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Hockley Valley Resort

Hockley Valley Resort

Hockley Valley Resort

Hockley Valley Resort

How often does William go there? Spoilt b*stards aren’t you.


Attack and Defend – Another form of ‘Tag’ but plugs into hunting & war mentality.

This is just a therapeutic post for myself.

There is a game with no name, played all over the world by people of a mercenary nature. Like spies and bounty hunters they have to protect some people and attack others and ultimately regardless of who they work for, it’s for their own ego boost/gain to play.

Note: Remember hunting is not the same as a sport – the victims, targets, marks don’t get a say. They’re not even informed of the rules nor can they defend themselves.

Every member in this game is out for themselves/their pack. To keep their skills honed they’ll divide themselves and surround a person to either defend or attack. It’s role playing. They have no interest in the victim other than their role at the time.

One version of this game played in the UK is for one team to get a target from point A to B relatively safely.

One version played in the UK from US players with UK assistance is time sharing a victim to build up a scenario with them and then start attacking and defending, sometimes they change sides and the victim never knows. The problem is their attack skills are far better than their defense skills so a ‘win’ for the defending side isn’t much of a win, actually it’s a miracle if they manage it, that’s how amateurish they come off as. If they ever had to defend themselves they’d be goners, they’d probably just run and hide leaving everyone but their nearest and dearest to fend for themselves since they don’t use the limited skills they have to help anybody.

All I have to remember is that “William always gets his mark” so because he dislikes losing ‘all’ I have to keep doing is putting pressure on the slow, useless slapper to hurry up and no I’m not giving him anything, no “fringe benefits”. He’s “the best we have to offer”, gawd this maiden in distress has been robbed.

I wish he’d gone to Virgina instead like he was supposed to and played the storyline on the lawmakers there instead of bothering me, although of course I wish none of this had ever happened and that people like that didn’t exist.


History of Chelmsford

Every time I visit a town/small city I like to go to the local library, museum and/or masonic hall to learn about the place and the people who live(d) there. It’s especially interesting to know which families survived the ages and are still based there.

My most recent visit was to Chelmsford Museum, Essex:

It was a stately home that has been carefully maintained, extended and free to the public to visit. What I really liked about it was the array of subjects it covered; initially I was under the impression that it was a war/industry museum and I was fine with that because I love science/technology museums/centres but it was rich with cultural history of all kinds from natural history to glassware and even a Buddha. Additionally I was very lucky to have a local resident who’d lived there all her life guide me around the museum and tell me more about the exhibits, her memories of Chelmsford and its transition over time. From little girl to lady hers was a lovely experience to learn from.

Artwork Stonehenge Henges Monoliths Avebury Silbury

Reminiscent of Stonehenge? A number of the pieces in the museum had ancient inspiration. There is even a modern art interpretation of Anubis in the sculpture section.

Stonehenge Henges Monoliths Avebury Silbury

Julius Stafford-Baker Barnes Mill Chelmsford

A comment from my guide: ‘it’s really interesting to see how different people interpret the same place(s)’. I agreed, each picture looked almost entirely different given their medium and personal vision. It was also great to hear how places look now in comparison to the dates they were painted. This picture for example of Barnes Mill shows the property without its hedge which obscures the view from pedestrians nowadays as it is a private property.

Julius Stafford-Baker Barnes Mill Chelmsford

Glassware from the 1600’s onwards all preserved in wonderful condition. How may tales of scandal and intel do they hold via the alcohol they served? Isn’t it a shame that Britain’s glass and pottery/ceramics industries have become insolvent or relocated abroad? This cabinet reminds me of a glass collection Mum and I used to have; every type of glass for each alcoholic beverage. Just for looking at mind you šŸ˜‰

The stems of the glasses were most interesting, moreso than the etching because it shows the skill of the craftspeople in circling/twisting glass symmetrically (I’m a sucker for symmetry and ‘order’) – no easy feat especially in a spiral. They also remind me of the ‘ribbons’ you get in marbles (yes some of them had coloured glass inside).

Why did people ever use penny farthings, they’re so impractical?! Can you imagine how many injuries were sustained?

Remnants of the bygone disco era – my guide remembered having her hen night at ‘Dukes’, apparently they had a different jukebox but it still jogged a happy memory. Those seats and tables are pretty high too, not as high as the penny farthing but in need of a hop and a skip to sit on. Love them!

A double mug for the romantically minded or the extra drunk?

Masses of military silver, even on the drums.

Was there really need for a sphinx on top of this tankard?

My favourite was the inkwell. I’d love to write old fashioned letters with a proper set like this. I love calligraphy too.

I’m not sure if those are real skins but my guide and I weren’t keen on the taxidermy in the museum.

This mace/staff has ‘EGYPT’ and a sphinx on the top, weird. It also has a large dent on the underside from what I wonder?

‘A lot of kit’ my guide said as I wondered just how heavy it all was. Who misses the Army & Navy stores where you can buy their clothes etc? Their everyday clothes and camping gear are the only things I like about the military lol.

Like a prisoner’s markings on a wall whilst whiling away the days ‘ITS ONLY A MATTER OF TIME NOW’ in the top left corner. A calendar of broken dreams?

‘He looks happy’ my guide remarked, ‘there’s a headless woman behind him, how macabre’ I jokingly retorted, ‘oh yes!’ She replied. A pub sign that looks like a gravestone in depiction and shape.

Recruiting from the poor and intoxicated/ignorant, typical.

The importance of ball bearings, they make machinery much more efficient.

Yes that’s Marconi, best known for his work in radio amongst many other things.

The Marconiphone, later purchased by Gramophone.

The Co-Op was founded in Chelmsford! Well ahead of their time especially since we still don’t have much fairtrade today.

And so many people still can’t afford housing today with rising homeless too! How little things change when only a few care about fairtrade.

The sexualisation of goods and services, we’re still doing the same today but for a fizzy drink? Wow. Well, Coca-cola was advertised as a drink for babies and growing children back in the day…

The Co-Op sold everything from coal to fashion.

From cradle to grave to the Co-Op caters to everything – just not quite as bombastically as megamarts like Tesco etc.

And to finish, one of my favourites! Hey, at least it’s not Punch and Judy! I can’t be having with domestic violence and murder.

I had a great time learning about local history and discovering that my guide was from one of the old families from the World Wars. I haven’t any pictures of the garden but it is well manicured and not been given over to too much parking.


Safari – Fantastic Beasts

I was expecting habitats more like their natural setting rather our normal countryside with a bit of customization, below are some of the animals we saw.

NOTE: Don’t use your camera flash on animals in zoos, parks etc – the buildup affects their eyesight, many sea creatures in aquariums for example had reduced vision to blindness. I’ve reminded people on occasion myself and then the customer service assistants realize they should be doing the same and step up. Also I don’t support animals in captivity not even out of their country a lot of the time, this trip had exceptional circumstances.

Safari Camels


 Safari Black Bears

Safari Monkeys

Safari Monkeys

Safari Monkeys

Safari Monkeys

Safari Zebras

Safari Giraffs

Safari Meerkats

Safari Otters

Safari Penguins

Safari Lemurs

Safari Giant Tortoises Turtles

Poor thing was quite upset at being carried/moved and just look at the size of the one in the background o_o

Safari Wallabees

Safari Tiki Mask Boomerang

My Tiki/spirit guardian mask and weapon/boomerang fit in nicely with our indoor garden decor and in a place of transformation/vulnerability; the stairwell. We have even more terrifying guardians in doorways.


Holding Out For A Hero – The Ideal Man And/Or Dream Man?

Bonnie Tyler – Holding Out For A Hero

William Vs Jeff Character Traits Ideal Man Masculinity

Conclusion: There are none. Be Your Own Hero.


As if people don’t have enough reason to commit suicide let alone death games and cults

Note: This has nothing to do with suicide in general, euthanasia or Russia. It’s about brain washing, mind control and power.

Postman behind online game where teenagers are made to kill themselves is arrested in Russia

  • Postman Ilya Sidorov confessed to seeking to coax members to kill themselves
  • Believed to be as many as 32 mainly underprivileged schoolchildren in his group
  • One girl completed a succession of ‘tasks’ set for her by the menacing postmanĀ 
  • Similar ‘Blue Whale’ groups have provoked fear among parents and teachers


The man allegedly behind a new teenage online death group, similar to the ‘Blue Whale’ game, has been detained in Russia.

Postman Ilya Sidorov, 26, confessed to seeking to coax its members – believed to be as many as 32 mainly underprivileged schoolchildren – to commit suicide.

The sobbing Moscow resident told state investigators he developed an elaborate online game involving 50 tasks which culminated in the teenagers killing themselves.

He broke down as he was interrogated on his role in demanding that a schoolgirl should ‘jump under a metro train at a certain station’.

Sidorov was asked in a shocking video questioning: ‘What was the final task? How does the game end?’

He replied: ‘To commit suicide.’

Similar ‘Blue Whale’ groups have provoked acute fear among parents and teachers in Russia amid claims they have led to dozens of teenage suicides.

There have also been warnings in the UK and other Western countries that these online death groups – playing mind games with vulnerable teenagers – are spreading from Russia.

Another suicide game ‘administrator’ Philipp Budeikin, 21, is being held by the Russians on charges of inciting at least 16 schoolgirls to kill themselves by taking part in his social media ‘Blue Whale’ game.

Postman Ilya Sidorov, 26, confessed to seeking to coax its members – believed to be as many as 32 mainly underprivileged schoolchildren – to commit suicide

The sobbing Moscow resident told state investigators he developed an elaborate online game involving 50 tasks which culminated in the teenagers killing themselves

He is detained pending investigations until August.

Reports say Sidorov – described as a ‘humble postman’ was held on a rooftop in Moscow before police took him to Chelyabinsk region in the Urals, where he is accused of encouraging a 13 year old girl from the village of Yetkul to kill herself.

The girl completed a succession of ‘tasks’ set for her by the menacing postman.

These included drawing a blue whale on her arm, to cutting herself.

‘In May this year a 14-year-old girl from Chelyabinsk region was taken to hospital with slash wounds after attempting to commit suicide,’ said Russian Interior Ministry spokeswoman Colonel Irina Volk.

‘The underage girl was a member of a so-called death group in a social network.

‘She was completing a task assigned by administrator of the group.’

She said of Sidorov: ‘Five mobile phones, a tablet, and several SIM-cards were confiscated during the search.

‘The suspect clarified that he is the administrator of a so-called suicide group that had 32 members, all of them underage.

‘He assigned them tasks aimed at inuring themselves in order to incite suicide. The suspect has been detained and taken to Chelyabinsk.

‘Currently, the police continue search and investigation activity aimed at establishing additional cases of illegal activity of the detained.’

Other alleged cases involving Sidorov are being actively probed.

Tatiana Bespalova, acting head of the school attended by the 14 year old girl, said she ‘felt unwell’ in her class during a maths. She was rushed to hospital, and police were called.

They discovered that she was involved in the death group on a social network. She spent nights online, became secretive, tired, and became annoyed easily.

Her chats with Sidorov, who was nicknamed Ilya Spartak, were monitored by police after the girl’s foster mother Iraida Ryzhenkova reported him to police.

‘As far as I understood it, this was supposed to be the last day or her life,’ said the foster mother. Reports say he ‘fully admitted’ his guilt and faces up to five years in jail. The girl, who was not named, remains in hospital.

It is unclear if there is any connection between Sidorov and Budeikin.

Rosstat national statistics agency published data that 22,839 people committed suicide in 2016, down from 24,982 in 2015, without differentiating age groups.

The latest figure has more than halved from 2005 when there were 45,800 suicides.

What is the ‘Blue Whale’ suicide ?

The lethal game called ‘Blue Whale’ involves brainwashing vulnerable teenagers over a period of 50 days, urging them to complete tasks from watching horror movies to waking at strange hours, and self harming.

Eventually exhausted and confused, they are told to commit suicide.

In Britain, a school in Essex had made parents aware of the game following talks with police.

Police forces in Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire have urged parents to monitor their child’s social media.

Philipp Budeikin, 21, is the Russian man behind the sick Blue Whale ‘suicide game’ aimed at children

After Philipp Budeikin – who called his victims ‘biological waste’ – was detained, he received dozens of love letters from teenage girls at notorious Kresty jail in St Petersburg,

Two school girls Yulia Konstantinova, 15, and Veronika Volkova, 16, fell to their deaths in February this after it is believed they were involved in a ‘Blue Whale’ group.

Angelina Davydova, aged only 12, fell to her death from the 14th floor of a block in central Russia on Christmas Day 2015 after logging onto a user group called ‘Wake Me Up at 4.20’ which had more than a quarter of a million subscribers before it was blocked.

Diana Kuznetsova, 16, died after jumping from a nine storey building

Angelina Davydova, 12, fell to her death from the 14th floor of a block after taking part in Budeikin’s ‘Blue Whale’ game

In the weeks before she died, the girl became convinced she was overweight and ate only light salads. She died 50 days after joining the group.

Diana Kuznetsova, 16, died after jumping from a nine storey building in Ryazan.

Anna K, from Karsun, was found hanged to death in March after becoming obsessed with the sinister ‘Blue Whale’ game.

In December, Vilena Piven, 15, jumped from the 13th floor in Mariupol, Ukraine and died on the spot.

Vilena Piven, 15, jumped from the 13th floor in Mariupol

Anna K, from Karsun, was found hanged to death after taking part in Budeikin’s ‘Blue Whale’ game

Her classmates said that she was shy and had been seen as school with cuts on her arms.

She posted the view from the top floor of the building on her social network page and wrote: ‘The quest is over. There’s just one step to be made.’

Later she wrote: ‘I did not think that it would be so scary to jump. Just one step forward and everything is done. But this very step is so difficult to make.’

Before the jump, she wrote: ‘I’m scared, I’m afraid.’ Despite this, she jumped.

If you have any questions or concerns about suicide, visit the Samaritans website or call: 116 123


I really hate it when victimizers cry, beg and plead in the end as if they have a right to feel sorry for themselves and for sympathy and ultimately for mercy. It’s like praying on your deathbed after a lifetime of cursing the thing you’re now praying to. No one heard the sobs or saw the tears of their victims. Perpetrators like these like their vulnerable to suffer in silence and alone whilst being dependent in some way on their abuser(s), they seek out those they think will make easy targets and zone in on them with focused harassment/manipulation until the target is suicidal, bordering on being sectioned or arrested; there’s almost no way out for them. Half the time I can’t even believe this happens to people for business and political reasons let alone for fun and cruelty, I’ve never been able to understand how someone can have such pure hatred and venom towards those they don’t know or even those who care for them (even when the feelings are engineered), no reason whatsoever other than the person is there and that is a temptation in itself. Begging to be hurt in the minds of these psychos. There’s nothing real to these people but pain and nothing more so real than their own, which they very much need to face, weaklings and cowards galore is all they are.


Waiting for the papers and then 6am was a long wait – gawd I’m sleep deprived

Snap elections are usually called because those calling it are pretty damned sure of themselves winning, especially amidst of a string of street theatre on a national scale. The ‘war prime minister’ (or president) role usually gets said ‘first among equals’ through a term and cements their place in history. However, the old tactics don’t work anymore.

I got my say in with a few minutes to spare, not even fashionably late but minutes to midnight. And I won. Thank goodness I don’t gamble. I called it exactly.

I don’t appreciate being attacked let alone having my existence ripped apart.

‘I’m late, I’m late, I’m late’ – I’m no Alice, running around headless. And who told May she could wear Red so brazenly. It’s a sacred colour. She’s not The let alone a Red queen (remember the king of Hearts is the only one with a knife in his head). She should’ve stuck to conservative colours but that’s what you get for ushering in Hot Pink/Fuchsia (for her and equivalents like Merkel) at the beginning of her term.

Don’t ever try to be a god, you don’t have what it takes. It’s takes a god to kill a god, and permission for a god to kill a god. He thinks he runs the world, he thinks he’s Mr Big, the no: one on this planet. Oh his time has come and gone. That little so-call Mr Extra Macho Masculine Men of Men and his Snake woman; they should never have gotten out of place to begin with. They should never of been created.