you are technically consuming it though by breathing and it going through the hair/skin/eyes etc). Non toxic (I hope).

ย ===Conclusion===

These are cheap sticks and so I’m not at all confident as to what went into the fragrance (and so what I was breathing in), the paint or if the wood is sustainable or what type or wood the sticks are and I don’t know if they are fairtrade. But I was in an area which does not have much of a Black/Asian community (in which I usually buy spices and oils in native quality and much cheaper in larger sizes than supermarket prices with their tiny bottles and packets) and I couldn’t see any in the artisan shops so this was an impulse buy and turned out to be just what I needed, I was lucky to find them without expecting to.

The vanilla version would probably have more wide appeal but I am grateful these came my way and moreover to those who helped cultivate and make them and I truly hope they did so kindly to the earth and themselves/were treated properly.


To Trip the Light Fantastic & Liquid Fasting

So yesterday was International No Diet Day and the 11th is Eat What You Want Day (as well as Mothers Day outside the UK).

Sounds good/tempting doesn’t it?

You know, normally it would. However I’m currently on the 13th day of liquid fasting and so food doesn’t appeal to me even though I’m not fasting by choice. Strange? Well yes and no. Many of you may have noticed the recently renewed popularity of juice fasting – something which as a general health maintainer and fixer-upper has been around for ages – but as a fad it comes and goes like anything else. Many of you who’ve tried it may have noticed the detoxing and energizing effects it has perhaps with weight loss and better mobility as side effects. The typical amount of time newbies juice fast for is 7 days.

What is the difference between juice fasting and liquid fasting?

Juice fasting is bloody expensive. There was a point when mum and I had two fridges; one for raw fruit/veg/herbs (that we were able to buy wholesale) and one for everything prepared/processed. However even though we’d have loads of fresh fruit/veg/herbs we never used it for juice fasting; nope we ate it with meal plans and preserved it in various ways and froze it so it damned well lasted months. If I had juice fasted I would have gone through it like that *snaps fingers*.

Market Vegetables Fruit

What is the difference between juice and smoothies?

This is a crux debate between many, personally I don’t care but I see it as: juice is easier and faster to metabolize for many especially when there is veg/herbs in the mix and not just fruit. Many people don’t process raw veg well or quickly and need it fermented or cooked e.g. steamed, sauteed or slow cooked to reap the benefits and not feel bloated. People also mistake beans and nuts as foods that cause bloating and spending longer in the bathroom, but those foods move along what is already there. So basically, even though there was a smoothie ‘revolution’ some years back where people ‘realized’ the benefit of having the whole food/skin/seed (some leaves/branches) people have now gone back to juicing and some think of all the pulp as ‘nothing but fibre without any nutritional value at all’… Yeah I’m not going there. Plus you need a pretty powerful blender to juice properly and I ain’t forking out for that let alone being able to in the first place. Buying fruit juice in recyclable (actual, practical, recyclable materials like cardboard rather than say the neigh difficult to find tetra pak style material recycling plants) works out cheaper – make sure it’s not from concentrate. I’m not saying it’s anywhere near as good as organic fruit/veg/herbs that were grown with organic seed and if it actually happens – protected from contaminated soil, acid/chemtrail rain/water, wind carrying gm seed – and handmade by yourself but it’s more economically viable for many (just make sure it’s fairtrade at least) and bear in mind the controversy over processing for common items like apples, oranges and tomatoes.

Green juice herb vegetable fasting glass drink

So what is liquid fasting?

Just as it says, straightforward, anything liquid. In my case it’s been mainly herbal tea but also homemade alternative milks and at times water with a bit of superfood Green powders and/or extremely nutritious clays (yes it tastes like grass juice or soil water but as I’ve oft been told “beggars can’t be choosers”). Dried foods (e.g sundried or dehydrated – I prefer sundried) can be bought so much cheaper than fresh and easier in bulk plus you can make milks with the constituent ‘flour’ and water like coconut, rice or soy flour). I haven’t been taking diluted, unrefined apple cider vinegar with the ‘mother’ intact since we don’t have enough left but that’s a good choice too.

ACV Apple Cider Vinegar

Why am I liquid fasting?

Because I can’t open my mouth other than to talk and drink at the moment.

Why am I not hungry?

That’s an interesting one. People who are used to fasting can probably empathise and say that ‘fasting makes you stronger’ or ‘you get used to it’. In my case once the initial hunger pangs from the first or second day (usually the second day as I have enough left over in the digestive system to get to the next day without stomach grumbling) are over that’s it, no more. Seriously? Yes. I just don’t get hungry after that neither do I feel weaker, more tired, slower etc. I just feel normal and if I’m doing a lot of walking and/or yoga/meditation at the same time I actually feel a lot stronger and calmer. Whilst fasting and post-fasting (until I get lazy and normalize into regular eating habits again) I need less and less to keep me going for longer, the body just becomes more efficient and uses everything better.

Chakras Art Artwork

saffronlungs.deviantart.com/ art/ The-Seven-Kundalini-Chakras-357608866

Lalita MahaKali Kali Goddess Mother Sri Chakras Tatvas Sanksrit Yantra Mandala

Pic of mum illustrating chakras in tandem with tatvas

How did I get into this?

Started when I approx 14 and between then until 18 I would attempt 21-28 day liquid fasts, mostly successfully. I thought that if ‘spiritually enlightened’ folk aka mostly priests and monks (yeah you never hear of the women) could do it then so could I. If they could train themselves mentally and emotionally with physical endurance then so could I. What they could do, why the heck couldn’t I? I later had to acknowledge that they have massive advantages in knowledge, cleaner environments and less people getting in their way or trying to sabotage them. They can sit under waterfalls with the pressure and sound blocking out everything and no electronic pollution, noise and tinnitus or regular pollution, they can sit in the sun and breathe the air and feel the natural power. I can’t.

That said I didn’t do a bad job, I was already used to asceticism or I was ascestically minded never being attracted to materialism for the sake of it and growing up the way I did meant there wasn’t much choice anyway. School meals were my main meals baby until I became a teen and mum had discovered the need to cut out all artificial preservatives, colourings, flavourings, e-numbers, MSG and aspartame. Then we had a bit more choice but by that time I’d decided on the above anyway. After 18 I didn’t keep up with it, too many distractions but I did fast now and then usually 7-10 days. Wish I’d discovered coconut water/juice earlier! I could have done with it in my early-mid 20’s.

Nowadays most of my liquid fasts are just practical like when I soup fast in Winter which is very easy to do both economically and on the stomach with dried beans, water and a bit of seasoning. Can have 1-2 portions of that a day and it sees me through well. Much like with foraging for ‘carpet plants’ and well known weeds or hedgerow plants/fruit for teas and salad/veg intake – saves massively on food budgeting. Those who are old enough/remember the world/post war days can probably see where I’m coming from rationing to growing their own and that group of people you barely hear of nowadays the proud ‘honest poor’. People take for granted how nutritious (and lovely) such plants are and if you can find places that are public (if you don’t have a garden or space) and not so affected by nastiness/pollution like roadsides how readily available they can be depending on the weather. Though it’s true they tend to be quite bitter in general so more for those who don’t mind that so much.

So why am I talking about food when I’m not eating?

Well it’s true I’m not hungry but we all know how in the modern or non-major food producing countries though including the US even when its a major crop producer (yes the cruel irony there where โ€˜third/developing worldโ€™ people grow but can’t afford their own foods or at least not regularly in comparison to us expecting everything and anything in supermarkets) we’re addicted to food in some way or another. I noticed these two days side by side and thought it was interesting. I figure once I can eat again I’ll have chips which are my stock answer and since chocolate is drinkable. ‘Chunky fries’ or ‘wedges’ as I suppose they’d be similar to for US folk don’t sound healthy but they can be, I’m not one to have ever have thought of natural unrefined oils as ‘(useless) fat’ (the kind that the body doesn’t essentially need after a certain point) or that naturally high oil rich items like olives, peanut butter, humous/hummus etc were bad for the body even when eaten regularly and find they have quite the opposite effect and I’ve never thought of potatoes as just ’empty carbs’ if that were the case they wouldn’t work so well on light burns for example. The same goes for the multitudes of salts and sugars, I don’t think of one as ‘sodium’ or the other as ’empty calories’, each salt can be used for different things and Earth thank you so much for SUGAR! Lol if it weren’t for unrefined salts and sugars (‘nutritional’ values on packaging are based on refined White table salt and sugar) where would I be.

It’s like this ‘new’ way of thinking that has spread over here where people think of and call soil ‘dirt’ – how grateful of them, not. That reverse way of thinking is something else begetting questions like why are foods that come from farmers who wear hazmat style suits and then refined and/or added to with extra ingredients more expensive than simple foods and why grocery coupons tend to be for junk food and household items you should wonder what the consequences are of washing that stuff down the drain is, what is released when incinerated or recycled and having contact with/consuming/forcing into others over years.

What do you essentially need to stay ‘alive’ or at least not total zombie mode, or what you get in hospitals if you can’t consume food/drink yourself or you know they’ve sedated you into oblivion? Saline solution. What is saline solution? Salt, sugar & water. Period. Now I can’t comment on their quality/purity since you know I doubt they’d fork out for Himalayan Pink, Black, Red or rock salt in general – heck they may go for sea salt since the seas and oceans and life within are so contaminated it’s cheap, and I don’t know if they’d go for beet, cane or fruit rich sugars but Goddess I know the we animal life on this planet love salt and sugar, you can see non-human animals loving their salt/sugar licks or crowding around salt and/or chalk rich cliffs etc and if it weren’t for good salt and sugar I’d probably be hungry since you know I can’t access ‘prana’ from clean air, water or sunlight. That’s just too much to ask ain’t it *rolls eyes* ๐Ÿ™„

I praise natural salt, sugar and clay (hey everything goes back to the Earth, you can only be vegan to the extent that you’re consuming what has come from death and returned to soil/water – which is what I settle for seeing as I haven’t and am unlikely to get to inedian/bretharian).

Panda Eating Sugar Cane Relaxing

That is the life, basking in the sunshine, fresh air & eatin’ sugar cane. Oh yeah. – pinterest.com


Sunday Baking – Rustic Raisin Bread (V) (Ve)

โ€œThere are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread.โ€
โ€• Mahatma Gandhi

I personally believe that to be true, though I would add ‘and/or soup’ to the equation. There are very many whose daily toil only really leaves them homemade bread and/or soup (especially when flour isn’t available – can at least make soup out of carpet plants ‘weeds’ and drink clay water) as a physical channel with which they feel any kind of hope, contentment or ability to continue.

I know that mum and I have always made a lot of bread when running low on food or we’ve had the same thing for a long time. We usually make one of the many types of flatbread until the next lot of groceries meet our path but this time we decided that we missed loaves of bread, the type with a crust. It’s also through cooking that I found a way to consistently physically/personally/directly show my consideration and do my best to clear my mind of anything I wouldn’t want to go in to the food.



Everyone has their own ways of making bread and I mean bread that has a crust and is fluffy/light on the inside rather than cake loaves. Vegans have to experiment more with gums/binders/thickeners (xanthan, guar, agar) or flour mixes that don’t need gums. For those with a decent budget, health necessities like gluten free folk or people with allergies to gm soy/dairy/corn xanthan and to a lesser extent guar aren’t great due to their origins/processing or raw foodists (non baked breads) there’s alternatives like psyllium husks, chia and flax seed. Sometimes it just comes down to what you have in your kitchen, I’ve yet to try apple cider vinegar in bread but I’ll get to it ๐Ÿ™‚

The below recipe will make one loaf, but I doubled it and made two ๐Ÿ™‚


1 Cup plain white (unbleached) flour.
1 Cup wholewheat flour.
1 Cup multi-grain/seed flour.
1/2 cup water or soya/nut milk.
1/2 Cup oil of your choice (I used sunflower but would have liked a nut oil).
2 tbs Unrefined Brown sugar.
2 tsb Guar gum.
1 tsp Bicarbonate soda mixed with 2 tbs water (I didn’t have any for cooking so used Himalayan salt – which meant it didn’t come out as fluffy as I would have liked).
Yeast = 2 tsb active dry vegan yeast, 3 tbs water, 1/2 tsb Brown sugar .
Dried fruit (however much you want really) e.g. raisins, currants, sultanas.


1) Heat 6 tsbs of water, warm-hot not boiling.

2) Put the 2 tsp yeast and 1/2 tsb sugar in a glass or bowl, put the 1 tsp bicarbonate of soda in another glass/bowl. When the water is ready add 3 tbs of it to the yeast/sugar and 2 tbs to the bicarb. Leave the yeast/sugar for upto 15min to melt. The bicarb should dissolve much faster but it’s ok to leave it until you need it.

3) Put the 3 cups of flour, 2 tbs sugar and 2 tsp guar gum in a mixing bowl – and stir until everything is spread evenly (no need to be too enthusiastic with the stirring ๐Ÿ™‚ ). Remember once you add anything with liquid the guar gum will activate so I always add it with the dry ingredients and get it mixed in first.


Can’t see all of the ingredients in here as some got buried.

4) Add the bicarbonate of soda and mix – again don’t over-stir, since you’ve already dissolved the bicarb it should mix in ok without any ‘salty bits’ once baked. Just mix until you think it’s spread through enough.

5) Add the yeast to the mix and add/pour in a little of the water/milk you have aside, a little as you go along, you may or may not need all of it. Knead as much as possible until you get a dough. It’s ok for the dough to be abit sticky.

6) Leave the dough lump/unshaped for approx 45min – 1 hour.


7) Oil/Grease your baking tin/dish/tray with some of the oil you have.

8) Re-knead the flour with the rest of the oil and the dried fruits. Shape the dough to your preference, make some air holes/lines across it (generally 1/4 down the depth, not more than a 1/3) and leave for another half hour.


Use a more suitably shaped tin/dish, I had to just go with what I had but putting it on foil on the oven tray would have been better. It’s unlikely to fill out properly in a dish that is different to the shape of the bread.


This dish wasn’t right either, both the dough and dish are round but the curve of the dish is smaller than the width of the bread so it couldn’t grow properly.

9) Before your dough is finished its second fermentation, pre-heat your oven to 220C/425F/Gas Mark 7.

10) Put the bread in the upper part of the oven for 45min.

11) Remove from oven and from its tin/dish and gently put the bread on a rack/cool tray.




12) Tastes great freshly baked with vegan butter, or peanut butter with a layer of humous/hummus and cayenne pepper ๐Ÿ˜€ (Or you know, any topping of your choice ๐Ÿ˜‰ ).




Yummy, scrummy, nummy *tried not to eat them too fast and to chew properly*