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Black & Gold – Fashion Contest Photos

Salut! 🙂

Here are my latest fashion/customer photo entries for Chicstar Competition 3 – posting a pic of yourself or someone you know wearing an item of Chicstar clothing. If you like them please click on the pics, which will take you to their ChicStar pages and vote Yes. Also why not take a look at the other entries and vote, perhaps even get involved yourself, it’s a great  way of getting discounted clothing, fun and nice to see the clothing on different people.

Tip – you get $10 for entry into the contest and an extra $100 if you win. For buyers, type WINNER into the coupon box at checkout for a 30% discount!

Photo Entry:

This is the other photo I chose from:

 The Chicstar item I’m wearing is the Black top and it’s discontinued but they have plenty of other cute tops. The skirt is vintage and is quilted so it’s warm!