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I finally part watched/part listened to the adaptation of ‘Around the World in Eighty Days’ (2004) with Jackie Chan (I still prefer ‘Around the World with Willy Fog’ – 1983 Japanese/Spanish cartoon successor to ‘Dogtanian and the Three Muskehounds’ – 1981), whilst reading ‘The Earth Turned Upside Down’ (published 1889), it’d be easier if Jules Verne hadn’t been so ahead of his time, so well written and reminds me that in written format people prefer the details because that way they can skim over the bits they don’t want and imagine the rest, and prefer the drama on the screen whilst perhaps light on the facts. The book is brilliant; a critique and wonderment at the same time, scathing and yet so delicately done. It tells of man’s audacity to own and use everything, of people vs people, of vanity in the media and diplomacy and its effects on the public all with a distinct vein of humour. As someone who is able to laugh at myself and able to laugh at others laughing at me, I can appreciate that. It reminds of me Saki (1870-1915) though he was apt at making jabs at other people even if they were of his class. Verne wrote ‘The Earth Turned Upside Down’ so well that it’s almost like he didn’t know how the story would end so he simply circumvented the plot and made it into a joke, but the ‘what if’ remains if you didn’t skim the false technical lingo, if he really knew what he was talking about he hid it in implication which was understandable, people still believe Newton discovered gravity by an often depicted Red apple falling/being given to him like Eve in Eden. (He studied the ‘occult’; Alchemy, Freemasonry, Sacred Geometry and some of his ‘alternative science’ writings were conveniently destroyed in a laboratory fire. Remember many of the ‘fathers’ of the sciences were masons and many religious.) Over 100 years after Verne’s book people are trying to find out about the types of poleshift we’re going through, what’s causing the magnetic one, the movement of the crustal one and then the possibility of the other one, the effects of the Nibiru system, fracking and the booms/metallic sounds people keep hearing, weather modification, changes to the gulf stream and Earth cooling.

On being jaded

I understand a lot of people are put off by the most grasping and envious personalities, the ones that cling the longest and take the most enjoyment in it even if you don’t want anything to do with them and can only really shine when the more able personalities have left their pond, lapping up your years of work like they were there. There’s a difference between survivors and people who’ve gotten older, the latter tend to have done so off the backs of the former.

You know the phrase ‘keep calm and carry on’ – that pretty much translates into ‘ignore it, don’t get bothered’ in practice but that’s dismissive and careless; the helpful level of calm is being in complete control of your mind, not just thinking you are. That’s why so many people are scared of kundalini yoga for example and put others off, they talk about ‘activation’ and ‘opening yourself up to entities’. Unsurprisingly it was Mum who told me to do it (whilst she didn’t because beyond being excellent at basketball and a speed walker when she was younger exercise isn’t her thing), and I achieved in 7 weeks what it takes others years to get to because they separate the mind and body of it (like we do in modern marital arts). Our concentration and hence consciousness is already stretched as it is.

I didn’t experience any kind of physical makeover but that’s most likely because I’ve spent most of my life since childhood doing disciplined exercise, thinking hard, learning from older people, trying to get people to be kind to themselves and each other, trying to do so myself; I was prepared. Therefore I don’t know what ‘activation’ or ‘awareness’ is like from kundalini yoga but I do know it can be triggered by other things like trauma, illness, seeing something strange that changes your understanding of life, physical accidents, mind altering substances. I know that I was forced into ‘interesting’ subjects at age 12 and from families with wealth believing their children are god sent and one generation being named in chronological order of the ages/stages of humanity/spiritual conversion/destiny. Except for the wanderer beggar priests/esses I have a sliding scale of respect for the others, diminishing the more the status of ‘Brahmin’ means to those more interested in materialism, part of the reason Buddhism was so successful was because it sheltered the ‘untouchables’. The priest framework is still masonic, obviously, knowledge and ability can only be put in the minds and hands of the trusted and trustworthiness and loyalty proved. They play a big part in people’s lives, even ‘common’ people can have a birth scroll written for them. Destiny, place, honour and respect are very much steeped and I wouldn’t be against that if it weren’t overdone, the opposite in the West and Westernizinfg influence over there. Over here people in general don’t have to earn everything in their lives, even their life, the right to speak, to lift the eyes, head up, don’t owe a debt to parents and ancestors for birth, every bit of food on the plate, though of course over there people can get around duty by using proxies. Ironically both methods turn into false pride – people there have earned their place in society or not (or can’t if the caste/class system is still strong where they live), here we’re allowed to be big mouthed and full of ourselves based on almost nothing other than that we exist – except we too feel the pull of class systems. All these years and we still haven’t really got a balance.

By the time I was 15 I was pushing against the influence of the older but not wiser. When I got into kundalini much later I didn’t have any epiphany. It just made me calm, very calm, able to breathe in multiple ways which was the most important thing and less affected by those who have to bother others, and that bothered them. This is where I see possible risk comes in for full body disciplines that work on your available senses e.g. yoga affects your hearing, sight, breath, nerves and touch via using the vehicle/body, it’s practical and so your body gets stronger, supple, more immune as well as long as you’re devoted to it and not just scheduling it in. Most people do not achieve that, many find even the idea of meditation alien and would need mind altering substances or frenzied states like chanting/dance for the same thing but would likely lack the control since the physical/mental exercises give you practice. If/when a person gets close to focus, trance/meditative states they may find something traumatic happens (if in a situation with hangars on) that would set them back and throw them off kilter, maybe even put them off trying to focus again for years if not life. But that is the nature of having so many conflicting personalities all vying to live and climb above each other via breaking the will of others at the same time. It’s just like people who go on pilgrimages and then stampede when they get there trampling and crushing those they’re supposed to be helping and if you stop and try to help someone and ask others to stop, help or give you room they just look at you blankly if they notice at all.

‘Opening yourself up to’ others via strengthening practice to me means it won’t just be regular people who usually notice you, it’ll be those on your new level and above, that’s why you have to strong beforehand and ready to get stronger afterwards because you’re the new kid on the block and everybody has to throw their weight around, why being strong comes at a price, I haven’t found any easy route but those who latch on to you are looking for an easy ride. Why many abusers are attracted to people who’ve already been abused, easier than breaking new ones in and they can slide into their comfort zone without much hassle, until they get bored and want somebody else. There are more people who aren’t predatory personalities getting stronger but everything takes a long time – we have to ask ourselves where we want to be in the balance of weak to strong and how much you’re willing to lose (and there’s always more to lose even when you think you’ve nothing left) in the possibility of gaining small steps. Are you the kind of person who people feel better for knowing, who feel more confident? The people you like find their circumstances improving, even long standing problems they thought wouldn’t change, they feel happier and those who you don’t like/dislike you benefit too usually through mutual dislike of you with others and the perks that come with that which are important to them?

I agree with trying to get along with each other, trying to understand – remember retro tv shows like ‘Love Thy Neighbour’ (1972-76) – excellent piece of satire almost like the later shows ‘The Real McCoy’ (1991-96), ‘The Word’ (the dates elude me) and ‘Goodness Gracious Me’ (on radio 1996 then on tv) which featured ethnic groups taking a mirror to themselves rather than making frequent comparisons with other groups; they’re not promoting racialist prejudice, they just show us what we’re stereotypically like and how we can appreciate each other better. It’s not for everyone and it’s not always the best method, but when it’s necessary it can be profoundly effective. I don’t agree with unconditional love, as far as I can see people who dislike you want any emotion/rise they can get; famous people survive as long as they get a reaction. If your ‘enemies’ prefer your love/approval/benevolence/association, why? Anger is always put down because people like to see superficial anger in those they dislike as something to laugh at, to catch a person out in, to get them into trouble, others find it unnerving and makes them wary. If/when you find yourselves in situations where others do their best not to let you get angry, and the situations change if/when you do, why? I’m not talking about superficial emotions here that fluctuate, change from moment to mood and drive people. This is self-possessed emotion which is why I can talk about calm, love and anger together when they’re not obviously complimentary (1 seeming neutral and the other 2 passionate or changeable); but remember anger is not hate, you can get angry with those you love and it’s often easy (so something we have to work on) but that doesn’t mean you hate them. It’s the same with love and all your emotions, don’t waste them on those who aren’t worth it. People say being angry is losing control, the same goes for love if you’re just living in it, in the moment (or in love with the romance over the person). There’s justifiable anger, justifiable love, both are something to hold dear.

There’ll be plenty who imitate and those with the audacity to want to be better at being you than you, but under their identity. It’s pathetic even moreso when they dislike you. They’ll put you down for something, then do the same themselves and try to be loved/acclaimed for it. They need you, work on not needing them. Those who dislike you will dislike you more for it. Ignoring them doesn’t make them go away, I’ve never agreed with the ‘ignore them and they’ll go away [and concentrate on someone else]’ mantra of teachers a couple of generations ago and further – but making people admit what they’ve done is a long, hard slog too. Why should they? If they apologize they’d prefer it to be token, private or public in a way that makes them look good and you’re expected to forgive them and move on. Not many want to genuinely be sorry and deserve to be forgiven (if what they’ve done is forgivable), people prefer forgiveness to be an act of compassion/charity and others expect too much before forgiving or tolerating in situations where the upset was disproportionate.

I’m not talking about strength and balancing emotion as if I’m an example, I’m not that strong anymore. That’s life, the people in it and me for being both too strong and not strong enough. But there have always been people who want to be strong, really strong and I’m not going to say it’s all about love and light, and that positive thinking will win; it’s not about good vs evil, and good being destined to win over evil. We’ve lived in a long state in disharmony haven’t we, according to ancient history and geology there’s been at approximately 5 extinction level events, or major planetary upheavals that we remember and we still haven’t changed. It’s about who is stronger, the way we live we make ‘might is right’ but you have to ask yourself what kind of strength you want to win – the type that’s been winning and warring throughout history or something else? And bear in mind that being too loving may have been what got us in this predicament to start with.

Just for a bit of levity – imagine a traditional hot spring, you’re nice and relaxed and then you turn around and see other animals bathing including ones that are as strong or stronger than you and you think ‘oh o_o okay…’ lol it’s not a problem but just don’t expect to be alone or with only those that are just like you. They’re not like those who’re there just because you are, they’re there doing their own thing and that’s ok, there’s nothing to be afraid of or worry about as long as you don’t provoke each other and they can better sense your emotions anyway no matter what poker face you have. The spring wasn’t meant for anyone to monopolize. It’s the hangars on that live off you and that you perhaps live off that causes the friction. Ask yourself do they need you or do you need them, and if you don’t need them do they hang on to you even more?

As far as I’m concerned the weak already inherited/took the Earth, it was done and we continue it through pack mentality and pyramid scheme – hey it works and when there’s discontent and unrest you just shuffle round the public figures and change the names of the heroes and enemies – I prefer to be both independent and sociable, neither servant or master. In the structure of varying levels of weakness/strength the strong that put up with the weaker/less strong yapping, deriding, having a go etc because it makes the lesser ones feel better about themselves and if the stronger came down on them it’d make them feel bad. I realize that applies to me in comparison to those stronger than myself too, if only much more of us put a lot of effort into trying not to make existence into one big feeding exercise though (e.g. ‘you’ feeding off the stronger, the weaker feeding off you vs ‘you’ feeding off the weaker, the stronger feeding off you), consistently evaluating and trying to improve, being conscientious.

On symbolism

I’ve written quite a bit on symbolism, it’s a tool, a lingua franca so changes; both pictograms and written language have levels of meaning e.g. phonetic, concept and slang, the further back you go the more context you need and etymology becomes even more important. Many words and symbols have multiple meanings.

That said some vehicles of symbolism are not even a messenger, the symbolism is the message e.g. the children’s film ‘Mickey Matson and the Copperhead Treasure’ (2012), one big ball of symbolism playing both sides for US patriotism, confederates vs the yanks, they even get the children to swear an oath of allegiance. Ironically if this was a film of a different nation with a different national religion it probably wouldn’t be seen positively.

Japan has and still is the best at revealing and exploring information; history, the feelings, thoughts, technology, the effects of life, possible situations, desire, dreams and destiny despite many people immediately associating it with ‘childish’ battles/card games, teenage ecchi and adult hentai.

‘No. 6’ (anime version 2011) tells a partially twisted version of the story where all other stories come from, to the point and stays there but you have to know what you’re looking at otherwise it seems formulaic, lacking in depth, cliche, unsophisticated though the artwork is good – quite the sleight of hand to make the important seem unimportant, hiding in plain sight so people don’t even, making it mediocre. (For the more modern audience a better symbolic telling of the rat, human psyche and our place in life would be ‘From the New World’ – anime version 2012-13.) I know the older stories to an extent but people’s plans show through their chosen endings and many anime endings are twisted, to the point where I can’t even be bothered to watch them anymore. In regards to the use of the Mother Goddess; in some stories she is missing/taken/dies and replaced by a false mother, in others she returns in some form or another, in ‘No. 6’ she is forcibly returned and sacrificed so the children of the Earth can continue, again.

I just want to say thank you to the person who showed Mum an image they made of me carrying her and others so not to be too hard on me, I don’t often and don’t think I should appreciate those who use their skills to intrude, but once in a while there’s something. Don’t worry I’m a softie:-) but I won’t be relinquishing anything.

On levels

For those who see things in levels; doors, windows, barriers, bridges, slopes, stairs, balconies, fences, gates, floors etc that is the inside and outside and layers of each. Traditionally people think of three levels; the gate/outer wall, the inner and the temple/house/city whatever imagery. When I visited an exhibition at the Grand Lodge on Great Queen Street (even though I’ve gotten on with people I’ve met in Masonic lodge libraries/museums I only try to visit once because I’d rather not be there) afterwards a man who seemed quite nice wanted to know who I was, the thing is he was outside of the gate and I slipped through easily. He was a member, I’m not but it doesn’t work like that – just because you put boundaries on a place doesn’t mean the ‘property’ agrees with them so even outsiders can be inside and insiders out, just like making/extending an Eruv. All sorts can pass through/exist there even if you’ve marked it for your travel/residence.

There are more than 3 levels to that virtual game (not the existential physical game), most people will not make it through 1 in their lifetime. I can get through 4 without thinking about it, 5 I notice, 6 a bit more and getting tired nowadays, 7 & 8 I don’t get to much and beyond only a handful of times and practically impossible in the last 10 years since fortifying has improved. If you’re not getting to 5+ regularly you might as well be a nothing, you don’t count and have to rely on those more able. If you want to better the game for everybody you need to be making it to levels 6-8. Like all virtual and augmented reality it’s absolutely not for those with any physical health issue. If being transitional and visualizing are not your thing changing the situation and bending the rules of assumed physics that you’re used to is better, it’s malleable, any little thing can look like something else, it’s just how you recognize it. I can’t say how to, I don’t know, but you’ll likely fail far more often than not.

Better not to play really, especially if you see things in more than levels – e.g. in duplicates, triples, quadruples etc that copies. Ever been so wry that your dreams/daydreams could have ending credits/logos and theme music? Probably why so many in the film industry can switchover and in between public and private films, and why video games are so intense.

Some interesting dates for today:

Cinco de Mayo
Europe Day
Kodomo no Hi
Liberation Day in Netherlands
Martyrs’ Day in Albania
National Day of Prayer
National Day of Reason
National Hoagie Day
Ascension of Jesus
Leilat al-Meiraj
Feast of Saint George – Interestingly enough both Christians and Muslims see Saint George as the curer of madness (perhaps an underlying theme for the controversial Red Cross organization).

A lot of war, religion and politics there; a lot of suffering.

Like I’ve said before I’m not religious, I don’t believe in God(s) even if I knew about it/them I don’t have faith and to some that’s my problem but whilst I don’t like many of the beliefs I’ve never begrudged people having belief. There are many people who without them would have nothing, nothing to hold on to; horrible pasts, sh*tty present and no nice foreseeable future. They need something/someone to believe in, to make life worth living, to get through the days. I don’t think it’s alright to take advantage of them and everybody should be educated in the history of their beliefs imo but at the same time one of the few Ghandi’s phrases that I agree with is ‘there are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread’. It’s not that easy to mock when you know that.

Silly news of the day in retrospective

So I’ve just read about the reactions of parents to Channel 5 showing ‘Watership Down’ (1978) on Easter Sunday, I don’t see anything wrong with the decision to show it. It’s an important story and at least it’s closer to the book than Animals of Farthing Wood (series 1992-95) and Animal Farm (cartoon 1954) though the message for all such stories is the same, just used by different people hence the conflict.

I don’t agree with scaring or scarring let alone parents/guardians who cause phobias and complexes in children by remarks, stories, jabs, insults but the point of metaphors and similes is to purvey meaning and maybe truth (the problem is some people’s allegories are just cruel, and not in the ‘truth is cruel’ way but just told for the sake of being cruel); pretending to sanitize the world won’t make it less of a jungle, hiding those who are beastly by behaviour whilst simultaneously seeing danger lurking in every shadow.

Perhaps they would have preferred the largely altered ‘Water Babies’ (1978) instead and none of the Disney films that show traumatizing events too (I’m not a fan of Disney but obviously a lot of their films are ‘high’ caliber, they have the experience for it and that’s not necessarily praiseworthy) but again the message is the same since we as people have hardly changed, our lifestyles have not our personalities.

Now this is a ‘children’s’ story that may have hurt deep, not for the fainthearted.

Ringing Bell (1978)

This book used to be available on: http://www.religiousworlds.com/mandalam/index.html, UK site: http://www.hubcom.com/tantric, and the North American Mirror Site http://www.clas.ufl.edu/users/gthursby/tantra/ but those sites are no longer available.

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I’ll just note that Varahi is not male, Varahi is a mother goddess, not Varaha considered avatar of Vishnu.


Cinema is big business in China. Overall box office there racked up US $4.8 billion in 2014. That may be less than half of North America’s overall box office of US $10.35 billion during the same period, but still represented a rise of 36 percent from 2013. In North America, the numbers showed a 5 percent decline.

Among all the reasons behind the changes, ticket prices and viewing habits are quoted as two of the most significant. An average ticket costs RMB35 or US $5.6 in China, compared to US $10 in the US. An absolute majority of the cinema-goers in China are young people below 35, who reckon the activity as part of a nice day out. For those in the US, watching a film can take place at home whenever one wants via online providers such as Netflix.
Venture in the Void

There is also something quite remarkable about the top ten highest-grossing films in China last year. Five of them were US productions. “Transformers: Age of Extinction” came first by earning more than US $300 million. The runner-up, a home-made romcom, fell short by more than US $100 million. The other US films on the list were namely “Interstellar”, “X-Men: Days of Future Past”, “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” and “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes”. The one thing they have in common, besides the “Made in America” label, is plain to see: they are all sci-fi.

Indeed, for all the domestic cinema successes in China, that is one major element missing. Sci-fi and fantasy is a genre that Chinese fans cannot get enough of, but so far the country has yet to generate a credible offering. But that is about to change in 2015 with the release of “10,000 Years Later”, an animation about the dystopian world in 10 millennia from now.

The film has been seven years in the making, according to its official press release. It is described as a showcase of the “aesthetics of violence”, and therefore, is saddled with an adult-only certificate barring audience under 18. Just how effective the ban is remains to be seen, but the story itself is hardly X-rated.

It centers on a little girl from a Tibetan tribe. The world has become a desolate place after it lumbers on another 10,000 years. A dark force is growing to threaten the very existence of the earth. The girl realizes she holds the key to destroying this enemy and embarks on an adventure to save the world.

Sounds innocent enough. The fuss is solely due to images deemed violent and disturbing but are an essential part of the combat between good and evil, and due to the special effects which makes the film sci-fi. Some comments from the ever-discerning Chinese audience on seeing the trailers, however, are not encouraging.

But after all, they are connoisseurs of such US classics as “Transformers” when it comes to state-of-the-art SFX. One can only see for oneself how good or otherwise China’s first brave foray into the genre looks.

The film is scheduled for both domestic and international release this March [2015].

This is a strange film both in animation and storytelling. It was China’s first fully CGI film and it shows. The animation switches from dated to breathtaking constantly, from basic virtual reality/video game characters in both their styling and bulky movement to awesome beings and increased fluidity, contrasted with utterly superb landscapes and architecture. I didn’t find the musical score as noticeable and the sub-titles were enough to make me wary of the dubs which are often worse in my opinion. There’s more battle scenes and overly long to boot than action fans need, they ripped off Lord of the Rings big time plus Yoda from Star Wars and Cheetara from Thundercats made it in there. The characters don’t really get much dialogue, it’s basically one big fight and yet it’s compelling…

10,000 years after the Earth has gone through some kind of catastrophe human, humanoid and non-human tribes have formed, there are multi-cultural areas and wanderers too. A young girl from the Ballad (bard) tribe along with her faithful dog Warrior and blind grandfather travel through all the lands they can accumulating and spreading knowledge and soon that nomadic, well learned yet innocent spirit will come in helpful. A warlord has decided he’s going to acquire the ancient magic and bring back TechCity (the age we had before the catastrophe). Calling our science ancient was understandable given the future setting but it was surprising when the ancient magic spoke and said it was older than the gods, and unfortunately (perhaps the subbing) it seemed to say the period between it giving us fire to much more advanced knowledge was negligible e.g. 10,000 years ago we got both fire and Einstein’s equations. To a being/existence of such advanced age it could be a blink of an eye whilst being lost/forgotten for another 10,000 years felt much longer in comparison… Perhaps.

When the world as we knew it changed we lost all of the gods except two ‘gods of humanity’ left to watch over us. One invisible female whose voice we hear and power is shown through flower petals and a male stone giant; both are exquisitely portrayed but apart until the little girl reaches out to them. The goddess is in another ‘dimension’ and the god stiffened to statue his heart hardened but the girl is able to bridge both space and emotion even without knowing how.

The fights scenes take up most of the film; as well seeing the variety of strange species, the final battle shows that we caged animals, controlled food/veg by DNA, cash was king and even used fire people as cigarettes/lighters; the way in which the girl defeats the warlord is incomprehensible but beautiful.

Due to the violence the film’s age rating in China was 18 but exempting one bloody scene at the beginning it would likely be PG-certified here since it’s not very ‘realistic’ (well, the zebra guy proves to be quite the martial artist). Amidst the battling there are scenes of sadness and hints of humour that did move me but might seem superficial to others. It’s a strange mix of messages; being Chinese it’s not surprising that the warlord wanted to rebuild and spread TechCity in the West (though it was showed as the West of China) but at the same time it was promoting Tibet…

10000 years later chinese cgi animation film

I want to live in Fruit & Veg Land O_O

10000 years later chinese cgi animation film

‘Books were burned, buried. Witnesses killed. Much went into preserving each one.’

10000 years later chinese cgi animation film

‘We have one power left: hope. We live in confined and restricted environments. We can only see knowledge from above, away from the distractions.’

10000 years later chinese cgi animation film

‘Is it really the ancient magic you seek. Look to the oracle’

10000 years later chinese cgi animation film

“I felt your helplessness. Thank you for singing your song in the Western regions'”
…………………. “Me? I’m too small and weak. I won’t be able to do this.”………………………. “The path is already before you. It only takes someone to see the dark clouds, and the light beyond.”

10000 years later chinese cgi animation film

‘I will write history.’

10000 years later chinese cgi animation film

10000 years later chinese cgi animation film

The goddess’ hand/stones of power – the warlord’s minion tells him to take it but he can’t and wants to let it destroy the enemies first instead making it easier to use himself.

10000 years later chinese cgi animation film

The ancient magic, it existed in the minds of many creatures before influencing people.

10000 years later chinese cgi animation film

10000 years later chinese cgi animation film

10000 years later chinese cgi animation film

10000 years later chinese cgi animation film

‘I made them into gods, and they forgot me. Took me for granted. Why should I give power to gods with humanity in them.’

10000 years later chinese cgi animation film

The giant stone god. He feels betrayed and alone, tries to crush the girl and her protectors but feels her heart and decides to protect her too.

10000 years later chinese cgi animation film

They were turned into statues and constellations, the stone god walks above the planetary grid to get to them.

10000 years later chinese cgi animation film

TechCity returns to Earth.

I don’t know which gods the two gods of humanity are supposed to represent from the Tibetan pantheon, if any, they could just represent the general idea of Tibetan Buddhist compassion and mercy. That said the perception of Buddhism has been skewed for… The whole time Eastern vogue spread again last century? A bit like people associating yoga with Sikhism and Western yoga teachers converting to it (especially those who learned kundalini from Yogi Bhajan) when Sikhism is only a few hundred years old and a streamlined form of Hinduism with bits of Islam. Yoga is one of the comprehensive life sciences predating Vedic/modern Hinduism but was incorporated… In regards to Tibet their native beliefs before Hinduism and Buddhism are hard to ascertain (as well as priests being very exclusive), Bon re-emerged with Buddhism and then being in the Himalayas all the areas attached to it hold the mountains as an earth home of the major gods, the area also being sacred to Jainism. Everybody likes to claim Mount Kailash/Kalisa in particular, well they would wouldn’t they. And some forms of Buddhism also shamelessly claiming the Taras are male. By the time Buddhism got to Tibet they already had numerous mother/goddesses but since the Hindu main males (Shiva – female name, Brahma – female name and concept, Vishnu – not female but he’s bisexual and at times turns into a woman, Indra – female name] have put their names over everything e.g. you have Shiv[a] claiming to be Kalachakra and Mahakala and to live in Kailash. If only his name hadn’t been retrospectively stuck on a weather god from Harrapan. It’s no wonder the popularity of the ‘thunderers’ (a mightier version of the ‘roar’) being the heads of the pantheons to follow e.g. Odin, Zeus, Thor, and the God of the old testament.

Whether they represent any of the known gods or not it’s interesting how the film claims the ancient gods died out/went away and so when they’re re-awaken for the fight you see the Tibetan rock god reaching out and working with the Greaco-Roman gods who claimed the last they were here they helped people… In one sense Tibetan Buddhism allows for this because it acknowledges bad enlightened beings or enlightened beings pretending to be bad in order to create moral dilemnas for people and push them to be better/enlightened, they basically admit to playing both sides. Akin to the Greaco-Roman gods playing games with people for entertainment, to alleviate their boredom. In that sense the misuse of the swastika by the Nazis kinds of works since the warlord is compared to Hitler (though worse) but at the same time it doesn’t appear that well thought out, the filmmakers had the Tibetans as the heroes yet forgot the importance of the swastika to them?

After the people and then the gods coming together we’re shown nature and culture joining the fight so we see elementals and figures manifesting from their environs such as water and paintings working together as if to say our whole culture will prevent/defeat TechCity but our culture included and brought about the technological age its highlighting. It’s awkward because we are tool orientated without modern technology but there’s a difference between using tools and needing them to the point of not being able to manage without. The film shows the popularized idea of intricate and dangerous ancient building mechanisms (it would have been more interesting had they shown ancient cultures had batteries, specs for flying machines and temple statues that floated via magnetism) but not why they dislike modern convenience tech e.g we have become dependent on it, weaker and less able in essential skills.

Ultimately it seemed to say don’t worry no matter what we do, over how long, even repeatedly – a Jesus/sacrificial figure[s] will try to help and then a goddess will come, save us and give us another chance. Hmm.

Last week we/the public were inundated with the tail end of the latest episode in the Will & Kate ‘lapping it up, loving our status otherwise we’d be Z-list celebs’ show regarding their Tour of India and then flooded with the results of the buildup for the highest profile birthday on the planet, well one of her birthdays, the mater herself. Then we heard about the deaths of dark mother figure ‘ninth wonder of the world’ Chyna and ganymede Prince (the daughter in modern son form). All the world’s a stage.

I wrote a farewell post for Chyna and since we’ve learned that her death is considered an ‘accidental overdose’ – at least they didn’t say suicide which would have been beyond insulting; that woman knew how to be fit and healthy, an icon of what you can achieve with consistent physical effort, paying close attention to her diet and health, preparing her healthy food business and planning to spend time with her family that she was looking forward to and for some time she hasn’t been afraid to show the world her non-star self. She wasn’t suicidal, although I get the impression she may have known something was ending.

In that post I mentioned the [awesome] tv series Dark Angel (2000-2002) and two of the main characters. There were many great characters in that show, some very likable like Max, of course😛 . Today I thought I’d write a bit about her best friend, Original Cindy. Some of the fist things that come to the modern mind could be Sindy, Barbie, dollies, toys but there’s more to it than that. What we’re talking about here is the Original, Cindy. The original Mother figure always has herself in parts for assistance, close companions, bodyguards etc – something that goes beyond a sidekick, it’s not necessarily an affectionate bond, it’s more solid than that, rock solid, true devotion to another being that is beyond whatever happens between them because ultimately they are/are like one person. A kind of bond that surpasses time and space.

Original Cindy Dark Angel

Original Cindy is Black and a lesbian, she represents the Dark Mother (showing the original feminine here). Max is Brown, hetero but cautious and can’t touch her beau – she is the Daughter; the Dark Mother and Daughter aren’t known for creating, all three parts Mother/Daughter/Dark Mother are warriors so there is crossover but generally the Daughter is the mediator/the link between the Mother and creation and the Dark Mother is the destroyer. In Dark Angel we see Original Cindy’s partner Diamond who poignantly had broken out of prison and unknowingly had been infected with a fatal disease as part of an experiment on prisoners. ‘Daimon’ (looks like Damian or daemon doesn’t it) refers to the spirit in later culture referred to as the holy ghost. Remember that the modern names for the ‘devil’ (that word in itself being a demonization of the Devi i.e. Mother Goddess) include Lucifer and Satan; both of which again don’t really refer to what we consider nowadays. Lucifer for example being the holy light, even the morning/evening star Venus (or lighter matches if you remember the 1830’s). Satan can be seen in differently too – type of djinn, plural not individual but remember that the d/jinn consider themselves smokeless fire, pure, and are an elder race. No wonder really why the the giant diamond in space was called Lucy [in the sky with diamonds] in 2004 after the Beatles [scarab = gem/ornament cut in the form of a beetle] song.

Then there’s original sin. Original sin in the latest installment of the official story is Eve, billed as the original woman but there was a Mother figure before her, billed as Adam’s first wife Lilith. Eve was given awareness, was awoken from a semi-consciousness by eating an apple from a sacred tree (we often see it as red for its own reasons, maybe I’ll fit that in somewhere later). The tree and and the snake are sometimes seen as one, sometimes as two i.e. a snake who just happens to be in a tree but it’s not clear whether the tree (and trees were sacred to root peoples who knew their importance for them, other animals and land/environment) is separate from the snake since the snake also symbolizes renewal/the cycle of life and later the two symbols became the winged staff used in medicine. Either way the snake is similar to the Cheshire Cat in Alice in Wonderland (and like many authors Lewis Carroll put his beliefs into his writing), helped Eve and Eve in turn gifted knowledge to humanity. How shameful. Before that they were living in a garden/micro-environment/lab experiment presided over by ‘God’ and his helper/worker/descendant races, nowadays we only think of them as ‘angels’. Due to her crime Eve and all her daughters/women were forever punished with pregnancy/childbirth/afterbirth (if they survived and lived long enough after year upon year of it from childhood themselves). Also of course the sin of being born of a woman which has to be cleansed via a water ritual as if babies don’t come out of a fluid sac. I’m surprised no one’s thought of using soap in the ceremony. Interestingly it highlights that apparently humans weren’t created/born in the way we think if this is punishment. I would have preferred to come out of a plant or down on a moonbeam personally *ahem*.

Alright let’s take it back further, whilst Adam is the original man of the combination of the elements Eve is the eve – the cusp – as aforementioned Lilith came beforehand and later became known as the mother of monsters due to genetically modified/mixed species children she apparently had, though ‘God’ had the same. What got Lilith demonized and replaced? Wanting equal rights. Predating the Hebrew we associate Lilith with the serpent and the tree which may be why in some artworks the snake is depicted as part woman, the goddess with the intel who wanted to tell Eve the truth.

What is sin? Sin is an old word for the moon; many gods and goddesses have been associated with the moon (same goes for the sun) and we often see crescent moons on goddesses (and the crescent has its own connotations); in terms of the Mesopotamian pantheon the moon deity was male. The moon has become associated with wisdom.

What is Original Cindy? ‘Normal’ (the name of the guy most of the main characters work for as bike messengers/couriers) insults her (he insults everybody, and they’re not exactly the most reliable staff either) when she returns from trying another job maybe she isn’t the ultimate/almighty ‘goddess of the universe’ she thinks she is, but ironically that is part of what she represents, is covering for and helping to help everybody in general. It’s similar to how Max always gets blamed for escaping from Manticore and apparently deserting everybody there making things worse for them plus called a loner who looks out for herself (whilst she looks after everybody around her, helps both when asked and not asked) yet if she hadn’t escaped with her unit, they wouldn’t have been able to return to destroy the place and free the inmates. Max also refers to her cat heritage early on “because it’s the Egyptian goddess Bast, the goddess who comprehends all goddesses, eye of Ra, protector, avenger, destroyer, giver of life who lives forever” when Logan Cale meets her (Cale being 1 part of the triple goddess – the triplicate – the power of 3 – the highest divided form of the Mother – Mother/Daughter/Dark Mother which later became know as Faith, Hope and Charity; things that Logan is trying to accomplish with Eyes Only – Max has special eyes that are unique out of her unit and ‘donated’ from an earlier dead woman).

Original Cindy talks in third person and often in verse, characteristic of the ancient epics. Something she seems to have learned from Diamond, but claims not to. She’s also a fan of Xena: Warrior Princess😛 another dark mother figure and paired with another daughter figure. The original Mother in Dark Angel was a native girl who was captured and raped by three invader males who bred her until they had a child they were satisfied with, they buried her and the dead babies. Their remains were found by Sandeman and he started his genetics experiments, later taken over by the government and he disappeared (remember the old stories of the sandman talk of a creature that forced children to sleep, beat them and sometimes fed them to his own children). The rape of the indigenous girls and women is commonplace in invasions to ensure the conquerors have a ‘valid’ claim on the place via genes. The use of the native girl is similar to the back story of the ‘First’ in slayer lineage Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The First was a local girl three men did ‘black magic’ on possessing her with a shadow demon to make her strong enough to fight demons, to slay them; like the ‘polluted’ Eve in the Gnostic Sophianic story, and as Buffy says “I didn’t come here to get knocked up… You violated her”, Buffy herself being a daughter figure, her mother Joy/ce dies and her sister Dawn is pure energy and not a normal birth.

The First Slayer

Ironically the Breeding Cult in Dark Angel are trying to achieve the same thing as Manticore just via selective and what they consider normal sex, they too discard the ‘breeding partner’/victim after they have a child they’re satisfied with. They’re obsessed with purebreds, how many were inbred? We assume that they didn’t include other animals in their practices though they do use snakes in their initiation rituals and have amazing strength and pain tolerance. They hate the ultimate pure bred produced by Manticore, Max (triple mother, matrix), and try to make her into a villain for the public so that they hate her and don’t realize she could offer hope/knowledge/help.

Max is the daughter figure because it is through the Daughter that creation learns about the Mother, particularly necessary after having been under the spell/dream of the usurper workers who made themselves into God/s and lorded it over creation. Even in the Devi Gita – which is still a patriarchal cradles of civilization version of older narrative – but due to its antiquity is still revealing admits that the ultimate gods/the ruling pantheon/the strongest of the strongest/the firsts etc etc etc were not the creators, they themselves and they cosmos they knew were created by the Mother Goddess/Devi/Vidya/Hrim – the name is not mentioned but ‘Lalita Tripurasundari’ is the ultimate/complete Shakti, the Matrika whose sri yantra contains the other goddesses. Where they put their stamp in was at the introduction of the caste/class system and when there’s been a cataclysm or perhaps ‘demon they couldn’t definitely beat’ they call for Mother, like praying on their deathbed after a lifetime of doing sh*t to everybody, warring with each other and feeling punished by natural disasters.

What you thought there were only the Bhagavad-gita, Mahabharata and Ramayana? Well I can see why – the Devi Gita is rarely talked about and harder to find, even the copiously educated, beautifully intellectual and genteel ladies of mother-god.com hadn’t included it in their articles until Mum told them about it. So here’s a version of it for reference:

Also for reference: the Lalitopakhyana

The problem is that despite the magnificent descriptions we know that patriarchy and the male triad plus Indra took over so unlike the gods/God of later religions the Mother isn’t omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent plus she’s generous and loving to a fault so she’s subject to being tricked, trapped, hurt similar to the rest of us. In that sense we can identify with her much more and probably part of why she was/is so precious to indigenous peoples and even modern people who feel the need for something better than pack mentality to believe in. Something beloved. She’s almost like a bigger version of the Earth Mother, something Earth and Earth’s children can look to. It left a scar on people and their culture when she disappeared/was conquered, I can see why her image has endured in our beliefs even though twisted. We lost more than we bargained for in her demise.

Like James Cameron puts in Avatar where he mixed/twisted narratives but at least we knew the bad side was the bad side i.e. when people desire something that belongs to someone else we make excuses and add to incidents to go to war and justify resource grabbing/genocide. “We killed our Mother” [and look at the state of us]. Signourney the Weaver (Fate/Spinner/Time) has portrayed the Mother/Dark Mother role well both in Avatar (and very interestingly via cloning and dream out of body experience/travel technology in that film – and again there’s an episode in the series Charmed that has the dream technology theme with dark mother figure Prudence playing lead – Shannen Doherty, Shannen representative of goddess Sionen, the flowing water and wisdom – the cosmos is the sea/ocean) and as Elle-n Ripley in the Alien series, the second film ‘this time it’s war’ also written/directed by James Cameron, a series in which the ancient narrative is aptly put.

In Avatar we also see the sacred trees and people with snake like hair which gives them knowledge through telepathy and they live on Pandora (an earlier parallel of Eve). Pandora was the first and complete woman, a great work that then became associated with sin, i.e. knowledge and hope. I’ve never liked hope personally, I’m a cynic and find it extends pain, the same with knowledge so much of it takes a lot of searching for ‘truth’ but then in the long run with enough effort sometimes, just sometimes…:-).

The Hidden Goddess

I’ve just finished reading a book called ‘Freemasonry and the Hidden Goddess’ by William Bond. Mum’s had the book for a few years but for some reason I’ve only just gotten to it. He highlights via the internal masonic artwork (that is artwork by masons for masons), archaeological sites and historical events that Freemasonry is actually a Goddess religion but a religion within a religion. This is true of all the major religions and belief systems in general – the more you advance the more you are privy to e.g. learning a subject in depth in secondary school compared to primary, re-learning the rules in college and re-evaluating the whole subject in university before being allowed to credibly postulate. Meeting fundamental requirements to progress and know more otherwise there’d be no point in a job progression, everyone/thing must have their place. In terms of culture and religion young versions of older beliefs and the oldest belief system that we know of on this planet is the Mother Goddess.

William goes further however to say that whilst Freemasonry is patriarchal (and only recently allowing female members en mass though there had been exceptions and female lodges/orders) it allows its members to practise and learn about any other religion or belief system too, contains very obvious Goddess mysteries and symbolism and that there are/may be or have been members that were knowingly Goddess worshippers. Additionally that they knew they were following Goddess religion hidden in a Father God religion to prevent them from being hunted for example by their old enemies the Roman Catholic Church.

This isn’t a surprise to anyone who has studied prehistoric cultures and root cultures as I call them (prehistoric and early overlapping cultures with the cradles), the cradles of civilization and history since then but I think it was good to go back to my early days of discovering this group and focus on concentrated symbolism like this for a while. Having spent so long looking at the distribution formats e.g. religion, media, governing bodies, orders etc I was having a ‘crisis of faith’ in that I haven’t had any since I started learning about this ‘stuff’ and it was starting to seem like that wasn’t ok anymore. Like many others I’ve always been looking for sense in the contradictions, for the truth regarding changes, if there is any, but I was never convinced I’d found it. I know a bit about the roots and prehistory but I can’t really know let alone enough about those people/their beliefs to believe like they did, knowledge and belief don’t have to go together but they do for me. I don’t have to believe and I’ve not looked for something to believe in specifically but for a while life was making it seem like I should.

Even for those not interested in symbolism or the meaning of symbolism, the artwork alone might be interesting for those into conceptual and surreal art, yet artworks that follow patterns/code. Additionally the information on archaeological cover-ups e.g. closing sites, changing management and sponsorship is informative and William’s questions in general shows more deference (ironically, but hey we can’t say they’re not ingenious) to the effort put in than those masons who just see it as a big social club.

Freemasonry and The Hidden Goddess by William Bond PDF Version
View the book on Scribd

Other titles by this author:
Mermaids, Witches and Amazons
Gospel Of The Goddess
Divine Goddess
The Matriarchal Tao
Matriarchy FAQs

He doesn’t include much metaphysical, emotional and mental symbolism at times, he mentions meditation but doesn’t really go into the exploration of the consciousness and soul, he mostly sees the sexual symbolism and is a bit simplistic about male and female behaviour/characteristics. I can see why to an extent since sexual symbolism tends to be either promoted or suppressed but there are more contexts and where he gets stuck when trying to express something as sexual and finds it doesn’t work mostly then tries to find another way it could be sexual or sexual politics rather than something else. I say mostly because in some cases he’s talking in prophetic terms and I don’t know what to make of those. In the final chapters he talks about the mind but as an active tool for control. His opinion on how Freemasonry has behaved isn’t set, it changes throughout the book and contradicts, like he’s learning whilst explaining, I don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing here because it means he can see exceptions to general trends though at the same time like all of us has his opinions on how people relate to each other. For example he’s against the belief that masons influence society and then gives example after example of how they have through government, religion, science and technology and named powerful, public members. Also he speaks about the contradictions/misuse of ‘masculine’ and ‘feminine’ traits but asserts them himself, basically he sounds confused and I can see why. We can see the evidence of peaceful and sophisticated Mother Goddess societies and civilizations before and at the same time as the cradles of civilization but they were conquered, incorporated, changed and we’ve been at a stagnant, frustrating never ending state of unrest, fighting, misuse of resources, and fear ever since and knowledge of these societies is taboo, restricted, defaced, sites kept closed and destroyed. He states civilizations with male and female or just male gods end up war torn with some rich and many poor people, people and other animals have lost their dignity. There seems no solution or end to it.

So we’ve got all this evidence, what to do with it? I can see that Goddess Consciousness has been emerging in people/the media and it’s good that we’ve been learning about how history is changed and different depending on where you are, it’s ‘written by the winners’. But of course not all goddesses (or anyone) are created equal, many have been created or changed within a patriarchal framework, many characters aren’t even gods anymore they’re demons, saints or amalgamations. I don’t like all of the goddesses I’ve come across just as I don’t like all women just because I’m female. I think it’s important to know about past and original history but in one of the best info spreading methods – the entertainment media – I’m tired of all the hidden (and not so hidden, some films are ridden with seemingly unnecessary symbols all over backgrounds like product placement) info delivered in typical masonic fashion i.e. like a secret language for ‘those in the know to those in the know’ so they can ‘get’ the message if it’s meant for them whilst everybody else just thinks in terms of fails and flops – did it manipulate/move you emotionally enough over what did it mean? I just want these language masters to come out and say what they intended. I think to myself look at how long everything has been waiting, I feel more and more people are wanting a big change for the better though they don’t know and can’t agree on what better is. In my opinion the Mother Goddess left Earth or hasn’t been here in a long time, or isn’t here in the way we think/hope.

I can’t see where to go from here and I think a lot of people feel like that, there’s long been a situation of false hope vs hopelessness i.e. belief in things you can’t change yourself vs apathy or even despair for some. Sure there’s practical solutions in terms of education and application but it would take big lifestyle changes en mass with people caring about so much more than themselves to yield results. I’ve never been into the ‘for our children’ ‘through our children’ ‘the next generation(s)’ mindset, to me each and every generation matters and I’m not interested in saying ‘in the future’ whilst we all continue to suffer in the meanwhile. I don’t want to put off to some tomorrow what I can do now and I want to do it myself not as a parent, I don’t want children in any way, it’s unnatural to me and I never want that to change but obviously I care for their welfare and am certainly not deficient in sympathy and empathy. I’m sad that I can’t envision beneficial change in society in my lifetime but I’m not the kind of person who thinks ‘my child/children will continue my goals’ and I’m not interested in hoping to pass on my characteristics and re-doing the whole thing again through another body so to speak.

William’s thoughts focus on the future a lot to the point of prophesising, he seems to have a lot of certainty. For example whilst our history hasn’t been long enough to tell he talks about matriarchy and patriarchy as cycles one turning into the other through eventual disenchantment, going on and on in seemingly pointless cycles and how he states that women need to be masculine and men feminine to understand each other. I can’t see a coming matriarchal female supremacy age as he does especially since so many females have perpetuated/enabled/actively participated in female suffering but he has a different mindset and much longer view encompassing people forming definite sides, plus uses the terms matriarchy, matrilineal, feminism, egalitarian and supremacist interchangeably with a foresight I don’t have and indeed hindsight but he does include a letter from author Vicki Noble regarding Catalhöyük and in line with local Turkish scholars she believed that site and matriarchal societies lacked warfare but due to the common usage of matriarchal implying just female patriarchy other terms such as matristic or as I posted from Max Dashú (HERE) ‘mother-right’ societies may be more fitting.

Unfortunately reading this book didn’t bring me any closer to an answer in terms of whether I should believe in anything, what and why. Thinking over Mum’s and my lives I know that there a lot of people who love the yo-yo effect they have on others, what I call the ‘push and the pull’, e.g. they like to keep you constantly confused or distracted so that you can’t see their influence yet they always have to be close to you in some way. For example on one job I worked for two departments at the same time and then later a third, early on one of the managers showed me a large tattoo he had of the all seeing eye and the other manager I had tried to be a mother figure to me and a co-worker who started on the same day yet wanted to completely control me whilst the guy she favoured even to the detriment of his other co-worker. She constantly said he and I were like the real children she had and so treated us the same, I was more independently respectful yet in her opinion lacked ambition so apparently needed more control and dominance, he was good at schmoozing so was treasured. The manager wasn’t happy that I was devoted to my Mother over her, I then found she and two other females had formed a physical triangle around me and became my ‘mirrors’ taking nicknames that were versions of my name, my looks, my interests and the she still wasn’t happy that I didn’t feel the need to join in with a ‘king of the castle/hill’, overly sexual, looking down on all I survey mentality of all the managers and their assistants nor a yes’m/sir personality; apparently being hardworking, capable and efficient wasn’t enough. Once in a group conversation about life I said that I couldn’t personally accept the pick’n’mix nature of religions membership where there’s either a strict set of rules governing every part of a person’s day or the opposite – being affiliated just so you ‘belong’ and had met the basic requirement for benefits, I should of known better even though I was quiet and reflective in my comment (the manager & their assistants were always the most boisterous) but she got up and proclaimed for the whole office that she didn’t care about me or what happened to me or what I thought and walked out (it wasn’t unusual for at least one of the three triangle women to have a tantrum). Shortly after she tried to match make me with an older man who had an ancient name I instinctively found repulsive, and then a younger man who was practically called Christ the God. When I finally left she didn’t participate in my leaving meals because I hadn’t asked her if I could leave but still showed gratitude, one of the others in the triangle in charge of the leaving card signing didn’t choose a ‘wish you well/sorry you’re leaving/good luck’ card but a Dorothy Gale surrounded by her ‘friends’ card (you know the story) (which actually is a version of my name) and then she wasn’t in for the goodbye meals, so one didn’t participate and the other ‘couldn’t’. It was a strange place with stranger people, the job I was experienced in was given to a man whose wife had influence, he did nothing but filing because I and another young woman did all the work, everybody had access to the area we worked in except me, I had to knock on the door each time even though I was entitled to access like everybody else. The second job I was going to get there was given to the woman who [later] did the leaving card though she had no experience in it. Her promotion was done by one of my former bosses without the consent of the hiring manager and caused permanent friction between them. The promoted triangle woman had previously worked in the cleaning dept and her successor also decided to move into a totally unrelated job which necessitated a lot of training for both of them, and I was assigned that job to do separate to the teamwork I did, this pleased the wannabe ‘mother figure’ woman who started calling me her ‘cleaning lady’ (I wasn’t doing physical cleaning). After that was sorted the triangle point sitting behind me got up in such a way that she rammed me into my desk, looked past me like I wasn’t there despite her colleagues comments and walked off and was always to try or take anything that was meant for me i.e. from desk cabinets to my chair. Later on an inspection it turned out that when I started work that my ‘mother figure’ manager nor the office administrator or their manager had shown me the induction papers and I was escorted out to read through and sign whilst supervised otherwise I wasn’t allowed back in to where my personal belongings were. I was asked why hadn’t I signed them before but I hadn’t been working there when they were introduced so didn’t know and it was their responsibility to go through it with each new employee, and newer employees names were on the list but not mine. There were lots of stupid things like that, even being told to sign another agreement everybody else had without reading it (though I was still within the deadline), I read it, queried it which seemed to undo its significance because once I queried they had to explain that most of it didn’t actually apply to those signing. However – I was surprised by one person who saw me reading a young adult, superficial alchemical fiction book and said “Are you interested in alchemy?” Before I could answer said he’d give me a book and left. The next day he gave me an encyclopaedia with so many Masonic images in it, printed on glossy paper many in full colour and their orthodox meanings. Prior I hadn’t even realized there was more to Alchemy than Chemistry and modern sterile science, nor that it was a codename for Masonic symbolism and when I left my managers were surprised because they’d been under the impression that I couldn’t/didn’t make ‘friends’ outside of their ‘circle’ but after I announced I was leaving found people from various depts even ones I didn’t work it, unrelated ones and from other sites came to visit or sent me well wishes. I have no issue making friends and getting on with people, I just don’t like being property. I’ve come across too many that love the yo-yo effect they have on others, e.g. we lived in one place, were burgled, were moved to a building on the opposite side of the road, got burgled again even though it was a secure building, secure floor and we were the last residence on the floor so the full length of the corridor away with other residences in between the entrance door and our place by the wall. A similar thing happened later where we moved to the opposite side of the road but the situation stayed the same (getting rags jammed up our drainpipes, neighbours with generators underneath us, stolen property, strange things happening on the 21-22nd of the month etc. Ironically when we were moved, the people who took our last residence started using our identities to buy goods/services and it was the postmen who told us about it (though they weren’t allowed to under their rules – thank you to those postmen) because they knew us and didn’t want to deliver those false letters. Mum was once chased by a person in a flashy Mercedes in that area and almost pushed into a van on another. Long before she was kidnapped by a group once when she was coming back from school, they claimed they were wealthy from the vehicle industry as usual big heads but she managed to call ‘home’ (ha, ‘home’, such a wrong word since it has loving connotations – how would she know was simply between abusers) and told them to call the police, which they did and the police surrounded the place. A generic example that many people can probably relate to is if you’re in a relationship and it’s going well they’ll try to cause issues, if it’s not going well they’ll try to get you back together to sort it out, and it goes back and forth, to and fro until it somehow ends.

When I think about the volume of vicious, vindictive people in Mum’s/My life who control and manipulate via a hidden yet obvious hand reading through this book reinforces to me that I’d be totally fine in a ‘boring’ harmonious, kind existence. Mum gets weird people trying to get weird information from her e.g. a man who came upto to her in a supermarket and started talking, he tried to befriend her and later said that she had lived in a currently famous and disputed temple, that he had been the gardener and that Shiv-Vishnu-Brahm[a]-Indr[a] were her bodyguards and she automatically said “NO, they are my enemies”. Later he admitted that she was right about them being enemies. On another occasion a woman sat next to her on a train and introduced herself as a so-called 33 degree mason and asked how to contact aliens, Mum said she’d heard from online sources that you can see them with night vision glasses and she didn’t know anything else, Mum then asked her about ‘chemtrails’ and pollution/toxifying the planet and the woman looked p*ssed off and said she had no idea about any of that, Mum changed seats to move away from her. Then there was a guru asking her the finer points on ancient gods to self-proclaimed exorcists asking what happens to people when they die! Without even trying or wanting it she’s like a magnet for weirdos, we’ve just lived like everyone else, not stood out and the hounders still pile up (and for some reason like to come & go when we do, sneeze and cough at us). Many years before that I remember finding out that some people in the area we lived in were spreading rumours calling us prostitutes and witches, it turned out people in my school were doing the same and I was so naive, Mum hadn’t told me about menstruation or sex and she’d always been quite religious (well not religious anymore, spiritual instead) and old fashioned so not fodder for such gossip, by the time I got to college I still barely knew anything except the little taught in school whilst everybody else was talking casually about it with terms I didn’t know and my sister is younger, I told her about menstruation but that was it. That said I’m used to groups ganging up on me whereas people are intimidated by Mum and sister although those who try to befriend us or were in our lives at some point aren’t shy about wanting gifts/charity even though it’s obvious we’ve almost always been under the breadline. Mum and I don’t ‘do’ cliques so that shouldn’t be very ‘interesting’ but I guess it doesn’t matter how you behave, people will find or make things to gossip about.

Where we really don’t agree

He describes Siva being a victim and prehistoric and constantly refers to the most popular image of Kali where in his regular phrase ‘she walks all over him’. William should have easily found along with that image is that by that stage she was unconscious and he conscious, he could afford to lie back and enjoy what we think of as masochistic sexuality, he’s actually the winner there. She destroyed the obvious enemies but you can only sustain certain states for so long and when reaching one level in trance state your head automatically goes back and the tongue sticks out (the protruding tongue being her trademark.) By the time she gets to him she’s not conscious at all and doesn’t know what’s going on and he safely looks like the passive non threatening party. Even the non-questioning believers realize that she’s lost control, though it’s explained as ecstasy – but who has sex with an unconscious/unknowing or asleep or confused person?.. Not someone who respects you. It’s like saying to a person ‘you asked for, you wanted it, you begged for it, you came here, it’s your fault’ [smirking about it in his case since it was so easy to sacrifice those he didn’t need – a ruthless person will weaken, trick, outnumber the opponent first before facing them, if they need to face them at all]. With him ushered in the male and consort Shakti triad. The native peoples were conquered. Also the ashes William refers to that some priests wear are from death and purification rituals not about becoming a White person (Shasan Kali is the one that wears ashes, the cemetery Kali, not all the Kalis that make up the whole Kali) though he’s on the right track with the colour and nudity of statues. But as he does find the Black goddess is so important and innate to people worldwide that she had to survive and did, demoted to controlled aspect of a consort. She hasn’t been destroyed but has been long tortured, there are many things worse than death and death on this planet is described as transitional recycling it’s not even an end – it just goes on and on until you’re ‘enlightened’ and surprise surprise, you become something else that is aware of ‘oneness’ rather than dissolving into it. People are obsessed with immortality.

I don’t agree with quite a bit of his interpretation; he acknowledges that Kali is the oldest goddess, indeed oldest deity in the world, how she is or represents our much more ancient culture, predating history and that goddess and matriarchal cultures as he calls them weren’t war like, they were peaceful and yet he states Margaret Thatcher would have been a perfect example of a Kali follower. That was almost the last straw… He contradicts himself because later he calls Thatcher out for being completely ruthless, selfish, anti-feminist and her way can’t and didn’t work and yet he sees some of the stories of Kali as prophecy, so her & in his opinion Thatcher’s way will apparently work and then if/when we achieve the Mother’s way (after the Dark Mother) he then says it can’t work because it’s boring (a so-called 33 degree mason called Shiv[a] actually tried to associate himself with Mum – whom she met at a very poignant, atrocious court trial – pretending to befriend whilst not being friendly really, and stated “it was boring when you were here, we didn’t like happiness, I preferred crime otherwise there was no business’, and on another occasion “why did you come back? [Back from where?] Will you take me to your home?” Mum answered “How?” He didn’t reply, instead he decided “I’m not going to help you [with anything/life in general/nothing at all.” Ha like anyone’s ever helped anyway. It’s amazing how that guy claimed all kinds about himself but told her nothing about her except like her so-called parents used to tell her when she was little that she was married to the male god triad. B*stards. Mum didn’t even know who Kali was her whole life up until a few years ago, when she was little her ‘family’ always used other names, she didn’t even realize that massive statue that scared her was Kali at the time and her ‘family’ made her worship the male triad specifically, yet they had no problem telling me about Kali – although in their twisted ‘wife of Shiv[a]’ version). I can see that many people on this planet find harmony boring but saying Thatcher would make a good example of a Kali follower to me is like saying Hilary Clinton and despicable women like her are what we need, make things better, have our best interests at heart, will wake us up. No thanks. If you don’t know something just say so. When I don’t know something, I say it much to the annoyance of everybody, especially since I don’t do it based on who I dis/like (I’ve upset Mum a lot because she loves Kali and I’m just looking to understand but Mum also has the ‘know thyself’ harmony and strength which I don’t but greatly admire, even if not understanding makes it difficult).

Where we agree to disagree

I’m glad I read it because my own words have really sunk in, I don’t need or want to believe in the same things as people I don’t like/don’t agree with their ‘ethics’, everyone studying our past/present knows that history’s been changed/re-written/coded/hidden and that conflicting truths are kept in our consciousness in one way or another by influential people. I’ve known and learned that a lot of high level influential people really do believe in their own public information machines, the religions they’ve made, the official line in academic subjects, their titles/dress/ritual codes and aren’t deemed (let alone lesser levels) as needing to know about root cultures and prehistory or timelines/calendars so unless they study outside of their lifestyles and find out it’d never occur to them that they’re going along with the bravado circus show as well. There’s a lot of confusion but if some of them really know about and in believe in root cultures and prehistory and have gone to all these efforts to preserve the info and pass it along but in ways they wouldn’t be persecuted for I realize that I can’t reconcile the methods they’ve gone to, chameleon like undercover scenarios being like their ‘enemy’ to survive. They’re not the everyday people who’ve kept their household oral and keepsake traditions alive, there were and are plenty of those in any place where there’s a culture change but the majority of prior belief survivors are those who’ve had the resources, the power and ability to keep it going against other equally or thereabouts powerful, wealthy, resourceful people. Like I’ve always said it’s a [ongoing] struggle for world power and I’ve never had any desire to dominate or control, to own the world or anything, nor have I ever wanted anyone/thing to own/have any claim/right to me, I don’t want to be a part of the ‘game’. I also realize that if it was a fight between real egalitarian people from the old days vs the warlike people who conquered then the former would have died out or wouldn’t be in positions of power to spread their message. The internet has been a ‘game changer’ – obscure information and information available previously only to academics and security has been made available to those who decide to read it amongst the masses of superficial items too (like in any library or shop). But I’ve never believed the ‘end justifies the means’, the ‘means’ makes you who you are, you can reach the same goal by different means and not be anything alike. William says as much too but doesn’t seem as bothered by the power struggle and puts his faith in the ‘type’ of women and male supporters he doesn’t seem to like in order to get to a Mother culture that perhaps he would like.

At the crux

Technically we’re not all masons but in practise anyone from any belief system is masonic, you don’t have to be a paid up member of a lodge or honoured with a title of some sort (that includes professional and academic titles that come with respected influence) let alone higher up the ladder. Being masonic is simply being part of any organisation that has influence in society and using their tools/information/services so I guess we all are to extent, you can’t get away from it, even walking on the road you’ll come across the signs, the names, people, the architecture, there are territorial ownership markings and rules everywhere (and where ownership isn’t obvious conflicting interests manage to ‘share’ the area like the Antarctic. It’s a crime to be a ‘vagrant’, to be homeless, public spaces they’ve deemed as ultimately theirs under prefecture. All the land and water and air, even outer space, there’d be nowhere left with the way people behave. So they’ve made us all masonic in looks at least and a lot in mind. You can’t abstain, abdicate, opt out otherwise you can’t live in society, have anything to do with it because you won’t be allowed to and most of society won’t want anything to do with you, so mutual peace is out because your existence is a threat to society’s paranoid reality – people that have opted out and tried to be self-sustainable get infiltrated and labelled as a cult that are put down military style or tribes that are culled in the name of big business and public need for resources, it’s terrible and moreso given that all the popular, accepted, tolerated systems in societies are cults, just bigger. I would like to abstain, abdicate, not fight, live in peace and harmony, and I don’t see why actually I couldn’t; I’m a well behaved, reliable, loving, trustworthy, caring person but technically I couldn’t because I couldn’t be a member of any society since every society wants your full agreement/cooperation/surveillance or ignorance to participate or have access to anything on the planet, that’s what makes you a good citizen, it’s not about being a good person.

So I just keep getting on with it like everybody does, but I won’t believe and it’s not out of my own ‘free will’ – a concept invented to be compromised. You wouldn’t have to assert it if you weren’t born with it already used on your behalf. It’s contract law and with obvious trade most people aren’t against that. ‘The Law of One’ or the ‘Ra Files’ don’t apply because people are not the original beings that lived like that and Ra or the beings who used that name, those aligned with the ancient Egyptians weren’t like that, even if they claimed they were we’ve seen they were just another empire. Maybe we don’t have to be original beings but we don’t have their abilities and non-harm ethics, and when we don’t have those we’re just living (and not necessarily thinking/fully conscious) tools/weapons. I personally think this planet had more than enough not to need it yet we’ve come to know scarcity and poverty as normal and some people would have spread us even further into non colonised areas of the planet (of which there are plenty) and outer space to manage hence driving out/killing off the other animals who do live there, causing more soil erosion and changing the environments. It’s not like we’d go and live there sustainably, no we want to have the lifestyles that cause pollution and dead zones. We’d import ourselves, the animals, and plants we like/want/need and then do the same thing all over again. We can’t fix anything until we fix ourselves. We do need help but I don’t know who/what from and whilst I haven’t solved the initial conundrum – things are getting clearer.

Sidenote – Jupiter Ascending

Enki is known as a wisdom god (and hence William refers to him as such which made me remember this film), a ‘scientist’ or ‘chief engineer’ and obviously high level and who brings about the freedom of Inanna Queen of Heaven, and that the character Tammuz was her lover. Like with ‘the Passion of the Christ’ (2004) and notably witty casting of Jim Caviezel as Jesus Christ, Jupiter Ascending took that further. The main characters in that film were a mish mesh of names from different cultures, though many had British accents, in overlapping sequence e.g. Channing Tatum as Caine Wise (both the ‘mark of Cane’ and Enki the Wise, a ‘splice’ and a dog one like Joshua the educated avid reader and loner in tv series in Dark Angel, 2000-2002, who also ended up killing his brother). The actress Niki Amuka-Bird as Diomika Tsing or should we say Norse-Indian Demeter Singh played by a Black woman – Demeter being the mother goddess who rescues her daughter from the underworld in a later version of the Inanna story which then became the Ishtar version and then the Persephone version where she’s actually married to the God of the Underworld who by that time is male (Isis was also the Queen of Heaven and Quan/Guan Yin is also related to the story), Tuppence Middleton as Kalique a White skinned ‘Kali’, they very definitely made Jupiter a cleaner and since it’s the job of the Daughter (smaller/younger version of the Mother) to understand the suffering of creation though in practise that means others relish having her as an ignorant servant undermining any chance she has of rectifying the situation. Maximilian (many and long standing over the millennia Mother) Jones in Father form who just happens to have and pass on cosmic interest and in this film with the desired control of the Daughter the Mother-turned-Father is removed early and the false Mother shown as the real Mother due to birth is kept and used as insurance against the Daughter confusing the whole meta-narrative. And an actress that looks like the famous Tomb Raider i.e. someone who goes under/in-ground and revelations happen based off oh big surprise Indiana/Inanna Jones. And Balem I mean Baal as the mother killing son. They’ve basically ‘rescued’ the ‘Fallen Goddess’. Fallen Goddess – to Earth (the Underworld to Inanna) – Scenario so they could of used any Wisdom goddess or Sophia herself but no, that would be asking too much, they had to make her out to be pretty damned unsavoury instead being guilty of the crimes of human and Human/Sacred Worker-turned-God i.e. being predators and efficient ones making life into a business. Very modern.

A major and usually ignored issue with that is in the idea of other, stronger, more able predators they need to eat, need to snack, to consume, need their medicine, cosmetics, research carried out too – they’re just trying to live and you can’t blame them for that, do you expect them to wipe themselves out for their prey’s benefit? Would you get rid of humanity for the sake of all the animals that we commonly change the names of to disassociate them from what they were and then consume/use them (e.g. cow to beef, birds to poultry, pigs to pork), howabout for the sake of all the lab animals (professionals call those they test on ‘subjects’ which dehumanizes/deanimizes them and makes being result orientated easier), the endangered, extinct? Look at a body part picture of a cow and see how none of it is wasted. Everyone that eats veal and lamb can’t really complain to something that wants to eat their children right? Even if they streamline the ‘harvest’ and say only take a certain amount at spaced intervals, only a few, maybe even the ones we don’t want or offer up as a sacrifice, how about if they only take a bit from each so each sample can recover and live a healthy life afterwards? ‘To be fair’ they don’t have to be so nice but could farm and kill us humanely and even say ‘thank you Earth for this meal, I truly appreciate it and thank it for its life, it nobly gave up its life to keep the circle of life going’ and then ‘lovingly’ prepare the meal/youth product or whatever. As long as you’re sincere and thankful that makes it ok right? Nope? Well, had to ask. They have every right to live too don’t they if we’re all ‘god’s creatures’ (which is well up for debate), it’s not their fault (or is it) they’re atop of the convenient food chain/pyramid; we are mighty tasty, some of us even sweet, a delicacy, we should be honoured they desire us so much. That doesn’t float your boat either? Hmm like the saying goes if abattoirs had glass walls more people would be put off. They also like us for sexual purposes too and perhaps body snatching both us and other animals… That is – ‘mixed-race’ but it’s not ok when we put it like that is it. In the film the ‘something must be done’ is conveyed as ‘oops sh*t got smashed up big time as a side effect’, the usurping one’s creator-parent is still there but doesn’t go back far enough. The ‘do unto others as you would unto yourself’ aspect isn’t addressed, we’re told it’s just like slaughtering a herd of cattle or taking eggs from chickens but we’re never faced with the point that if we’re to have ‘justice’ over our slave masters then the same could/should happen to us. In the meantime (just some side irony here) some of them e.g. the competitors of the Abraxas (Abraxas implying archons from Gnosticism, which would ‘explain’ why the other aliens involved were beneath them) family are looking for pets to oo and ahh and ‘aren’t you SO cuuute!’ over, it comes with totally adorable habitats free plus clothes, toys and all the food you can eat. Any takers?😉

The reincarnation through exact genetics was interesting, not something I’ve heard before and reminds me of cloning but there were so many unexplained plotholes for the sake of a Fifth Element (film, 1997, where the rescued goddess figure is played by another Mila-named actress) mega love distraction undoing all the profound parallel that humans treat other animals in the same ways they’d protest to on this ironic farm/prison planet of abundance where no creature should be homeless of hungry and what it’s like to see shop displays of food or shelter and not understanding why you aren’t allowed near, why you’re ‘vermin’ and even exterminated for being cold and hungry like that’s the crime rather than the fact that there shouldn’t be masses of vulnerable at all let alone with everything paraded in their face. Also the fifth element is not love as they well know and in this day and age quite frankly life force can easily just be hormones which can ironically and terribly be increased/decreased manually in a body regardless of a person’s judgement/consciousness. She was supposed to clean up on the macro scale not go back to the cage leaving everything as it is for what a boyfriend getting his wings back and being able to fly around in anti-gravity boots?

At least up until the ending Jupiter was extraordinary; impressive balance between an ‘average person’ and someone super strong, she handled the situation with exceptional fortitude, bearing and intelligence, far better and with more conscience than many in nowhere near such a situation. As for all those wondering how the Queen of the [location] could be a cleaner and looking down on her for it – how much housework do you think the royal family has done and look at how popular they are. Look down on yourself for cleaning up your homes and for the people you care about, or all the cleaners who clean up after us. It reminds me of the aristocracy in the US who are so proud that their ancestors arrived on the Mayflower and at not being one of the people they sent ahead to do their dirty work. Although at least the film showed that even the one man wrecking machine Caine needed help, everybody does no one is an island.

I found it strange though that a US film had the protagonist from a Russian family and the British accents of her helpers. Also, due to the honey bee comparison I’ve heard some think honey is representative of blood, more specifically plasma. Blood isn’t the only life force, each part of the animal body has a function (as we know because we use body parts in our own medical treatments and indeed ritual magic) and symbolism; the colour and texture of the ‘fountain of youth’ bath in conjunction with the symbolism of the bees suggests to me that honey represents the ooplasma in ovum and that was the avenue to finding Jupiter, that and/or possibly the female vaginal fluids i.e. mucus, white blood cells, remains of old cells and a liquid that is like sweat (but unless filtered the bath was more water like).

The end scene shows Venus and Mercury together in the sky or Venus as Mercury – Inanna (who they’ve called Jupiter) is depending on which culture you look at was the morning and/or evening star, and the flying boots represent Mercury/Hermes. Caine wore them when he didn’t have his wings otherwise he would have been the winged messenger. It’s an awkward (the film is) telling of the story and I would have preferred Ninshubur (Inanna’s assistant) shown and her and Inanna rather than a twist of Inanna and Caine/Dumuzi (the earlier version of Tammuz). Dumuzi was supposed to be taken to the underworld and left there.

And another thing

The whether to believe scenario has heightened for people with the [finally] admitted existence of Nibiru and I’m not one of the people that is clinging to something just in case or for certainty as to what will happen but I don’t know what the admittance and multiple theories about its orbit means, especially when it’s closest to Earth and its effects as it leaves. I just feel ignorant even with all the info of its past effects. I just think = this planet and all its residents, all their hopes and fears concentrated…

Here’s a screenshot from perhaps an old favourite of many:

Dark Crystal 1982 3 suns

Dark Crystal, 1982, based on a book. this is approx 4min in. Bear in mind that their planet has three suns which reminds me of Sol, Saturn and the Nibiru system.

Dark Crystal 1982 Aughra

My fave character btw is Aughra the astronomer/oracle, she was so awesome and a proper short, fat, horned crone like we see from root cultures.

Dark Crystal 1982 Aughra Observatory Orrery Cosmos Space

Her orrery

Dark Crystal 1982 Aughra facing the skeksis

Aughra telling the Skeksis they’re fools. They destroy her observatory and imprison her.

Poignant isn’t it, the same old story and packed into boy meets girl/girl meets boy for some reason, most likely that obsession with immortality and inheritance/or calling it inheritance (‘that person believed/did/had enough for the rest of us’ mentality) as usual but in a more ‘acceptable’ version for people.


I’d written the bulk of this post but didn’t know where it was going, much like my conundrum. I knew I was leaning on the side of being against ‘destiny’ whatever plan that is of other people, or various people’s competing plans but I was trying to keep an open mind.

Whilst I disagreed with or felt uncomfortable about some of William Bond’s words there was a lot I identified with and knew I sounded similar the only real difference being he was confident in the future, in his certainties of it whereas I didn’t and still don’t, but that’s ok because I’m certain of me in my present.

I’ve also just read a book that reminded me of the tv show ‘Early Edition’ (review HERE) where the main character is at a crossroads and suddenly receives a ‘calling’, he doesn’t know anything about the people behind this higher purpose but they know when & where he is and how to use him. They make him help and rescue other people, to be an unsung hero, a ‘real’ everyday hero who could put glorified heroes to shame but they know everything and so have control over him, they could turn him in (probably to people who work under their level) and have him ruined as a vigilante, he’s a Manchurian Candidate waiting to happen. They operate with military precision, in secrecy; through coercion, intimidation, thrill and reward and ultimately they orchestrate the situations so as to groom/create the characters they want for their ongoing storylines. The view is to make people into better people, more caring people, giving them a hard yet doable choice to get past apathy and walk the walk. The protagonist doesn’t have convictions, he’s a smart alec with even more cynical and droll friends (except one) and demanding/mouthy bosses/families, they mostly don’t have goals and are listlessly going through an unsatisfactory life; they’re bored, disappointed and frustrated. The protagonist shows serious potential after piquing the interest of a controller type character and gets the chance to change things. It’s not leading or living by example, to show people they can do the same since it’s covert but the book bills it that way. The problem is the controller is playing both or all sides, creating conflict, trauma that both desensitizes people and drives a few others wanting it to stop but not being strong enough to do something about it unless pushed further. The over arching theme is romantic/sexual relations, yearning for it, hiding from it, abusing it. As a constant reminder and by using it as a reward the protagonist sees the tougher challenges as bearable and even worth it, tinting the perspective so he believes it is his calling even though he learns the situations are manufactured. The author might as well have said ‘pain and suffering for the greater good’.

You know how we’re told we can’t prioritize who gets treated first based on who is crying the loudest, it’s not always true but from what I’ve seen (and in this book) some who’ve suffered the worst suffered in [near] silence because they couldn’t (in so much pain) or wouldn’t for numerous reasons including not wanting to be a burden or seen as weak and hence increasing their chances of being left behind yet quietly hoping someone would notice their plight. That kind of thing just can’t continue, no one should have to fear being left behind or forgotten and no one should be sacrificed/have to sacrifice themselves for the sake of the many who wouldn’t/couldn’t go through the same let alone want to know about it (when they do it’s usually for the salacious feeling of intel/gossip rather than sympathy/empathy, and any of which is temporary, quickly fading for the next story.

I’ve come across enough loss to see that others can be used as a satellites; horrible things happening to them in order to get a reaction out of another like they only matter because you care about them. Like they’re toys. Like they’re nothing unless they’re acknowledged. I hate that. It’s not easy being the one left behind bearing the burden either or being in a situation where you remember and many around don’t for various reasons such as trauma, medication and indoctrination; nor when those who know what happened remind you of it to make it harder sometimes using others similar to those lost for re-enactment. People with the personalities, drive, ability and resources to make things happen and they choose this tailspin of drama and relief (when you’ve been greatly frustrated or upset over a long period of time even a little relief at moments can make things seem much better, make you feel able to continue and that’s the rub because if it does continue you’re used to it). And all for what – to feel like they’re creating, doing something, making progress? With ability like that they could make things better themselves, not worse to get possibly better via someone else – do they sit around betting on the results? I don’t condone it, not at all. Even if I don’t know what I believe in, I know what I don’t; I don’t believe we exist to be players and pawns and that disbelief is belief enough.

I don’t usually comment on actors or singers outside of review posts and many of the celebs I’ve admired for one thing or another have plenty in their lives I’ve completely disapproved of which outweigh anything I liked about them. However this is a goodbye to a ‘champion’ prizefighter (and fellow vegan, strong female, yoga practising, late December Capricorn) the ‘ninth wonder of the world’ who ‘unfortunately’ seemed to have played a representative of things she may not have been aware of.

Chyna Joanie Laurer

In her apartment in the County of Angels, Cali-fornia, Joan Laurer aka Chyna (athlete, stuntwoman, actress, English teacher) is said to have been found dead in her bed yesterday 20th April, aged 45, cause unknown (though many people conveniently know about her medication.)

This was her last video:

Sunday 17th April – ‘Wake Up!’

Pentagram = star
Strawberries/tomatoes = red apple
The names [Cali]Kelly/ie and Joy/ce
Fish Head song

The Fish Head song (strange to be sung at mealtime by a vegan) – it was on the album Voobaha by Barnes & Barnes (Voobaha being a word in a language they made called Luman-ian). Fish Heads was a favoured song on the Dr Demento show known for comedy, novelty, strange songs.

Creatures that are caught commonly caught by a baited hook or net the song highlights fish that are alive in the morning, dead in the soup in the evening, they can’t answer you/talk (Chyna was found after not answering phone calls like in the video), they can’t do what normal people do.

I always disliked her golddigging ex Paul Levesque (Triple H/WWE ‘superstar’) who dropped her when he had the opportunity to have the boss’ daughter (and as part of the ‘storyline’ based on real life, along with ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin mocked Amy Dumas aka ‘Lita’ for cheating on Matt Hardy. Acting merging with reality in a fighting soap opera – Paul as aforementioned being a career golddigger and Steve Austin a wife beater both leading thousands of people into ‘slut’ shaming every week on and off screen for an affair with Adam Copeland ‘Edge’ who was married at the time; his stage character and image benefited whilst Amy’s ended. Lots of hypocrisy there, including Matt getting sacked for being cheated on and talking about it.)

I didn’t like how Chyna was placed against character Sydney Fox (Daughter figure) in Relic Hunter as wannabe Amazon queen/dark mother figure (the Amazon in the story defeated by the lauded Hera-kleos.)

Nor did I like how Red headed ‘Lita’ was placed in the breeding cult against Max in Dark Angel (also Amy’s neck was broken in the filming) before the ‘coming of the comet’ (which was later demeaned in the books) and where the ‘Father’ genetic splicer and dicer Sandeman (remember the old version of the sandman, he’s not a nice and quaint dreammaker) was made out to be a hero, kind and good and his first two children are sons, part dog (Sirius) – think Enki vs Enlil i.e. Manticore vs the Breeding Cult – called Joshua and Isaac (additionally similar to Vincent from the Beauty and Beast series starring Linda Hamilton, James Cameron’s ex-wife and dark mother figure in the Terminator series). Ma-x, Ma-trix, triple mother, Max being the symbolic Daughter in connection with the ‘dark mother’ not a virgin birth but an alternate one and still via a female carrier. She is also the rider = warrior, the horse[her bike] being the tree of knowledge & life with her pure DNA (no ‘junk DNA’) making her the ‘saviour’, the mount of the goddess. A side theme being Max and Logan K/Cale (Michael Weatherly was also used by Aaron Spelling in Charmed – Fantasy Island was also interesting – in an episode where he’s part of the dark charmed triad, going against his role though to something related i.e. the church, helped by dark mother figure Prudence and they go horseriding. Note – after she dies Piper and Phoebe’s lives go to hell in a hand basket.) Max is the only ‘transgenic’ whose mother fought for her and didn’t want to give her up. James Cameron has always been focused on the Dark Mother, though he twisted the theme big time in Avatar and continued the use of a wheelchair bound main character who plays both sides and gets his legs back – Logan was very wealthy and his family used in the control/surveillance of society but used his funds to help – and who ends up being the savior on Pan-Dora (meaning ‘all/completion’ of everything the ‘Dor’ signifies), mate of the spiritual warrior leader for the so-called Mother people who were portrayed as symbolic indigenous Earth peoples but weren’t, mega twisting of the narrative in that one.

Today the celebrity ‘Prince’ was found dead. I don’t know enough about him to comment further but names and titles are important.

I’m reminded of ‘the queen of pop’ Madonna’s antics in the first part of her ‘Sticky & Sweet’ tour using the song ‘Hung Up’ and the inclusion of music from dead guitarist Darrell ‘Abbot’ former member of the group DamagePlan, ‘the king of pop’ Michael Jackson’s death when his ‘This is it!’ tour was supposed to start and the second part of her tour with ‘tribute’ to the dead king via his song ‘Wanna Be Startin’ Something’.

I don’t like hangers on, wannabe characters, those who live vicariously, those who jump on a bandwagon, those who sacrifice, the master chess players. When people talk about ‘multiple selves’ and fill out time and space with every possibility that could of happened/is happening to one person, all existing as extensions of the self simultaneously (just as egotistical as thinking the solar system revolved around the Earth) it’s morelike humanity includes many copies replaying and continuing a battle royale until the appropriate potentials/incarnations manage to… I don’t dispute that creatures are split between realities and illusions, our brains, nervous system and senses allow that, but I also don’t think that space is likely to be filled with just us. ‘Higher selves’? You want to be a lower ‘punishment’ vessel whilst a ‘higher’ you is better off? Your ‘luck’, ‘destiny’, energy split between versions of you and you got the short straw? Whatever people are listening to and thinking its themselves and/or those they ‘know’ might want to contemplate the malleable nature of the physics theories they’re working with (and perhaps worry about the studies going on to trace and control the intrinsic memory of the universe, and trying to grow embryos in space). This world looks and feels very different for the other animals who have different parameters on the senses we share plus different senses to ours, what we experience isn’t the only face, it and we shapeshift depending on the being or even machine we’re interfacing with. Terry Pratchett once said to me “all is not as it seems” (no I don’t claim to have known him personally but I find that phrase highlighted in his works and poignant here).

Be careful what you wish for. History, information, messages are conveyed and carried through our stories; official, non-fiction and fiction. Overlapping astronomical/seasonal calendars with ruler-regime based ones hasn’t helped us and knowledge our elders included is steeped in ‘Chinese whispers’ over time becoming myths, superstition, songs/chants/spells/frequency, poems, nursery rhymes, artwork, architecture, customs, religion and ultimately symbolism – our human brains remember signs and symbols well and with repetition/ritual/ceremony are ingrained – in all these things we find the same stories, the same characters, we can’t all be those. No amount of fame, currency, status, title, power, energy from fans and enemies, no kind of ‘compensation’ is worth it. You don’t want to have what it takes (or try to emulate it as powerful/influential/famous people and wannabes do and I have limited sympathy for those who pretend to be/take from living archtypes), because being that strong means having to be that strong. It’s not for those who want any kind of happiness for themselves.

Japan tourists fingerprint purchases

Getty images

So Japan is rolling out fingerprint identification technology for everyday purchases:

12:00 am, April 09, 2016

The Yomiuri Shimbun
Starting this summer, the government will test a system in which foreign tourists will be able to verify their identities and buy things at stores using only their fingerprints.

The government hopes to increase the number of foreign tourists by using the system to prevent crime and relieve users from the necessity of carrying cash or credit cards. It aims to realize the system by the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games.

The experiment will have inbound tourists register their fingerprints and other data, such as credit card information, at airports and elsewhere.

Tourists would then be able to conduct tax exemption procedures and make purchases after verifying their identities by placing two fingers on special devices installed at stores.

The Inns and Hotels Law requires foreign tourists to show their passports when they check into ryokan inns or hotels.

The government plans to substitute fingerprint authentication for that requirement.

A total of 300 souvenir shops, restaurants, hotels and other establishments will participate in the experiment. They are located in areas that are popular among foreign tourists such as Hakone, Kamakura, Yugawara in Kanagawa Prefecture, and Atami in Shizuoka Prefecture.

The government plans to gradually expand the experiment by next spring, to cover areas including tourist sites in the Tohoku region and urban districts in Nagoya.

It hopes to realize the system throughout the country, including Tokyo, by 2020.

Introducing the system is part of the government’s efforts to increase the annual number of foreign tourists to 40 million by 2020.

It is also aiming to demonstrate the country’s advanced technology by having tourists use the system when they visit Japan for the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics.

Data concerning how and where foreign tourists use the system will be managed by a consultative body led by the government, after the data is converted to anonymous big data.

After analyzing tourists’ movements and their spending habits, the data is expected to be utilized to devise policies on tourism and management strategies for the tourism industry.

However, there are concerns that tourists will be uneasy about providing personal information such as fingerprints.

The experiment will examine issues including how to protect one’s privacy and information management.

Attempts to put similar systems into practical use are under way at a bank and a theme park in Japan.

In October last year, the Huis Ten Bosch theme park in Sasebo, Nagasaki Prefecture, introduced on a trial basis a similar system in which visitors can make payments with just their fingerprints at about 30 stores and restaurants.

An official from the theme park said, “The system has been well received by customers, including those with children, since it saves them the trouble of taking their wallets out.”

By the end of this month at the earliest, Tokyo-based Aeon Bank will become the first bank in Japan to test a system in which customers will be able to withdraw cash from automatic teller machines using only fingerprints for identification and omitting the use of cash cards.

“The system is also superior in the area of security, such as preventing people from impersonating our customers,” an official from the bank said.

Japan tourists fingerprint purchases

Governments/corporations going to all the effort and cost of research, design, manufacture, advertising, widescale cooperation between companies and services for biometric devices just to save us the time it takes to take out our wallets? (Or remember a password, use an alarm clock etc…) Absolute surveillance is more like it. Ok cash has been in the process of being slowly phased out for ages, and alternate transitional paper currency like stamps (which are no longer currency) and cheques/traveller’s cheques have lost their popularity to plastic and digital currency but now you want the kind of info it’d take to open a bank account or get arrested just for a regular purchase? No thanks. Want DNA samples too? Yeah paper and plastic are not environmentally friendly but neither are computer servers. At least some countries (like Japan) still have some coins with holes in them – you can wear your change as a fashion accessory😛

I remember when people used to be scared to give out their name, sort codes and account numbers (in the glory days of cheques and that is less info than that on a cheque) without knowing that people couldn’t take money out that way, only add to the account (as long as you didn’t give any other info) – a potential hacker could give them money rather than steal! That said in terms of identity fraud direct debits can be set up with that info but it’d be responsible just to tell people these things when they have an account, why develop and roll out technology like this and then expect to keep all that data safe from themselves and outsiders, especially when it’s going to be accessed commonly/regularly?

This new system reminds of me of China’s social credit system:


It’s happening in the U.S., too.

China has a problem.

No, not Donald Trump trying to savage it any time he comes within three feet of a microphone. It’s that enormous social shifts in recent years—like the forcible relocation of 250 million people from rural areas to urban environments—have transformed the country, in the words of its Academy of Social Sciences, from “a society of acquaintances into a society of strangers.”

And these strangers, it turns out, don’t think much of each other. Social trust is at miserable levels, leading to a shaky business environment in which half of all written contracts are blatantly breached.

Since part of the problem is the lack of a credit reporting system, the government has decided to establish one. But instead of only considering people’s ability to repay loans, this system will rank people based on their trustworthiness using all sorts of data.

This might sound exactly like the kind of thing you’d expect from an authoritarian regime. And as someone who has pondered the ways in which privacy is squeezed by an ever-expanding surveillance state, I was intrigued by this unholy alliance between Big Data and Big Brother.

But what really surprised me was not just the outlandish lengths to which the Chinese government will go to evaluate its citizens. It was that its tactics were surprisingly close to what is already happening here, as banks look for ways to lend money to—and collect fees from—people with no traditional credit history.

But first let’s look at what the Chinese are doing.

The glories of trust-keeping

Using an enormous range of information, from traffic violations to consumer patterns to social networks, China intends to give every one of its 1.3 billion citizens a “social credit” score by 2020.

A recently translated summary of the plan explains that the goal is nothing less than raising “the sincerity and quality of the entire nation.” That, it says, should help address everything from workplace accidents to food safety failures to tax evasion and production of counterfeit goods (putting Canal Street, every New York woman’s go-to source for knockoff Chanel handbags, rather under a cloud).

The plan includes recommendations for establishing “civil servant sincerity dossiers,” something I’d like to see applied to my local DMV, lots of talk about “professional ethics, household virtue and individual morality,” and encouraging companies to conduct “client sincerity evaluations.”

I’m not sure what that means, but it conjures visions of online retailers diligently making entries like, “Disappointing customer. Returned item saying ‘It didn’t fit.’ Strongly suspect she’s lying about being a size 6.”

There’s also a large public relations component, with the use of news media to “forge a public opinion that trust-keeping is glorious” and a raft of proposed holidays, including “Sincere Trading Propaganda Week” and “Quality Month.”

The pains of trust-breaking

Before you start worrying about the caliber of the other 11 months of the year, you’ll be glad to hear that there’s also a strategy for enforcement. This includes informants, blacklists, and the rather chilling promise that “those breaking trust will meet with difficulty at every step.”

Interestingly, the government is letting private companies, like Alibaba ( BABA 1.16% ) , the e-commerce giant that made $1 billion in eight minutes the other day, take the lead in a series of pilot projects.

Alibaba’s finance arm, Sesame Credit, has been issuing customers with social credit scores based in part on their purchases and hobbies.

As Sesame’s technology director explained, someone who played hours of video games “would be considered an idle person,” so less creditworthy, while someone “who frequently buys diapers” is probably a parent, so “more likely to have a sense of responsibility.”

Suddenly that puts Nicolas Cage in Raising Arizona, running from the cops with a stocking mask over his head and a package of Huggies under his arm, in a whole new light.

Rank your friends!

Although it seems that someone’s score, rather shockingly, may rise and fall with the creditworthiness of their friends and relations, companies are focusing consumers on the positive.

Sesame has even launched a mobile phone game in which users can guess whether they have higher or lower scores than their friends. What could be more fun than seeing whether your friends are—literally—worth hanging out with?

This may all seem crazy, in ways both scary and silly. But before we get too smug about how it would be unthinkable here, consider the recent news about credit agencies “exploring new ways of assessing consumers’ ability to handle loans,” right here in the United States.

These include scouring “phone and utility bills, change-of-address records and information drawn from DVD clubs, and suppliers of rent-to-own furniture.” And that’s just the well-known companies like TransUnion and FICO.

Start-up credit agencies and banks, reports The Economist, go even further, “piecing together scores by analyzing applicants’ online social networks,” monitoring their Facebook ( FB 0.23% ) messages and determining whether they are spending prudently.

(Here we pause as I put down my phone, from which I was just about to order a gravy separator from Williams-Sonoma ( WSM -0.02% ), in case I needed to separate gravy sometime. Suddenly, it just didn’t seem—what’s the word?—prudent.)

The credit agencies say that they are responding to a demand by their customers—the banks, which are looking for new sources of revenue and hoping to find it in people who previously had no credit score.

Building a better citizen

So while we’re not subjected to a government effort to “build a better citizen,” as the Chinese are, we’re not doing much to prevent the private sector from conducting not-entirely-dissimilar data-mining investigations into millions of people too young, too poor, or too new to the country to have traditional credit scores.

Ever since Target ( TGT -1.01% ) started using data-mining to predict whether female customers were pregnant (which explains why I received a can of formula, seemingly out of the blue, right before I had my first child), scholars have warned us about the many ways the private sector can use predictive analytics to figure out who we are and what they can sell us.

But even if it’s good business, there’s something odd about collecting all these disparate pieces of information—traffic violations, bills paid and unpaid, staying friends with your ne’er-do-well elementary school classmate, having children, playing Call of Duty: Black Ops III—and assigning the whole mess a single numerical score.

Reducing all aspects of social and consumer life to a single unit of value seems to fundamentally misunderstand the complexity of human experience. Maybe remaining friends with a childhood buddy with a poor loan history does reflect on your own financial creditworthiness. But that friendship might also point to other things about you—your past, your loyalty, or your willingness to help those in need—that cannot be assigned a numeric value along the same spectrum as whether you paid your gas bill.

Maybe an authoritarian single-party state can’t be that concerned with the dignity and autonomy (let alone the privacy) of its citizens. But at least the Chinese plan has been publicly circulated. Its “you will be trustworthy—or else” message might be a little alarming, but it’s not like it keeps you guessing.

We can’t really say the same for our own shadowy system of credit ratings. And if the market requires it, how long will it be before we all get evaluated based on whether our purchases are of the “responsible adult” or “idle slacker” kind?

Better start stocking up on the Huggies.


Caren Morrison is an associate professor of law at Georgia State University. This piece was originally published on The Conversation.

The social credit system fits in with the ‘I have nothing to hide so you can know absolutely everything about me before I even know and may never understand even if it puts you [and me] to sleep’ philosophy of those who accept it and the ‘ha ha you moronic little tiny puny pathetic people-oids, you only exist for me to watch, use and exploit’ philosophy of those who see each other as commodities.

Moving on to traditional spying aka espionage:


China In ‘Dangerous Love’ Foreign Spy Warning
Tuesday, 19th April 2016 10:24

China has launched a campaign to warn people of the dangers of trusting handsome foreigners who might have secret agendas.

Titled Dangerous Love, the posters, issued to mark the first ever National Security Education Day, tell the story of a young Chinese civil servant, called Little Li, who meets a red-headed man at a dinner party.

As “David” woos her with compliments, flowers and romantic walks in the park, Li fails to realise he is a foreign spy.

The cartoons depict a scenario where Li gives David secret internal documents from her government office before they are both arrested.

In the final image, Li is shown sitting handcuffed before two policemen who tell her she has a “shallow understanding of secrecy for a state employee”.

China’s state secrets law is notoriously broad, covering everything from industry data to the exact birth dates of state leaders.

Information can also be labelled a state secret retroactively.

President Xi Jinping has overseen a sweeping revamp of the security apparatus, aimed at combating threats both at home and abroad.

But new security laws he has passed, or wants to pass, have alarmed Western governments, including the counterterrorism law and a draft cyber security law, amid a renewed crackdown on dissent.

On Tuesday, a Chinese man was sentenced to death for leaking more than 150,000 classified documents to an unidentified foreign power.

The man, a computer technician from Sichuan named as Huang Yu, worked for a government department which handled state secrets, but he was a bad employee and was sacked, a report on state television said.

Filled with anger, he messaged a “foreign spy organisation” on the internet and offered to sell documents he had obtained while working for his former employer, who gladly took him up on his offer.

The report did not say when or if the execution had happened, or where he was tried.

Here are the 16 parts of the comic (making up two side-by-side pages) translated, all images and translations from http://chinalawtranslate.com/nsed/

A foreign friend has organized a gathering tonight…You’re always trying to increase your foreign language level, why don’t you go with me? –OK.

A foreign friend has organized a gathering tonight…You’re always trying to increase your foreign language level, why don’t you go with me?

My name is David and I’m a visiting scholar researching issues about China. I’m really interested in chatting with all of you.

My name is David and I’m a visiting scholar researching issues about China. I’m really interested in chatting with all of you.

Everybody please introduce yourself and say a little something about your work. Let’s start with this pretty lady. –Oh, OK!.

Everybody please introduce yourself and say a little something about your work. Let’s start with this pretty lady.
–Oh, OK!.

Xiao Li: I’m Xiao Li, I just tested into the civil service after graduating college and work in a foreign publicity (propoganda) department. David: OK

Xiao Li: I’m Xiao Li, I just tested into the civil service after graduating college and work in a foreign publicity (propoganda) department.
David: OK

After that party, David began to meet with Xiao Li often and gave her gifts.

After that party, David began to meet with Xiao Li often and gave her gifts.
DAVID: You’re pretty, sweet and exceptional; Honestly I fell for you the first time I saw you.

Having a handsome, romantic and talented foreign boyfriend is pretty good.

Having a handsome, romantic and talented foreign boyfriend is pretty good.

The two begin a romantic involvement. DAVID: Dear, what exactly do you do at your work? XIAO LI: I write internal references as a basis for central policies.

The two begin a romantic involvement.
DAVID: Dear, what exactly do you do at your work?
XIAO LI: I write internal references as a basis for central policies.

DAVID: Great! Lend me those internal references so I can take a look. This will really help me write academic articles. XIAO LI: I can’t, we have a confidentiality system.

DAVID: Great! Lend me those internal references so I can take a look. This will really help me write academic articles.
XIAO LI: I can’t, we have a confidentiality system.

DAVID: Dear, do you still need to keep secrets from me? I’m just taking a look to use in academic articles. XIAO LI: Unh, OK then.

DAVID: Dear, do you still need to keep secrets from me? I’m just taking a look to use in academic articles.
XIAO LI: Unh, OK then.

XIAO LI: This is a copy I made, give it back as soon as you’re done. DAVID: Relax, Sweetheart.

XIAO LI: This is a copy I made, give it back as soon as you’re done.
DAVID: Relax, Sweetheart.

What happened? David hasn't called me recently, and his phone is always off.

What happened? David hasn’t called me recently, and his phone is always off.

OFFICER: Are you Xiao Li? We’re from the State Administration of National Security. Please come with us. XIAO LI: What? What’s going on?

OFFICER: Are you Xiao Li? We’re from the State Administration of National Security. Please come with us.
XIAO LI: What? What’s going on?

OFFICER: Are you Xiao Li? We’re from the State Administration of National Security. Please come with us. XIAO LI: What? What’s going on?

OFFICER: Are you Xiao Li? We’re from the State Administration of National Security. Please come with us.
XIAO LI: What? What’s going on?

XIAO LI: I didn’t know he was a spy; he used me! OFFICER: You show a very shallow understanding of secrecy for a State employee. You are suspected of violating our nation’s law.

XIAO LI: I didn’t know he was a spy; he used me!
OFFICER: You show a very shallow understanding of secrecy for a State employee. You are suspected of violating our nation’s law.

A warning from the National Security Organs: According to Chapter 1 on crimes endangering national security, article 111 of the Criminal Law of the P.R.C.: Whoever steals, secretly gathers, purchases, or illegally provides state secrets or intelligence for an organization, institution, or personnel outside the country is to be sentenced from not less than five years to not more than 10 years of fixed-term imprisonment; when circumstances are particularly serious, he is to be sentenced to not less than 10 years of fixed- term imprisonment, or life sentence; and when circumstances are relatively minor, he is to be sentenced to not more than five years of fixed-term imprisonment, criminal detention, control, or deprivation of political rights.

A warning from the National Security Organs: According to Chapter 1 on crimes endangering national security, article 111 of the Criminal Law of the P.R.C.: Whoever steals, secretly gathers, purchases, or illegally provides state secrets or intelligence for an organization, institution, or personnel outside the country is to be sentenced from not less than five years to not more than 10 years of fixed-term imprisonment; when circumstances are particularly serious, he is to be sentenced to not less than 10 years of fixed- term imprisonment, or life sentence; and when circumstances are relatively minor, he is to be sentenced to not more than five years of fixed-term imprisonment, criminal detention, control, or deprivation of political rights.

Article 27 of Chapter IV of the Counter-Espionage Law provides that : Where extraterritorial institutions, organizations or individuals carry out, or instigate or financially support others in carrying out espionage activities, or where an institution, organization or individual within the territory linked to a foreign institution, organization or individual conducts espionage activities, and it constitutes a crime, it is pursued for criminal responsibility in accordance with law.

Article 27 of Chapter IV of the Counter-Espionage Law provides that : Where extraterritorial institutions, organizations or individuals carry out, or instigate or financially support others in carrying out espionage activities, or where an institution, organization or individual within the territory linked to a foreign institution, organization or individual conducts espionage activities, and it constitutes a crime, it is pursued for criminal responsibility in accordance with law.

The comments on that web page highlighted another (historical) poster:

American Propaganda poster against Japanese

I once saw a travel show documenting the exploration of Chinese culture by a UK celebrity (can’t remember who it was) in which was a segment about Caucasian men who work in China and purposely have Chinese girlfriends making them do humiliating things and ultimately thinking them golddiggers, even if they’ve been together long term. The main guy interviewed was also Red haired (natural Reds/Blondes being both exotic, unique and interesting to Asians, yet natural Reds maligned for quite some time in the West). I’d already learned that having local mistresses was common in many countries from empire/colonial and world war days but at that time I didn’t know it had continued to present day in China for migrant workers and xpats even if on a lesser scale. It added to generally being aware of the East Asian (Chinese sub-continent) female being the ‘no:1 exotic’ and people from some of those countries looking down on dark skin. Ask the US White males and Asian women you know and see how many of the former say they would like an East Asian girlfriend and how many of the Asian (anywhere from Asia) women say that Eastern Asian women are indeed the most desirable for both White and Asian (excluding Brown Muslims but including the Eastern Muslims) men. Whilst White people in the latter half of the 20th century onwards preferred/prefer to tan but there’s been a movement to re-appreciate the fair skinned and White women generally preferring darker men when attracted to the ‘exotic’. Then of course there’s the buy-a-bride trade. That doesn’t mean there aren’t women in the world who are looking for the ridiculous epitome of an ‘attractive man’ via his money, car, looks, flashiness etc and not all of them have sympathetic circumstances.

It’s ironic that governments dislike satire and political artists yet propaganda is the norm and apparently acceptable. Whilst this poster warns its citizens of business/state indiscretions it implies to us foreigners to dress dowdy and understated when visiting, since being good looking means we’re less trustworthy…

Did the world wars (and cold war) ever end? Anyone is capable of spying and gossip, it doesn’t help though when we get posters like the above or like those by the Met Police in 2009 (that for some reason are hard to find online unless hotlinked to their website) which implied people were better off because they reported neighbour’s trash and ‘strange activities’ including someone who was just looking at a CCTV camera.🙄

People may be be better off looking up gang stalking and through-the-wall devices to be informed about spy/harassment/life invasion methods used to intimidate and control regular and ‘suspect’ people, and how easy it is to end up on a watch list.

Lastly here is an article about the crackdown on rich kids and vulgarity in reality tv:


China Cracks Down on Reality TV Kids, Live-stream Stars

The State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film, and Television (SAPPRFT), China’s top state media regulator, has issued new guidelines seeking to ban children from featuring in reality television programming. The new rules pay special attention to the children of established celebrity figures. The New York Times’ Amy Qin reports on the ban as the next step in official efforts to regulate China’s burgeoning online television industry:

The aim of the ban, said the state-run news agency, Xinhua, which first reported the guidelines on Sunday, is to protect the children from the pitfalls of “overnight fame.”

The regulations are the latest in the government’s continuing efforts to rein in the fast-growing online television industry. Last month, new rules issued by two industry associations, including one state-sanctioned organization, outlined a comprehensive policy that included a ban on depictions of gay relationships, underage romance, extramarital affairs, smoking, witchcraft and reincarnation.

[…] Some experts said the latest guidelines appeared to be aimed specifically at hugely popular shows like Hunan Television’s “Where Are We Going, Dad?” and Zhejiang Television’s “Dad Is Back,” both of which feature children of celebrities.

[…] Ma Xue, a Beijing-based reality television producer, said she thought the broadcast regulator issued the new guidelines “because they don’t want people to see differences between classes.”

“On these shows, if you are the child of a celebrity, then you become a celebrity by birth,” she continued.

“This could have a negative social impact,” she added. “You can’t have class differences starting from childhood.” […] [Source]

The posh lifestyles of celebrities have previously been targeted by central propaganda directives, and state media has warned against the “negative impact” that celebrity lifestyle can have on the masses. More from the AP on media regulators’ desire to limit programming that encourages fascination with lavish living:

It said reality show producers had been ordered to drop the “mistaken notion” that they should use well-known entertainers to attract viewers. “Do not permit shows to become venues for displaying fame and wealth,” the order quoted by Xinhua said.

[…] Chinese media regulators want to rein in programmes which they see as overly materialistic or encouraging the worship of celebrities who might compete with role models promoted by the ruling Communist party.

Viewers have increasingly turned to programming on more independent satellite television stations and the internet, where regulators have sought to impose stronger control over live streaming programmes usually featuring young women chatting, playing video games or simply going about their everyday tasks. [Source]

The South China Morning Post’s Ting Yan reports further on the growing popularity of streaming live programs, focusing on Papi Jiang (Papi酱), who has won online celebrity status—and a fat paycheck—through her live streams:

Jiang Yilei, her real name, lived a quiet life at the Central Academy of Drama in Beijing a year ago, but now finds herself the mainland’s second best known web celebrity after Wang Sicong, the flamboyant son of China’s richest man, Wang Jianlin – according to the mainland’s IT industry flagship magazine Internet Weekly.

The arrival of social media in the mainland more than a decade ago and the increasing accessibility of the internet has allowed many ordinary young men and women to gain celebrity to massive audiences with their eye-catching opinions and comments.

Many are followed by millions of fans who are keen to catch whatever they do or say. Web celebrities often appear in newspapers or on television as conventional media has developed a fascination for them as well.

But compared to their counterparts years ago, the current crop of big name cyber celebrities are leveraging their fame to cash in, with the earnings on par with first-tier stars.

[…] Jiang is in such a position. After maintaining a steady following for months, she received 12 million yuan (HK$14.4 million) from domestic private equity firms last month. [Source]

SAPPRFT has reportedly set sights on Papi Jiang for her use of profanity, ordering her videos off of streaming sites until they are edited to accord with regulations. Newly-launched English-language state media outlet Sixth Tone reports:

According to a short news article by party newspaper People’s Daily, the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television (SAPPRFT), a government media supervision body, has told Papi Jiang to take her videos offline. The videos can be uploaded again when the coarse language has been removed and they adhere to regulations, the People’s Daily reported on its mobile app on Monday.

SAPPRFT decided to censor Papi Jiang “following reports from the public and evaluations by experts,” said the People’s Daily.

[…] Since Monday evening Papi Jiang’s videos were no longer available on Youku, her public WeChat account, and other websites, but could still be viewed on Weibo. Papi Jiang’s agent did not respond immediately to questions from Sixth Tone.

[…] In reaction to the news, Yang Ming, a business partner of Papi Jiang, told Sixth Tone’s sister publication The Paper that they “will continue to make videos in accordance with socialist core values.” [Source]

At The Beijinger, Tracy Wang translates Papi Jiang’s acceptance of the criticism from state censors, and notes last minute opportunities to view the profanity-laden videos before they disappear entirely:

Jiang, who has 11.2 million followers on Weibo and whose videos have been viewed 300 million times, posted this statement on her Weibo account:

“I’m a person who is open to criticism. Only those willing to accept criticism are able to correct their mistakes and head in a better direction. As a person in the media spotlight, I will pay closer attention to my language and my image, and will resolutely make amends to my videos according to requests, as well as attempt to deliver more positive energy in the future. If you have other issues with my work, I invite your further feedback on how Papi can get better and better.”

We checked several platforms, and there are only three Papi videos on Youku and only one video on Iqiyi. Her Weibo account appears to still be hosting some of the banned them, but god only knows when they will be scrubbed as well, so bone up on your Chinese foul language skills while the opportunity still lasts. [Source]

A few of her older videos have been uploaded to her YouTube channel, where they remain.

At Tech in Asia last week, C. Custer reported that all Chinese live-streaming platforms have become the subjects of a Ministry of Culture investigation for allowing models a venue to be “vulgar”:

The Ministry of Culture says that it has already dispatched investigators, and will publicly announce punishments once it has concluded investigations.

Live streaming is a fast-growing industry on China’s web. The most popular streamers tend to be professional gamers – a top Dota 2 or League of Legends pro can attract hundreds of thousands of viewers to a stream to watch them practice the game – but there are all kinds of other streams, too. Also popular are “lifestyle” streams, which tend to feature attractive women who talk and interact with their followers while wearing revealing outfits.

Still, cleavage isn’t a crime, and the games that are popularly streamed are all legal to play in China, so it’s not clear exactly what the Ministry of Culture is planning to crack down on here.

[…] If the Ministry of Culture punishes live streaming platforms, it wouldn’t be at all surprising to see those platforms also adopt a set of similar measures [to major video provider that recently pledged to abide by a set of standards]. And punishment is essentially a guarantee; although technically the Ministry of Culture is still “investigating,” it would be a massive loss of face for the Ministry to allege wrongdoing on state TV and then ultimately find nothing. In all likelihood most of the investigation has already happened, and what remains now is figuring out how these sites should be punished. [Source]

Yes many children of rich people are privileged, that’s the point of being rich/successful – what parents rich or otherwise doesn’t want their children to be heir to their precious property/assets (if any) and have advantages [over others] in life? What to do about it? Take the rich and hence potentially more embarrassing out of the spotlight? (They are afterall ‘stars’ on the cosmic/divine Red carpet.) Hiding and pretending influential people don’t exist won’t prevent or stop anything e.g. class difference. That doesn’t mean [any] people should parade their children like a circus but in a spy/follower obsessed world we do need to know more about what the powerful/influential people are doing and how the ‘everyday person’ is involved but whilst we focus on gutter and paparazzi style media we don’t notice and even support the suppression, punishment and eradication of whistleblowers and victims (‘what makes them so special’ many ask ‘they’re full of themselves’ others say, ‘we love the dirt on public figures but finding out about corporate and security policy and implementation is a threat to national safety’ – if being a whistleblower or going through official complaints procedure – as opposed to ‘anonymous’ reporting – was an an enviable position to be in perhaps more people would volunteer for the role).

Yes females (including underage models selling older items) have traditionally been and are still used to sexualize consumer goods/services for promotion (and propaganda – sitting provocatively on a missile for example), there’s been a few high profile males in the West like the Milk Tray Man, the Diet Coke Guy, perfume and underwear models but they’re still tokens in comparison to the normalized used of the female body. It’s amazing how you see all these women with smooth, unblemished skin in these ads too – even in Dove’s (cosmetics) ‘real women’ campaigns (a photographer for which I knew showed raw images to as many male employees as he could at a different job whilst the female staff listened to their comments in humiliated discomfort), where were those representing the masses with scars and stretchmarks – why are they unattractive even less lovable whereas scars on a guy are battle trophies? Too bad the ‘ten a penny’, ‘dime a dozen’ ‘don’t be a prima donna thinking too much of yourself for wanting to be treated respectfully and not as a sex toy’ mentality prevails by both industry recruiters & technicians and consumers which ensures the exploitation of those in between regardless of their sex and gender.

I don’t particularly care about profanity as I try to listen to what people are saying both in substance and style but many get upset about it or the tone of delivery over the content – presentation is significant to people. Additionally I refuse to give up learning about the esoteric (including ‘witchcraft and reincarnation’ at the top of the article.)😛


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