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What’s in a Name?

So it’s taken practically 33 years but I’ve finally found the meaning of my name *tch*.

I was always the odd one out, Mum’s name is the ultimate creator mother god Lalit[h]a and my sister’s name means goddess and I was ‘Dolly’. Hmmmmmm. We all know the modern connotations of that and I in particular don’t appreciate all the popular burlesque nicknames. ‘Dolly’ along with being petite, cute, clever and independently minded is an easy name to get picked on for in school. It was only in adulthood that I learned to appreciate it and realized other adults liked it too not just old geezers greeting me singing ‘Hello Dolly’. Actually, it wasn’t just old and now that I’m 32 older men greeting me with that. One time I went to Camden Indoor Market (pre-the controversial fire and massive tardis renovation, when the indoor marker was that building next to the Locke market), stood at the entrance to the ground floor book section and said (in my mind) “the book that is for me, come to me” because I didn’t have time to look through them all. The first book that I picked up and opened at a random page had ‘Hello Dolly’ (again the film) written in it.

Anyway, Dolly comes from the ‘Dor’ pre-fix, it’s most easily referenced meaning is the Greek ‘Gift/Vision of God’ and over the years people near me have made inferences to Dorothy and the Oz stories. However, Mum told me it meant ‘flower’ in Indian but we could never find it let alone the type of flower *tch*. But thanks to Indo-European research I found that in Sanskrit it means ‘truth’ and ‘tree’ under ‘dori’ (which is great since parrots have a hard time pronouncing the ‘l’s using ‘r’s instead and strangely enough Mum used to buy me the ‘Dorrie the Little Witch’ books). So ‘truth tree’ is me :-). I would like to say that explains why Mum loves apples and why they seem be dropped on me (seriously) but Mum has to be contrary as usual because she only likes bitter, green apples and its red apples that seem to land on me. But overall I like being thought of as dependable guardian giver/seeker of knowledge (who has an abundance of flora and fauna :-D ). Happy day. (If I could axe the surname, be known as a first name only… The middle name is shared by all the females and means princess, it’s a cultural thing.)

Now Mum’s calling me ‘tree hugger’. Hey I’m not the hugger, I’m the tree. So there. Respect. (I like hugs from certain pre-approved people only, even though some try to build habitats in my hair, groom my face by climbing on it with talons, shout in my ears and try to eat from my mouth.) That said Mum used to like a circle of trees that looked like women…

Tree woman

Pic credit – http://www.ultraforgeminiatures.com/?page_id=60 Apparantly one of the tree people collection – the wrath of mother nature herself!

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Mad Hatter Day? Seriously? Yeah apparently. Ok, fine – light hearted post time and one in which I can poke fun at myself. Drag out the old photos and generally think “Ay caramba! What did I used to look like?” then look at oneself (ok imagine, looking is too painful) in the mirror and think […]

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So Mum had the idea of clocks and I thought great idea, I’ve been wanting to do something steampunk so let’s have a go.


After the complex ones above I thought I’m taking a break; my elbows, wrists and back are killing me from this ridiculously tight sitting space/position and I hate staring at the screen measuring and counting every millimeter, converting into cm and inches, re-checking the millimeters and using multiple grids/rulers to do so. I’m doing something simple! So I ended up with randomly placed moons and stars but then Mum came along and goes something like “Is that it? It look so childish, fix it! No here, move it you’re useless let me have a go” and started doing what she usually does which is draw messily all over my work (which I’ve learned to quickly create new layers for and save my previous ones and if she’ll let me new images altogether) but she showed me that even more random was better and so I finished it off (hey she’s the genius, the tedious, ongoing, laborious bits are my designated area).



I came up with one flower and one was all it took. It was weird, it usually takes upto a day to make one design after figuring out what to do in the first place. Drawing all the ‘bits’ from scratch takes an age (painful elbows from leaning on the table to prove it.) People not into graphic design don’t realize that if you’re not using stock images and altering them then making your own is a real mission. Every line has to be smooth, no colour bleed, each shape accurate, in place, every layer of blending, shading, layers upon layers of light and dark and sometimes they have to be scalable! So it was a real surprise to Mum when she left the room for less than 5min, came back and I’d made this flower out of two previously made shapes. That helped obviously since I didn’t have to re-shade and make them 3d-ish again but still I’d started out without even knowing what I was going to draw. She’d played around with the basic shapes for a while but hadn’t come up with anything before she’d left.


Border Prints (the really busy one was Mum’s ultimate bouquet idea).







Now I love pinstripes as much as the next person but as you can see from the July Prints post onwards I decided to change things up a bit and be unique, I hadn’t seen spaced stripes with spaces and/or in between or overlapping details on clothing. I’ve lived in London most of my life and I’ve seen a lot but not those so I went for it en masse. The only similarities I’ve seen are really wide strips on period furniture which are great but people aren’t shaped like walls, lampshades or couches – though some leave indentations on them after long use!

Originals, though I changed them a little bit for use.



Then of course I figured snowflakes are amazing works of nature where each is different, but easier to use one from my own imagination.



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