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After kitty was chipped by the people who had her before us, she went through a number of behavioural changes, one that she went from being a typical outdoors cat into a housecat so…


She didn’t like going past these, neither did the little pug dog with the woman behind us (lot’s of pylons & low, loose wiring draped over trees on that footpath too).


Long grass, short grass, it’s all good.


Yeah I get a bit knackered nowadays so have to sit down and kitty is patient enough to wait.


A good roll-a-round is fun.


But Mum & I have to get food so… Lovage is wonderful, it looks and smells like celery, or minty celery when the stalk is broken. They grow upto 6-7ft tall but it’s best to eat them when they’re small and the stalks soft otherwise they get too fibrous. Can still eat the leaves though.

Lovage Plants Foraging

Usually next to nettles, yes we got stung (have to cover hands but still) but these are only small ones so not too bad and the sting stops shortly afterwards in the sunshine but usually there’s some burdock also nearby to soothe (which I didn’t get a pic of, silly(!), though there’s plenty online).

Nettle Plants Foraging

These are of course also edible.

Dandelions Daisies Plants Edible

Came across some bamboo – nice surprise!

Bamboo Plants

Some Primrose – great for food and oil

Primrose Edible

Primrose Edible

Can’t remember the name of these nor their properties grr! (Yes the shadow is mine, I took a pic with the peace sign but it can be mistaken depending on the part of the world so just went with a wave!)


What’s in the heart of this interesting looking tree?

Tree Mushrooms

Oo mushrooms!

Tree Mushrooms

One came to look at me but I think Mum scared it off lol :-s

Horses Field

Mum accidentally scared the deer abit further away :P or I’m just too slow with the camera (yeah it’s the latter – the zoom doesn’t go that far and I don’t use the flash on animals).

Deer Field

So today is Earth Day, a title that represents in a very short space of time the embodiment of existence we all seem to know, so I guess I could open with “nanoo nanoo” Earthlings i.e. all beings apparently alive or otherwise based or just here, and not leaving no matter how much they may wish it ;-).

Anyway, by way of definition:

Earth Day is coordinated by the Earth Day Network, and is celebrated in more than 175 countries every year. April 22 corresponds to spring in the Northern Hemisphere and autumn in the Southern Hemisphere. Numerous communities celebrate Earth Week, an entire week of activities focused on environmental issues. World Environment Day, celebrated on June 5 in a different nation every year, remains the principal United Nations environmental observance. (Wikipedia)

There are a number of auto-ingrained responses some have to the very word Earth (Gaia, Terra Firma, Starship something), for example some of you have already rolled your eyes and thought a number of nasty thoughts.

Some of us think


Then some

and more others are somewhat indifferent to varying degrees.

Currently Earth Day makes me think about Time and Space.

If I had had a time capsule what would I have put in it?

Obviously if I made a time capsule when I was a kid it would be different to one I’d make now?

Or would it?

Then there’s the questions those continue with i.e. would I feel the same way about stuff in them, where would I put the blasted thing etc etc.

I’ll just stick with the first question, the answer being: I don’t know. Sure there’s the obligatory newspaper and I guess a musical recording of some sort but what else? I don’t really have an attachment to ‘things’ or tokens of affection, I’m more into what those things represent – those things I remember, memories are important. Especially when the flood of memories start really late like mine do at around 9 years old, only bits and pieces before that but what I remember I do so in detail. (Why is Mum breathing over my shoulder right now and talking at me in between thoughts making it difficult to remember what I wanted to say…) Probably a bunch of warnings that would end up a weighty tome and maybe a scrawl on a back page of positive messages. That would mean I’d have to know the future in advance and yet a book like that is all I’d really want in hindsight, hmm. But then it’d be somewhat useless reading the warnings after things have happened. So what would I leave myself to help me without really knowing? I guess it’d have to be a four leaf clover to give me good luck! Ha!

For those who take time travel seriously and I don’t’ just mean linear or cyclical i.e. forwards and backwards or being in the same place more than once; there’s those who believe (don’t take the word ‘believe’ in simplified terms, there’s a lot of thought and research behind belief just as there are empty beliefs, many things start off theoretical) in timelines, alternate paradigms or dimensions. Multiple times, places, beings inhabiting the same place yet perhaps not moving at the same speed/time. Some think it’s multiples of ourselves, some think it’s not just us all the time. Do others see the earth differently to the way we do, is it like being ‘colour blind’ and that state being normal, howabout in ultra violet or infra red? What if it’s about more than the lengths of waves of colours, what about the other senses and ones we don’t have? When we look out of telescopes and at satellite images or just at our computer/phone screens we need all that language interpreted for us into imagery that we understand, and hey virtual terminals are becoming pretty common. Do we, does Earth look the same from the outside, as it does for us looking out and then back at ourselves with our tech?

Outside Looking in, Inside Looking Out?

Outside Looking in, Inside Looking Out?

Some people see and/or describe space as a cosmic sea/ocean, plasma like water, ether or dark matter. Are there beings that can breathe under water out there so to speak even if we cannot? Even if we were alone in the universe the way we see ourselves is just one of many ways – and inside the atmosphere we make it more difficult since we seem to be in many places at once under different names & images at different times in various simulations – such is the mass and mess of communications networks. At sporting games and big events it’s not unheard of for hosting nations to use gas/smoke instead of a screen for displays and make sure the area has fine weather. We know those pictures aren’t ‘real’, they’re just images of us and others, like those are not little people in the tv screen, but masses and masses of tiny data sent through the air and put back together again to get a picture that is coherent to us. So with all the phones, radios, tvs, surveillance etc how do we know what we look like from the outside, really? How do we know the image we’re giving off? Our physical existence as we know it is one of many layers going on at the same time as all the other information, which is real – how would you know if you had to filter through it from the outside or without someone/thing telling you i.e. an interface that connects you with other parts of the world or space that you aren’t physically in and that is configured similarly to yours so that you can understand it. There’s quite a bit of trust there.

What Earth really looks like.

So if we’re a ship in space and not all of us are in the same time and with all these images floating about, how do we know the Earth looks generally the same at any given moment? It depends on who is looking, from where and what access/senses and translators/filters they have.

When I look and think of Earth it’s somewhat in retrospect, and sadly, things can’t be undone. Not really.

Don’tcha just hate that? You feel like something but not sure what and then every idea makes you feel more frustrated, the things you have you don’t want and the things you want you can’t get. :roll:

Sometimes at least you know you want something sweet or savoury (yep this post is about food but could easily be about almost anything) but that isn’t necessarily that much more helpful. *Tut*

So my migraine has just finished and I’m after something but I don’t know what = useless drumming of fingernails and further distraction. Migraines are a bit weird, usually if caught at the very beginning a supplement called feverfew can really help, once/if it starts proper upping magnesium intake helps but if you get them periodically and long lasting e.g. with menstruation then it’s like tough luck *ahem*. They’re worse than regular headaches because they feel like or seem like you’re being electro-shocked in part of your brain, it happens every few seconds and not just one pulse at a time, sometimes two or three – gives depth to the phrase ‘head is throbbing’. Sometimes it’s accompanied by acute ear ache and jaw inflammation/ache.

But anyway, it’s tentatively over (though can still feel the soreness) and I’m thinking I want something sweet but I’ve already had some muesli – I got sucked into Dorset Cereal’s competition, no I didn’t win the woodland or £50,000 (or any of the runner up prizes lol) but hey I only bought it because it was on special offer. Seriously have you seen the regular prices, upto £4 for 700g?! The ‘simply nutty’ one I bought does indeed have 11% nuts in it as claimed (yes I counted, no I’m not pedantic like that usually, I removed them to make homemade nut milk to get more out of the purchase and because nut milk is awesome) but still it’s disappointing that the rest is mainly flakes but then again, at least they replaced the usual dried fruit in muesli with dates and the flakes are a variety of types but still… Being a skinflint yet always looking for fair trade and/or higher quality stuff in general it’s still pulling at me, it doesn’t have the quality and quantity unless you eat small servings and don’t mind it not having that many nuts (especially of the kind that not everybody can eat raw – in this case I’m referring to the 5% almonds). Can’t they ease up on the packaging and put more of the product in? They don’t need a box and a plastic inner bag.

It reminds me of Kallo’s rice cakes, I loved them when they first started appearing on mainstream shelves; the brown rice crackers with dark chocolate on top were my fave. That was years ago, then the other day I saw some in a pound-ish shop so you can guess the price which is similar to the original price but now you get less of the product i.e. 6 crackers. Typical. Might as well go to an eatery and pay the price for having something made & served instead of the supposedly cheaper price of off the shelf. But then (again), have you seen the prices of things like muffins in such places, and beverages have always been the most pricey.

So in an umming and ahhing mood like this I just have something in the general category of what I feel like. The worse thing I could do? Have something I don’t really want but settle for and then still hanker for what I really want and likely have it later hence adding to the day’s food or wait even longer until I do have it. This way I’ll at least be satisfied… Hot chocolate here I come! (Sidenote – dark chocolate tends to help with regular headaches and liqourice is great for reducing the need for sweetening plus is a handy healer, but I don’t have choccy during migraines.)

Or actually I’ll just go with some orange juice and up my Vit C. Hey this one’s sweet ;-)


International Moment of Laughter Day

They say laughter is the best medicine, which is probably why there’s also a phrase that says we always have reason to cry afterwards (laughing or smiling). Ok, ok that’s too dour.

The first thing I thought of when I heard of today’s ‘day’ was jokes; now I’m no good at jokes, I told Mum her epidermis was showing the other day but the joke was on me because of course she knew the meaning (even though I said it fast and flippantly). “Where?” to which I could only say “um”. That’s for using a kid’s joke ;-)

I’m better at making others laugh in general conversation, I can’t really make up jokes but hey we’re both big fans of comedy that isn’t trashy or involving pranks. As long as it’s not parody or satire for Mum, she’s so straightforward she doesn’t ‘get’ or appreciate it, which is really a virtue. I like it though, if we’re going to cry for every laugh or more then I’m damned well going to laugh big… Just not maniacally.

For the sake of accuracy, today is also:

Look up at the Sky Day – if you see through the pollution and Blue diffusion ;-)

Reach as High as You Can Day – I’d like to but may end up just standing on tip toe! Otherwise I’d need space transport!

Black Day – this is interesting, I knew about White Day (in conjunction with a different take on Valentines) in some parts of Asia but not Black Day.

Black Day is celebrated on April 14, 2015. Black Day is a South Korean informal tradition for single people to get together and eat jajangmyeon (noodles with black bean sauce); sometimes a white sauce is mixed for those who did not celebrate White Day. The idea is that those who did not give or receive gifts on Valentine’s Day (February 14) or White Day (March 14) can get together and eat jajangmyeon, white Korean noodles with black bean sauce, to celebrate their singledom. (With material from: Wikipedia)

Ex Spouse Day – No way josé.

So in keeping with the spirit of this post here’s a video of a funny show with an apt title and bloody miserable theme song!

Princess Kaguya is an interesting story and one that’s had my attention for a long time; otherwise known as the Tale of the Wood/Bamboocutter, simply Princess Kaguya or the Moon Princess/Princess from the Moon. Fundamentally it’s a story seen in many cultures but this version is said to be first recorded in 10th century Japan and the forerunner of Japanese novels/prose. It’s old lore and so I was very interested to see how Studio Ghibli would portray it, they being the ‘Disney of the East’ somewhat but of a very different style and tone, interestingly enough before they were established as a company one of the founders contracted the team that put together that classic film of beauty The Last Unicorn (1982) to make Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind (1984) and from their track record I knew they wouldn’t do what Disney did to the ever scattered cinders/ash girls stories in their Cinderella (1950), but still.

Note – the film was originally released in 2013, the English dub was released in UK cinemas in March 2015.

Thankfully I can say that even with artistic licence this is the most ‘complete’ version of the story I’ve come across which is very important to me as there are many stories of children born of plants, usually tree stalks or flowers and indeed many are not seen as myth/legend at all but actual events at least in basis though not many in a religious sense. That said there are still ‘people’ treated/held as living idols in places and I would describe them as birds in gilded cages much for the satisfaction of those around them and hierarchy than for their own personal well being and perhaps other world/other dimensional, spiritual or divine connections.


A Young Child

A bamboo cutter finds a tiny fully formed person in a bamboo tree grove, she is luminescent and sleeping. He takes her home to his wife and as strange as it may seem they fight over who gets to look after her, both seeing her a blessing for either one of them rather than both initially. This first point is in itself important; in most similar stories people wish for children (Thumbelina style) or specifically for a god/deity/spirit to come to them in child form as a reward or favour, here it doesn’t make it clear if the woodcutter and/or his wife wished for her and in keeping with the original verse but not usually highlighted – we don’t actually know when she arrived on Earth and the reason(s) why and whether she’s changed form are obscure/speculative.

The Tale of Princess Kaguya

Either way, and without knowing any better in my opinion, the miniature Princess turns into a baby and so both have to raise her (I haven’t seen one story where someone turns into a baby for human parents turning out well, no matter how hard things are/can be amnesia is not a good thing and makes the being vulnerable). The wife is even turned into a ‘mother’ by suddenly lactating (something I’d be be opposed to without the person knowing and consenting – there’s plenty of stories religious or otherwise where people are ‘come upon’/impregnated/possessed by other entities though here there’s no question that the couple wanted her after she’s found). Appropriately for such a ‘gift’ the Princess comes well provided for by the bamboo grove with gold and fine clothing. (Similar to another divinity, Indian this time, for who it was said pots of Gold appeared underneath the house – though along with everything that should have been for her were stolen.)

After this much of the screentime is devoted to her childhood, from her first steps to finding friends. Perhaps due to being in a small village the baby/toddler is of keen local interest to other children who become competition to her father for her attention and both sides try to name her with the father eventually winning out (well, cheated) with ‘Princess’ over the kid’s favourite ‘Little Bamboo’. This part of her life is portrayed as sweet and probably very endearing to parents/new parents, it’s also slow paced and reminded me of Ghibli’s other film My Neighbor Totoro (1988). Princess’ growth is unlike the others as she has spurts and so the other children often marvel at how she’s grown from one moment to the next.

The Tale of Princess Kaguya

The Tale of Princess Kaguya

She knows things that she wasn’t taught in this ‘life’.

The Tale of Princess Kaguya
The Tale of Princess Kaguya
The Tale of Princess Kaguya

The children are portrayed as seemingly innocent but this is the calm before the storm; children are often seen as soon to be adults doing adult things e.g. they are shown hunting and along with her accelerated growth plus the father’s firm belief in what being a Princess means he suddenly tells the mother and Princess that they’re going off to live in the city so she can be raised and cultivated as she should be. This is major deviation from many versions of the story though not necessarily from these types of stories in general i.e. in many it’s enough that she’s a Princess living in the forest/village but in other stories where the/a parent/guardian has decided they want more and interpret signs and messages how they want to, the child is removed from ‘safe’ circumstances and things usually get sinister/abusive. Hence to me this signalled a turning point in the story and indeed it was.

A Young Teen/Lady

They set up shop (a mansion) and she’s given geisha oops I mean etiquette training by a self important female tutor who knows everything about being a Lady and moreso a Lady of Rank, and even moreso than that – what it is to attain the ultimate happiness of such, a successful marriage proposal from people they don’t really know beyond title and what happens after the ceremony doesn’t matter as long as they produce suitably deemed ‘heir’.

Being that females, particularly ‘attractive’ ones (of any race), traditionally are seen and drawn as lighter skinned to their peers ‘goth’ Whiteness is preferred. Also the eyebrows are plucked only to draw them back on;

“but the sweat will run into my eyes!”

Don’t worry noble Ladies/Princesses don’t sweat.

They Blacken the teeth;

“but I won’t be able to open my mouth, smile or laugh!”

Don’t worry noble Ladies/Princesses aren’t generally looked at before marriage, and they don’t smile or have reason to laugh.

The clothing is too tight and restrictive;

“How do I pick something up or move?”

You shuffle, shuffle and shuffle some more. (Thank goodness they weren’t into toe cutting, breast ironing or circumcision. So why go to such lengths? Control and training of submission and conforming to rules, the more nonsensical the acceptance of such shows success in obedience training.)

The story basically goes on that way for a while as she’s taught how to be graceful and play music etc similar to the customs where poor girls are uncomfortably dressed up as dolls annually though richer girls are sculpted into living dolls rather than a friend or family member. The film outlines ceremonies associated with aging in Japan well and when menstruation starts, it becomes a race against time.

The Tale of Princess Kaguya

She’s finally ready to receive a name from an ‘official’ and is named ‘Princess Kaguya’ due to her glowing beauty. During her naming/coming of age ceremony she has a strange prophetic dream sequence and then the interest and proposals start. There’s no mention of how long it took for her to get to menstruation/puberty age but some believe it took a few months.

Marriage, or not.

It’s a bit of a contrasting situation where sure her family have the money and the materialistic status symbols but they don’t have the heritage so lower ‘caste’ men think why shouldn’t they have a ‘legitimate’ interest and shot at her while the ‘nobles’ have heard of her beauty but she’s too low born for them… Until they hear that she came from inside a bamboo. That’s a game changer and means that she has qualities worth trying to get in their gene pool and the man who assessed how fine a lady she is regales five of them in particular with his impression of her refinement so a hairsbreadth away from openly salivating they rush to get to her.

When they meet her they all proclaim she is a magnificent treasure that they would treat like other rare-to-mythological treasures – they speak in such a way that she can’t really comprehend them or if there’s any sincerity so she asks them to prove their claims by finding such legendary objects. They’re astounded at the idea but leave, her governess is infuriated and her father incredulous. How could she possibly ask such a thing especially after she was given such amazingly high honour by their proposals? She should be grateful for their attention and realize the monumental occasion.

The Tale of Princess Kaguya

The marriage meeting is also a major deviation in ‘feel’ in my opinion, it’s much more modern. It’s not that it’s a joint meeting where all the suitors are present which is strange (though not impossible) but it’s the tone in which the Princess’ words are represented. In many stories a Princess in such a situation is seen as ‘cold’, ‘unfeeling’, ‘unloving’ and generally bad for not wanting to get married out of duty and leave her home/family or for perhaps wanting to get married out of love. It’s usually also shown that she’s not getting any younger whereas there’s no age limit on how old a male can be to marry a girl/teen and in keeping with that all of the suitors are older than her, some much older and it’s all very cringeworthy. I felt that there was no blame from the storytellers towards her here.

(Females may not be killed if their husband dies nowadays but there are still places where she’d have to marry his male next of kin even if he has children her age, on the other hand if a wife dies first it depends on whether the man already has a ‘suitable’ heir as to his marriage prospects, if he’s got one he’s not bound by as much restriction to if he didn’t have one but then other places make up for that with having multiple wives as well as lovers of course.)

It takes years (and she doesn’t seem to age much) but no matter the cost the suitors endeavour to pull off their claims by hook or by crook and thankfully they don’t all come back. (Interestingly a point not often highlighted, but each of the treasures are of the five elements in Eastern lore.) However their failure leaves the field open for an even bigger tyrant; the Emperor tries more direct use of obligation aka physical force to get her to become one of his wives. Her fear and shock cause something unexpected to happen and a wish is granted… Her people are coming from the Moon to take her home.

The Tale of Princess Kaguya

I won’t go into the ending even though it’s a well known story but suffice to say both she and her parents aren’t happy at the confirmation that she was only there on borrowed time and ironically her parents act in all the shame, disgrace and ungratefulness that she was accused of.

Another modern touch is that traditionally the Princess is collected by Celestial Maidens and as ambiguous as South East and Indo-Chinese Asian art can be at times, not all of the entourage look female but there’s also the point of ‘original’ sex and gender (pre-dating humans as we think of ourselves) of Asian and other divinities.


Her ‘parents’ go from being parental/guardians/protectors to her keepers and it’s all about status to societal standards; airs, graces, titles and entitlement of such over purity, freedom and trust. Her ‘father’ is the main driving force behind this and the ‘mother’ is shown as caring and there for Kaguya but she goes along with it all and doesn’t stand up for Kaguya or respect her wishes over her life/person. They argue that they only want what’s best but they already have what is ‘best’, what is sought after and above Earthly standards.

Kaguya is faced with many parallels with how people/creatures are seen; from country ‘hicks’ to ‘grasping’ city folk, rich and poor, customs and expectations such as the use of prostration, the feeling of freedom and wilderness to cultivation and orchestration and the more she sees the more isolated and scared she feels. She and we the audience see her old friends again and it’s very upsetting.

There’s almost romance with one of her old friends but there’s no time for it and it seems he already has a wife and child; when it comes down to it they are too different and are on separate paths. (Plus a question would be: has/does her accelerated growth stop and just because she’s physically aged doesn’t mean the mind has caught up.) Ghibli could of easily made it into a love story (sometimes happens in versions of this type of story) where she runs away with a lover and is later separated or ‘lives happily ever after’ with him (or not). I’m glad Ghibli didn’t take it there and significantly they show her falling into the water after being with him and her time with him is/like a dream.

The Tale of Princess Kaguya

It’s very easy to see all ‘divinities’ as parasitic or to blame for many things but this one reminds me of the narratives/accounts that show such personages being taken advantage of and where the people around them get a bit of power and treat them as livestock rather than sharing pure relationship. This story is one of the more ‘tame’ ones where the protagonist manages to hold out and is rescued though in this case she wasn’t old enough or hadn’t had the time to digest and realize her being taken back home was actually a rescue because she was still dependent on her keepers. There are other stories where the divinity is enslaved, raped by parents, prostituted, married off, used as breeding stock for their properties, black magic done to them, impoverished/destitute, try to escape and followed or dragged back and basically anything bad that can be done to them is. The Tale of Princess Kaguya nor the Japanese story it’s based on goes that far so has a ‘U’ film rating but it’s on its way there, such a situation can easily go that way but heck it wouldn’t be a family film.

The Tale of Princess Kaguya
The Tale of Princess Kaguya


The art is old fashioned and might seem dated particularly if compared to modern animation styles; but it’s water colour, ink and charcoal look grow on you. They certainly don’t lose out against crisp, bright, colourful films when it comes to portraying movement and emotion – everything moves with the spirit of each scene from playful to panicked.

As expected of Ghibli the dub is very well done, the parts are convincingly voiced and I actually preferred the dub to the sub-titles which is rare for me. There are some songs/snippets of in here but no big musical numbers – they’re all very gentle.

I didn’t notice the score so much as it was gentle as well but really came to the fore in action scenes and was suitably heart pulsing but when in the country the natural background sounds e.g. of insects was welcome and realistic.


I’d say this film describes the story as well as was possible – it’s emotional, moving and aside from a few references doesn’t need to/use or hide things in symbolism and isn’t surreal. The telling is straightforward and one that tells someone like me who places it in a comparative perspective ‘don’t forget’. To any innocent divinities out there; if you’re thinking of being incarnated here don’t, on the whole/in the long run it ain’t worth it. There’s only one thing I think Ghibli could have changed with artistic license and that’s the use of the cloak at the end, personally I’d scrap it.


There are many adaptations of and references to the story from shadow puppetry to Hello Kitty but a few apt ones are:

Claire 2001Claire (2001) – A new yet old version of this story; a male couple find the Princess in an ear of corn and then follows the story of the Moon Princess. It was filmed in Black & White and has no sound but was still very watchable.

Brave 2012Brave (2012) – Disney, does it need other introduction? :-) A ‘wild’ Princess fighting for her freedom and also has interesting cultural themes involved though overshadowed.



Ayashi no Ceres 2000Ayashi no Ceres (2000) – Adult anime series – A Celestial Maiden bathes in a stream and was prevented from leaving and abused. The story continues from her descendants.

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A Tree of Palme is an animated film originally intended to be a series and took seven years to finish, it premiered at the Berlin Film Festival in 2002 before being released in 2003. It was written and directed by Takashi Nakamura, one of the forces behind Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind (1984) […]

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Hikaru No Go – translated simply means Hikaru’s Go, so this anime is all about a boy called Hikaru and it’s his go. His go at what? An ancient game called Go, nice pun eh ;-) Hikaru is a somewhat brash, argumentative young boy who has been thrust into the glorious world of Go, a […]


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