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Food of the gods?

Cacao now known as the ‘food of the gods’; here’s a chocolate wrapper I have as a little food for thought and what I personally call ‘The Orgy’:

Cacao Food of the Gods Montezuma Cortes Linnaeus Christopher Columbus Elites Spirits Entities Negative Energies

This wrapper is from a company called Lovechock – who by the sound of it are trying their best to be as ethical as possible and are just trying to be culturally authentic so my thoughts here are no criticism to them whatsoever but to the beings that dominate the planet. (I liked the Lovechock but why are ethical chocolate bars so thin?)

What’s depicted on there exactly?
Cupid? [Brain washing using hormones/hormonal secretion = mood/feelings/thought]
Music? [Hypnotism – mood music]
‘Others’ i.e. spirits/entities doing what exactly?
Craven. Do they do this to themselves as well as humans or are they showing humans how they want them to behave?

For historical/chronological information about cacao:

and I particularly liked:

It wasn’t until 1519, when the conquistador Hernan Cortes wrote to the Spanish Crown that he had discovered a miracle beverage, “a cup of it gives every soldier the strength to march for an entire day”, that importance by Europeans was given to this “Food of the Gods”. The Aztecs called it xocolatl which translates to: bitter water (xoc = bitter; atle = water).

No wonder hot chocolate was almost my sole sustenance for nearly three years of my life.

Remember that the cacao pods were considered a gift from the god Quetzalcoatl to the South American peoples and who was Quetzalcoatl? A feathered serpent. You’ll have to look up the history, I’m not up to that or explaining at the moment.

Cacao was already used as the base for a spicy drink in South America and when that so-called explorer/navigator Christopher Columbus went there (somehow) instead of to India and paved the way for a Spanish invasion the elite nature of cacao for the monarchy/priests classes became known and the ingredient exported to Europe and made into a solid food. It’s aphrodisiac [Aphrodite and I prefer Aphrodite Urania myself ‘Aprodite Urania, a celestial Aphrodite who represented higher, or transcendent spiritual love, and Aphrodite Pandemos, a goddess representing earthly, non-spiritual love’ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aphrodisia%5D properties are shown above have been extensively researched but I think when we look at the culture surrounding cacao (which is empirical and witness testimony/art) and not just laboratory evidence/group testing I think they’re overblown by the ‘atmosphere’ of the situation. Cacao has very high (‘superfood’) nutritional value and whatever the likes of Montezuma were using it for I believe it has to be enhanced by indoctrination e.g. carousing… To the point where it was looked down upon and then re-classified as acceptable by the Catholic Church?

I haven’t been out by myself in almost 6 years.

This year I’ve been out three times (but “beleagued” by voices); the most recent one was a few days ago and whilst the property was empty someone came in and deleted files off my computer, memory sticks and something else. I’ve also just discovered that someone hacked into my blog, I don’t know if they changed anything on here nor anywhere else they may have hacked/broken into/trespassed.

Oh well c’est la vie.

To Vegans Everywhere

New £5 notes contain animal fat, says Bank of England, drawing anger from vegetarians

Having a fat wallet has taken on a whole new meaning.

Vegans and vegetarians have voiced outrage after it emerged the new £5 notes contain tallow, a substance made from animal fat that is often used in the making of soap and candles.

The news came to light when the Bank of England replied to a question on Twitter.

“There is a trace of tallow in the polymer pellets used in the base substrate of the polymer £5 notes,” it confirmed.

More than 1,700 people so far have signed a petition demanding that the substance is no longer used in the production of the currency.

“The new £5 notes contain animal fat in the form of tallow. This is unacceptable to millions of vegans & vegetarians in the UK. We demand that you cease to use animal products in the production of currency that we have to use,” the petition read.

As the tweet was shared, social media users expressed their disgust at the news.

“New £5 note isn’t vegan. Was everyone’s 2016 New Year’s resolution to do ridiculously insane stuff like adding meat to money?” on user, Dan Hanks, wrote.

Another said: “So unnecessary in 2016! I will no longer be accepting these notes. Ironic I donated my first fiver to a Vegan sanctuary.”

Others, however, were not too worried by the news.

“As a vegetarian I really find myself laughing at vegan-militant tweets. So now we shouldn’t use the new £5 note coz it’s not vegan? Get out,” one user wrote.

The new £5 notes are printed on polymer – a thin flexible plastic film that is more durable and secure than the current paper notes.

It is about 15 per cent smaller than the previous one and the new material will repel dirt and moisture – meaning that if a drink is spilled on it, the note can be wiped clean.

The arrival of plastic banknotes meant Britain joined a list of more than 30 countries that already used them. Australia was the first to launch plastic notes in 1988, followed by countries including New Zealand and Singapore.


Just remember veganism is not about being perfect, everything lives and dies; there’s life and death in the soil, in the water, in the air. From the micro-organisms all over you to the grass you walk on to the oil/petroleum to the cow parts used in plastics etc. Veganism basically means that you do your best all the time to abstain from normalized atrocity.

Day of the Imprisoned Writer

Day of the Imprisoned Writer [and] Writers in Prison Day is celebrated on November 15, 2016. The Day of the Imprisoned Writer is an annual, international day intended to recognize and support writers who resist repression of the basic human right to freedom of expression and who stand up to attacks made against their right to impart information. It was started in 1981 by International PEN’s Writers in Prison Committee.

In addition to increasing the public’s awareness of persecuted writers in general, PEN uses the Day of the Imprisoned Writer to direct attention to several specific persecuted or imprisoned writers and their individual circumstances. Each of the selected writers is from a different part of the world, and each case represents circumstances of repression that occur when governments or other entities in power feel threatened by what writers have written.

On this day, the general public is encouraged to take action—in the form of donations and letters of appeal on behalf of the selected writers. The day also serves to commemorate all of the writers killed since the previous year’s Day of the Imprisoned Writer.


Day of the Imprisoned Writer is about authors who are likely to be/are persecuted for their work, all over the world political writers to poets are in danger and punished in many ways from surveillance, experimentation, imprisonment and death. PEN is an international organization that attempts to bring awareness to these issues and support such people. http://www.pen-international.org/ http://www.englishpen.org/ ‘Freedom to write, freedom to read’ – always check for the logo in books and if interested perhaps petition your favourite publishers to become PEN partners.

Last year I watched a film and wrote a review which coincided with ‘Day of the Imprisoned Writer’ HERE and last night when I saw Lockheed Martin look at my blog and woke up thinking I might mention it today just happened to be the right day.

Ironically enough I’ve always had people from interesting organizations look at my blog; I’m most proud of all the universities and colleges especially the best in the world such as the Oxbridge pair and Ivy League and I look down on most of the government and local government departments excepting ones like national health. That said there really is no reason for defense and ambassadorial bodies to look at my tiny, randomly updated, non-advertised, private/personal aka non-public persona or company paid for blog. I emphasize ‘blog’ – not even a self-hosted domain or paid blog e.g. ‘.com’. I don’t pay attention to SEO and the last time I checked my Google and Alexa search rankings it was somewhere at/near the bottom where it should be, so I don’t know how and why such companies/people from such establishments get to/bother to look at my site.

In the last few days alone I’ve had visits from:

Foreign And Commonwealth Office
The Boeing Company – California
Lockheed Martin Corporation – Denver, Colorado
Oxford University
Tenet Scientific Production Enterprise Llc – Ukraine
Harvard University
Institute of Mathematics and Informatics – Lithuania
State of New Jersey
US Dept of Defense Network
Orange County Dept of Education – California
Oklahoma Office of Management and Enterprise Service
Santa Clara County Office of Education – California
London Grid For Learning
King’s College London
Transport For London
Department of Agriculture and Food – Western Australia
United Nations HQ – New York
World Health Organization – Geneva
Yale University
Disney Worldwide Services
Springer Science and Business Media BV – Netherlands
Leipzig University – Germany
Karisruhe Institute of Technology – Germany
Pricewaterhouse Coopers LLB
Irish Government
Cambridge University
Chanakya National Law University Patna – India
Department of Finance – Western Australia
Wuttisak Pharmacy Co ltd – Thailand
Barclays Capital London
City of Pasadena – California
Centre De Traduction Des Organes De L Union Europe (Translation Centre of the bodies of Europe Union) – Luxembourg
Aerovironment – California
Computer Sciences Corporation – Australia
Institutul Național de Cercetare Dezvoltare în Informatică (National Institute for Research and Development in Informatics) – Romania
Steve Madden (National US fashion chain)

If the people on Ciao including but not limited to thedevilinme (reviews & dreams), 1st2thebar (reviews & dreams), celticsoulsister (reviews & telling even more than known), sirjoseph (reviews & dreams), sirrodar (reviews), bettyboo47 (reviews), sellerlygirl (reviews), rolandrat (reviews), eve6kicksass (personal), livemusicloverlyn (reviews), catsholiday (reviews), RICHADA (dream) and others but especially thedevilinme, celticsoulsister and 1st2thebar want ‘William [Defoe]’ et al they can have it/them with my blessing. Particularly the jealous female and those who’ve followed and even enjoyed my suffering (and those I care for affected) like entertainment and addiction, they can learn what it feels like to have a 24/7 ‘other’ “ostensible” “husband/mate” or whatever role it/they choose which never lets up not even for a minute no matter where you go, what you’re doing or who you’re with making you feel like and even see your ‘third eye’ being pulled out of your head and glowing so bright it’s like a flashing beacon (where the crown chakra purportedly is), players piggybacking and claiming to send messages through you in trance/meditation and unconscious states, draining your electromagnetic energy (and energy in general) so you can’t even see your ‘aura’ and/or it changes colour, simulated waterboarding, nerve control, shocking, inducing physical pain, telling you it hates it when you write/tattle and “drown [then]” and your legs suddenly collapse and you have to really force mind over matter to stay conscious, pushing/breaking you to desperation as much as possible like chopping your hair off and basically taking every skill, crutch and comfort you have in existence. There’s two that broke the “Silence is Golden” rule, why should that just apply to me when I’ve never even been a member of anything? Ironically the first time I heard a voice was whilst writing a Current Issue competition review on there and it told me to stop taking so long editing my entry, 1 year before ‘William’ et al turned up, I thought it was a human using technology at the time and it may have been (like the man with the heart rate monitor outside my bedroom window when I went to sleep at another caravan park we were staying at and when Mum saw him he exclaimed “oh shit” and ran inside, moving out a couple of days later) but either way I don’t deserve any of it.

One of the storylines I’ve been told in the ‘William’ era entailed the players (I’m not a player) finding targets and using targets to find other targets. Players play every angle so whether they pretend to be on your side or not and switch throughout, they’re still playing but it’s not a game it’s a hunt.

It’s always been obsessed with the bathroom and getting changed but in the last few days it’s been obsessed with mind reading and focusing on my body (especially the genitalia and breasts) but really focusing on my body and what I’m thinking and feeling (my feelings both emotionally and about my body). It’s both attacking me and pretending to be me talking to me and itself as if we’re one.

It still unnerves me, I just can’t understand why or how ppl/people/others can do this, anything like this to anyone/thing although I’ve always known and I still shed tears for it/them as well as myself and every other victim I can think of, I still try to see everybody’s side and I hate that characteristic now though it’s who I am. Some people, watchers, researchers/experimenters, invokers and other interested parties find this shit funny. I don’t have to walk miles in another’s shoes to try and discern and understand, it’s definitely the turn of those who participate, perpetuate, quietly know about/hide, enable and support this to know what this feels like.

We’re Evicted pt 2


We found a new place via an emergency scheme, we were almost homeless before a couple of years ago and as many people know unless you’re elderly, very young, disabled and/or pregnant you don’t really qualify for any help and I’ve been told in the past “[as long as] you can run [we can’t help you]”. In the current situation it reminds me of when I really young and Mum was trying to escape a lot of shit and we hostel hopped a lot.

The landlord of the caravan and camping park (they claim it’s a holiday long let but they have residential tenants, the local council know and apparently according to site staff the site isn’t supposed to be open all year round but they don’t care) wrote and said they believed we had left already. Their ‘get out’ memo style letter (not a legal eviction notice) said we had to be out by 12 Nov 2016, I don’t know why they believed we’d left other than they and others have used our rented property for convenience, littering and to take our plants though according to their words and actions neither the adjoining garden (which every caravan has) and the porch/stairs (which we have to use to get in and out of the caravan) were ours/rented. Basically we’ve always been quiet, kept to ourselves and polite when speaking to staff usually every two weeks but apparently that was offensive too even though we’ve had to put up with post being waylaid, opened, things being moved, broken, taken and added to the property when we go out etc e.g. the fleur-de-lis and much more recently someone(s) watering the potato plant we were growing inside (which we’d been trying to keep dry) and the windows being open today and some of Mum’s diaries missing.

The people on site have also acted in conjunction with the thing (human psi-ops and/or otherwise) that possesses and systematically tortures my family and I  (and the voice(s) are far more than ‘gang stalking’ which in itself is enough to kill victims, put them in psychiatric wards or prison). I remember when ‘it’ claimed that it was going to relocate to Sandown/Shanklin to be closer but then claimed to be working on site/in nearby caravans. I know that it/they can affect others at the same time such as ‘random’ people on the street who stop and say something as if they know us, and that’s aside from the ‘gang stalking’ – the people I’m talking about act as if they forget why they stopped in the first place and shake themselves out of it.

I’ve never believed that it’s ok or right to find concession from a bad situation e.g. ‘well at least I got stronger’ but it’s something I do since it sums up my whole life. I want to say at least we won’t have to put up with only our electricity going off on site, the rumbling/shaking at the front of the caravan at night, strange bumps on the walls/ceiling and  hostility from ppl/people/others on site but this behaviour has followed us everywhere and I’ve already seen evidence of it.

I wonder if the wireless networks that appeared at the same time as ‘William’ will be a permanent feature; they’re called ‘TIME GOES BY… SO SLOWLY’, ‘Patience is a virtue’ and ‘I can’t believe it’s not butter’. Hilarious. I’m currently in a state of numbness, I can’t appreciate satire/irony/parody anymore but I still find my situation surreal/unreal whilst living it and I hate the entire thing.


So a while back I my fingers started to move on their own, and I said I didn’t want to be a Manchurian Candidate, immediately after I got a “sit tight” followed by a “I’m with you” and then the electroshocking and other ‘punishments’ started and continued.

I’ve finally managed to learn how to ignore the voices even though it’s 24/7 but since it/they know all my thoughts, memories and things I never knew/studied before it’s obviously too much. Tried to get me to throw myself over the balcony last night. Now my limbs are out of my control, it/they moved my left arm earlier to grope my right breast.

I am currently going through an exorcism btw but I really don’t know what to say about it, I’m not a religious person I’m actually very technical and like to research but well; ironically it/they (the voice(s) – master(s) of technical effects like dream imaging and sound effects, well I say masters but one just uses stock images and couldn’t even be bothered to finish one off but when they can rely on your mind/imagination to fill in bits they can be a bit lazy) like that I’m vegan but it/they are trying to get me off that too. Trying to make me the exact opposite of what I am really, Cain and Abel style ‘angel’ and the ‘devil’ on each side but far far more of the ‘devil’ and it’s 24/7 evil. Once the trauma is done (on top of the 24/7 there’s daily ordeals) it’s there, consciously and subconsciously especially as it/they can make me lose my memory of an event a few moments prior and the disgusting dreams, when I’m allowed to sleep of course “we’ll give you a few minutes every _____” style.

I remember when it/they first got in ‘contact’ with me (or I figure they were ‘in’ for much longer or at doing surveillance for a while before talking) for some reason I asked it/them “are you eloheim or nephilim?” A little while later it/they ‘came back’ and said “seraphim” to which I explained they couldn’t possibly be the seraphim because of it’s Indian roots. ‘Angels’ (the generic term for ‘others’ are in my experience nothing but shit, especially the so-called Archangels i.e. Micheal and Gabriel, the only two really established ones but that’s just Christian imitation of older religions and beliefs).

I might sound blasé but this has been going on (consciously) since March and you don’t want to know the amount of strength/energy (and abilities) it’s taken to get this far. No one/nothing should go through this unless of course they’re victimizers and the thing(s) at me just love to act like victims playing every angle and every storyline it/they can think of.

Interestingly enough Italy is being inundated with increasing requests for exorcisms; apparently 500,000 a year or 500,000 (no I can’t be bothered to look it up, can you blame me) on top of the usual and the priests can’t keep up. A joke really since they worship those doing the ‘possessing’.

EDIT 10.11.16 – Reminded of occasions when it/their ‘contact’ felt physical (discounting the ‘out of body’ ones) e.g. the feeling of being lifted approx 1.5inches off the floor (awake, dual consciousness as I call it so ‘there’ and here at the same time and being aware of/’being in both places’ at the same time whilst conscious not a hallucination, being lifted much higher than 1.5in by one of the ‘William’ characters – many playing ‘him’ and I didn’t know it). And another much more recently of another ‘William’ raping me whilst dressed as an eagle (that was following a dream of ‘him’ showing me ‘him’ whispering to a younger female that he was going to rape her all night), I felt the physical shove – ‘him’ pushing against me. There was another before that of a forced ‘kiss’ by another ‘William’ (it/they have 7-9 faces for ‘him’ that I can think of as well as other characters). This thing is evil.

What I think people really need to realize is that we’re asleep for 1/3 of our lives, that’s a huge amount and when we’re awake we’re using approx 30% of our energy on digestion. How much do we really know about ‘others’ and what’s really going on, how much reach does our consciousness and awareness really have? Especially when nightmares become your whole reality.

For me personally I have no foreseeable way out; my consciousness and limited awareness of it is orchestrated and contained, all I can do is keep trying to resist or die and what happens then – will this thing/they get me? What’s scheduled for me? Who knows. I never really cared about the ‘afterlife’ and I still don’t, I’m just generally worried as usual. As for the notion of reincarnation all I knew was that I was ready to retire and I still am  (from what I don’t know, I’m just old and tired).